Exclusive Pictures Of Bridal Couture Week – Day One

Bridal Couture Week is one of the most important fashion weeks in Pakistan. Weddings are always a grand affair in Pakistan. Even those people who normally do not get their outfits stitched by designers are eager to go to designers for getting their wedding dresses stitched because a special occasion needs a special outfit which can only be made by an expert.

Bridal Couture Week is an ultimate opportunity for the leading designers to showcase their collections. On the first day of BCW the following designers showcased their collection:

Saadia Mirza
Erum Khan
Tena Durrani
Tabassum Mughal
Yasmin Zaman
Fahad Hussyn
Mohsin Naveed Ranjha

All these designers had different models as their show stoppers. Sana Bucha was the show stopper for designer Saadia Mirza, Mawra Hocane with a crown on her head was the show stopper for Erum Khan, Ayesha Omar was the show stopper for Tena Duraani and Humaima Malick was the show stopper for Mohsin Naveed Ranjha.

Hadiqa Kiyani also sang the OST of the drama serial Udaari while she walked for the leading designer Fahad Husyn. Nabila’s team were the leading make-up artists and stylists on the event. It was also a moment to remember when Team Yalghaar took over the stage and made their presence felt.

Here are some exclusive pictures from the ramp, red carpet and back stage of the 1st day of Bridal Couture Week.

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