Fahad Mustafa And Nabeel Qureshi In Hunza

Fahad Mustafa has just reached Gilgit and had been posting about it, he shared pictures of the airport. Nabeel Qureshi is also spotted in Hunza and now Fahad Mustafa has shared pictures of him and Nabeel Qureshi together in Hunza, on which the fans got happy and excited about it. Every fan is interested in asking whether they are doing a movie or some advertisement together.

It is great to see the duo back together as we missed the most talented actor and director’s duo this year where we were forced to see regular films on cinema, we really hope both of them to please come up with a movie and we also hope they are in Gilgit and Hunza for the location search for some new project . In any case we want to see them together in another project.

Here are the photos from their instagram.

Screenshot 20190822 182319

Screenshot 20190822 182335

Screenshot 20190822 182009

Screenshot 20190822 182021

Screenshot 20190822 182306


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