Kahi Unkahi Episode 4 – Expectations Justified.

This episode can be taken as an introductory note because of the few years gap they have covered. They have once again introduced the characters as some have grown old biologically (not mentally) & the children have matured.

During the episode I couldn’t help thinking of a dialogue from Shehr-e-zaat that said “Hamara ghar jitna bara hai, hamara zarf utna chota”, many times in this episode Mr. Kamal & Mrs. Pervaiz fitted well with this dialogue & have proved that they are self-centred people whose social status has taken a toll on them. Mrs. Pervaiz has left no stone unturned to spoil her children & to me her son Shani seems to be the most irritating character which I shall endure during the series. Urwa Hussain is getting monotonous now & it’s tiring to see her on screen. No doubt she doesn’t lack in her talent but her choice of characters is similar. Same expressions, more or less the same character I guess wouldn’t be liked much. After seeing these two siblings I couldn’t stop wondering is it really necessary to be spoilt if you belong to a sound background?

Finally, it’s good to see Ayza Khan in a much simpler role. After acting like a spoilt brat in many dramas she looks pretty decent in this one. The role may be similar to another one of her projects but here her character is really commendable. She seems like a simple yet head-strong kind of a girl who knows her limits & still wants to reach the sky. After being almost spoon-fed by Mrs. Kamal she still is hesitant in accepting any help from them & mentions it in front of her father that she wants to earn a living on her own otherwise any other girl would’ve taken advantage of the situation. I enjoyed all the scenes that included Zoya because I like her character a lot now.

Ansar has become another Mr. Kamal but the only difference is his acceptance & liking towards Zoya. Mr. Kamals’ sons may be a lot better in comparison to those of Mr. Parvaizs but Ansar for sure has some weaknesses in his nature which we will see in the episodes ahead & have seen already in the promos.

The scene between Mrs. Kamal & Sherry was fine till they were discussing about their routines but the mention of Zoya seemed unnecessary. No doubt the have moved 12 years ahead & Zoya has already shared her feelings with her father that she is sure Sherry must’ve forgotten her by now but the way he asks his Mom “Zoya, Kaun?” was a bad fix. It seemed as if in the last 12 years Mrs. Kamal has never mentioned her in front of Sherry or about her success in her academics or about anything else. Has she never spoken about Zoya in the last 12 years saying “Sherry do you remember your childhood friend who used to go to your school” or anything else because she stays almost in their house? If she was some random friend it could’ve been acceptable but she was his driver’s daughter & I guess any sane minded youngster can still remember their servant’s family or such a close buddy. In contradiction to this, in the other scene we see Ansar mentioning that Sherry & Anam do not get along really well with one another so it’s pointless to appoint Anum in our company because Sherry would soon return. Sherry must not have forgotten her, as she wasn’t even his friend?

Apart from this weak point I didn’t find anything else objectionable & enjoyed the episode thoroughly. Mrs. Kamal is such an elegant woman & I really admire her for her elegance. Mr. Kamal (the character not the actor) continues to disappoint viewers by his sheer arrogance & make us laugh as well by his dual standards because a few clothes bought for Zoya may seem as a burden to him but to show off his status at an inauguration of an NGO is a must.

I have enjoyed watching Kahi Unkahi that too after such a long break & surprisingly the episode didn’t disappoint me at all & we still have a few more characters to discover. However, the main actors are acting really well & seem to portray their characters perfectly. Keep watching while eating the chocolates fromParis. Oops! I forgot we don’t get them inPakistan. LOL!

Keep supporting,
Zahra Mirza.


Fatima Awan

Fatima Awan has been a part of reviewit right from its inception. She feels very passionately about Pakistani dramas and loves discussing them in detail. An enthusiastic writer, thinker, and political scientist, constantly trying to look beyond the obvious. Full-time mom.

  • Dear Readers: Kindly ignore the unreasonable 'U' & a couple of missing spaces in the words. Don't know how it got ignored & happened. :) Cheers.

  • @ Zahra !!

    Is that Zahra, as in 'Aussie, Aussie, Oye Oye Oye…' ? Salaam !! It's been great to read your review. I am a big fan of this drama, loving every second and I was just browsing the website and reading comments and suddenly came across your name, 'Zahra Mirza' – I thought, heh wait a minute, yeh wohi Zahra hai who was blogging on Shehr e Zaat and joking with me about golf and Aussies, right na ? It's me………. Pehchana ? Nahin ? Remember.. 'Geez, it's 150 to the green Zahra, what club next ? ' Yaad aya ??? LOLLLLLLLZ :D

    Hey, you're doing a wonderful job so keep up the enthusiasm with your synopsis. I will make a special effort to read your reviews. Are you regularly doing reviews for KA or another drama too ? Let me know.

    This is a wonderful drama with a beautiful OST and I think it will be a HUGE hit, all in good time. The pace is yet to pick up but I think Sherry's rival will expedite that.

    It's late night down under so you must be snoozing so take care, all the best and will diligently read your comments, Inshallah. Wishing you and the rest of the Mirza's G'daaaaayy and duas.

    Mikaeel :-)

    • Ye WATER COOLER appka hua. LOL! Yes yes, you guessed it right brother I'm very much the same Zahra Mirza & of course I do remember you. It was fun talking to you in detail about Shehr e Zaat & now it's going to be Kahi Unkahi. I am reviewing Kahi Unkahi & Ek Tamanna Lahasil Si.

      Thanks a lot for appreciating & yes I like this drama a lot as well. Plot may be predictable but it's good to see something fresh & less dramatic with lesser rona dhona. So, it's currently my favorite. Hope to hear more from you on this one & the reviews ahead Insha Allah. :)

      • Welcome :-) No Pakistani drama is complete without it's fair share of rona dhona and hansi muskurahat because I think that depicts life very well, i.e. this is EXACTLY what life is about. And you know us Pakistanis, we are an emotional lot and these dramas show us what we are.

        Have you watched 'Mein Gunehgaar Nahin' ? This will be a superb drama too and how society looks down on women who have been abused. Let me know your thoughts on that. 'Aks', 'Ek Tamanna La Hasil Si', 'Mera Yaqeen' are all great dramas and HUM TV is producing the best. But…… nothing excites me more than 'Kahi Unkahi' – how burger families or 'Brown Sahibs' conduct their lives looking down on the other social classes – why do these still exist anyway ???!! Pakistan abhi bi inn chezzon se nikla nahin…. shame, shame :-( This young guy, Sheheryar Munawar, is another Fawad Khan in the making. He is charming but still very raw but with good productions under his belt, people will warm to him. He resembles Hrithik Roshan but only slightly, don't you think Zahra ? He is only 23 but he will do well, God willing. A lot of people are looking forward to ZGH – Many dramas are trying to copy the Humsafar template, come on, let's get out of the Humsafar hangover now !!

        Wishing You Well Young Mirza !

        • Yes indeed, but at times one wants to see something light-hearted because every individual is going through something on their own so I always prefer entertainment a bit more light hearted, of course Umera Ahmeds' dramas are an exception, whatever the content may be I will never ignore her writings.

          Umm about Aks, Mera Yaqeen & Mai Gunehgaar Nahi. I haven't seen any one of these because I only like to watch Hum Tv's dramas hehehe. No matter how good a drama must be but if I don't see a HUM logo on the top right corner it becomes a downer for me. I know I may sound funny but I'm really loyal to HUM. heheh.

          Well yes Shehryaar Munawwar is doing a great job, it's good to see him up & about with speaking skills in these dramas because Mere Dard Ko Jo Zuban Mile was such a turn off & especially the character he played could've done so much better but Alas! The demand of the script kept him in confined. Accha about his resemblance to Hritik hehehe I yet have to see him clearly because I really do not check the actors out you know…LOL! & about him being another Fawad Khan in the making, well, I guess Fawad Khan has not set a certain bar that the youngsters or the new-comers would have to reach. He's just another actor with some skills & others have their own parameters. Isn't it?

          Ah! yes, I'm eagerly waiting to see Umera Ahmed's Zindagi Gulzar Hai & definitely not because of Fawad Khan. I am done with how people go bonkers at the mention of Fawad Khan. Theek hai banda hai bas. Pagal hue we hain log & Humsafar….toot toot toot don't get me started because I'm sure I'll run out of the word-count (which isn't there anyways). Even though many dramas may not be copying the Humsafar-ness but it's our people who can not see anything beyong Humsafar & are trying to link each & everything to it. Bas kar do, bas kar do, bas. LOL!

          • waisay really i was unable to find anything special about humsafar except its OST…n what u said about Fawad is sooo true,theek hay acha actor hay,itna pagal honay wali toa koi bat nai ismay;) I didnt yet watch kahi unkahi,now after reading ur review m thinking to watch it,I have watched Aik Tamanna…havent yet read ut review:) let me see that too.

          • Heheheh! We all shall start 'bas karo humsafar' campaign. I am glad to see that I am getting to know people who didn't get carried away by the only on-screen beauty & glam that was shown in humsafar & have also concentrated on the story which was hideous.

            Mrs. Asim you must watch Kahi Unkahi. It's an interesting drama. Do let me know what you think of it. :)

  • Nyc Review as well as nyc drama , first i thought ke filmi type hai than yeh to acha acha hota gaya so keep it up dramasonline team and Hum Tv… cheers :)

  • Good Work Zahra….your review about the conversation B/W Mrs Kamal and sherry was right i was thing in the same way when i watched that… i think that one hardly can forget their childhood friends…. any way drama hai tu kia kaha ja sakta hai… :) but well written and God Bless you

    • Thank you Mahwish for appreciating. Yes, I wrote what I felt plus I know many must've though the same thing because sahi hai kafi friends app bhool jatay hain but kuch nahi bhool sakte plus Sherry was not 4 – 5 years old when he left he was around 11-12 may be, us time k friends easily yaad rehte hain but as you said k drama hai to chalain khair hai. hehehe. :)

  • i m liking this drama
    and more over i loved this review
    it is exactly what i wanna say
    zara and anum mentioning with sherry that was very foolish they could have shown the situation in a better way
    my long term memory is kinda weak but i remember my friends from class nursery also
    and i loved last line of ur review "choclate from paris" lolzzz i found it very funny when anum,s mom should have known there is imported stuff available in pakistani marts also
    i loved ur review plz continue it would be a treat to watch drama along with reviews like this

    • Thank you soooo very much Zam Zam. :) It's really sweet of you to appreciate it this way. Yes, this drama is getting better but a few mistakes can't go un-noticed. Don't worry Zam Zam I'm going to review this drama till it ends Insha Allah. :) Hope to hear more from you & yes I totally agree that everything is available in Pakistan now Masha Allah se but nahi bhai unke yahan kuch alag hi chocolates ain thin na, samjha karo. hehehe!

  • Thank you for finding my character obnoxious and irritating Zahra. That is exactly how I wanted it to appear. ;) God bless you.

    Syed Yorguc Tipu Sharif

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