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Fahad Mirza Throws A Surprise Birthday Party For Sarwat Gillani

Fahad Mirza and Sarwat Gillani usually keep their family life private. That is why unlike many other married celebrity couples, we have hardly seen any pictures of their baby and they do not even come to talk about their married life very often on shows. While Fahad Mirza is a cosmetic surgeon but he also does modeling and acting as a hobby. Sarwat Gillani has been associated with showbiz for a long time. She is a model and an actress who has been part of some very important projects. Sarwat Gillani was also part of the hit film Jawani Phir Nahi Aani and it looks like just like many other actors Sarwat Gillani wants to stick to films for now.


Right now Sarwat Gillani is enjoying her blissful married life more than anything else. Fahad Mirza threw a surprise birthday party for his wife recently in which he invited friends and family. Sarwat Gillani loved the surprise. The happiness on her face shows how much she liked this surprise.

Here are some pictures from the birthday bash:

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