Expert Shares Useful Tips For Using Lenses Properly

Nida Yasir invited an eye specialist Dr. Harris Shehzad to her show and asked questions which were very helpful for those people who wear lenses. The expert at the show shared that there was nothing wrong with using lenses regularly. He said that lenses can be used for up to 10 hours daily provided that the people using the lenses take proper care that they are being used properly. He shared some tips which are easy to follow and can prevent eye infections and other problems.

Dr. Harris said that the best option was to use disposable lenses, the ones which can be used daily and discarded. If this was not possible then the person using the lenses should ensure that they are used for only as long as it is prescribed to use them. Over using the lenses after their due period is one of the main reasons people get eye infections. He also said that the minute a lens starts irritating, it should be changed whether or not the time period has passed.

He also shared an incident in which a female patient slept with her lenses on and as a result she got such a bad infection that she could completely lose her sight.

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