Queen Of Controversy, “Veena Malik” in Trouble Again – Sued for Rs. 600Million!

No Artist from Pakistan ever earned so much popularity (and Hatred) in such a less time than this bold actress. Despite of several criticisms received throughout the country, it seemed that the Queen of Melodrama was way too determined, not to care about her local audience.

Veena Malik’s popularity to such an extent can be considered as revenue she got for her total out performance in the Indian Reality Show, Big Boss. Veena who claimed that she was actually representing Pakistan in India, did not hesitate in risking her image as a Muslim Actress, followed by the FHM
Magazine controversy that brought her extreme hatred within the Pakistan. However, believing on the ideology of “badnaam gar hongay to kya naam na hoga”( Won’t the bad name bring popularity?), she continued shooting vulgarly, risking her life and Pakistani Nationality. It was also heard that the Pakistani Extremist gave her a life threat, which too was neglected.

On the other hand, there is no doubt that Pakistani media is turning smart each day. Veena’s controversial existence in Pakistan was intelligently used by a local TV Channel with low ratings, which introduced Veena as the host of a Islamic Program Astaghfar, been telecasted on Hero TV. It seems that the decision was taken too wisely as the program itself, brought more than 30 Million Viewers to the channel. The show was again countered by not only the religious elements within the country, but also by the audience, ilike you and me. Veena seemed happy about this chance been given to her, as she spoke:

“It was a very great moment for me that people across the globe have appreciated me and they accepted my show. The show has touched the heart of people which is shown by TRP rating,”

However, Veena has again landed up with a serious problem that must have ended her happiness by now. A local from Lahore has sued her for Rs. 600 Million, charging her for making a fun of Islamic principles in the most sacred Month of Islam, that is, Ramadan.

Let us see how circumtances turn out to be for Veena in the upcoming days, but there is one thing for sure, Veena is undoubtedly the most unusual celebrity of the nation.Share your valuable comments about how you see Veena to come up next in her career.

Best Wishes

Nida Zaidi

  • sumaira

    agar yai bitch hai tou our all media is biggest dog…sahir lodhi ki bakwas suni ja sakti hai sahistha wahidi ko bardast kia ja sakta hai zardari ko dekh sakty hain (dog is small word for him) tou veena ko kyun nahin dekh sakty??double standards …veena sy islamic show nahin karwana chaiyy tha and what about sahir lodhi and amir liagaut ali??again double standards…

    veena presented pakistan in india and what are our models represting in fashion shows??bikinis,strapless dressess,short skirts and many more…why don't we raise voice for them??

    its only all crap drama bus jo hath a jay us ko pakr kay zalil karo baki sub bhool jao …double standard people we are…

    • zain

      m 100% agree with sumaira.

  • laila

    lol.. veena 😀 a real drama.
    Thanks Nida for the wonderful news 😀

  • abdullah

    i agree with sumaira .

  • nimo

    200% agree with sumaira

  • Ash

    hmare fashion industry ki sb models sb ese hi hyn, the only difference is that veena does not hide what she does, thats why shes the public victim .. baaki sab bhi yehi same harkaten krte hyn lekin chhup kr so nobody points them out! i totally agree with sumaira, double standard ppl we are!

  • mehak

    true sumera

  • Nazu

    veena is qabil he nei k iss ko discus kia jaey.

  • aisha

    I dont know why we people and our media is discussing this person…leave her…when our media can stop discussing her so she ill def come to the path..actually she got fame due to us due to our media…why our media cant give coverage to a girl who is truly islamic,why cant we discuss a girl who is religious…actually our society ,our media and we ourselves are equally responsible for this…if we ignore such people so I dont think so that even a layman can recognise her…actually she knows about the mentality of our society…infact this is truth that mostly pakistanis love to see what she is doing…if she would not be incouraged by watching her shows,interviews,so she would not be there…leave her…there are many problems in our society which should be raised…

  • Love Pakistan

    hae idr naik kon hy?jis ka jitna bs chl rha hy wo kr ra hy.islam ne orat ko parde ka hukm dia hy zahire c bat hy jb Allah ka hukm nh mane gy to zalil kawar r bdnam e hn ge.

  • Annie

    Veena koi itni bari cheez ni ha k usko disscus kya jae.. Mujhe tu hairat hoti ha k veena ko le kr porey porey shows ho re hoty hn…. Exrtemly ridiculous… We already have lots of our problms to discus.. But v dont care about them… Thats y v r facing misery & poverty.. Dfa hi veena hmaari trf se… Bhaar mein jaaaey… Jo krti ha kre.. Who cares??? We should have to focus just our basic need.. Like bijli.. Pani.. Gas.. Roti .. Kapra .. Makan..
    Thats it..

    • ali

      well said

  • Ibad

    I totally disagree with Sumaira. Allah does not like sins. and even more does not like sins done in public. Veena has not done anything memorable on TV or FILM whether in India or in Pakistan. What she is doing is just showing her weak personality. She does not seem to have any future in Media. Because she has gain so much infamy that no good actor or director of Indo–Pak does not want to work with her.

  • Ibad

    Sorry I made a grammatical error in the last sentence of above comment . I mean no renowned directer or actor want to work with her for the sake of their image. What I wrote means reverse. Sorry again.

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