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Fahad Mustafa Blessed With A Baby Boy

Fahad Mustafa is getting more popularity with his films and the game show which made him a household name. He even has a production house now which is turning out to be one of the biggest production houses in the country. Fahad Mustafa is also a family man who always takes time out to spend with his family no matter how busy he is with his work. His wife Sana Fahad has also written several scripts for some of the dramas made by his production house. Fahad Mustafa and his wife have a cute daughter whose pictures they keep on posting regularly.

Fahad Mustafa informed his fans today that he was blessed with a baby boy. This new addition to the family came when Fahad Mustafa was busy shooting his new commercial. We wish the happy family all the best.


Fahad Mustafa hasn’t posted the picture of the baby yet but here are some pictures of Fahad Mustafa with his wife and cute daughter.

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