Mana Ka Gharana – Episode 08!

Ohkay so, I must say this episode of Mana Ka Gharana was a lot better than the previous episode may be because Mana’s desperation wasn’t showcased & she didn’t get much screen-time. It was all about Khizer this time & it was good to see most of the family members standing by his side in his support.

Khizer went to mend ways with Shehryaar because he promised he will do everything to bring him back to Mana. As always, Shehryaar didn’t even allow Khizer to enter his home & mistreated him. Shehryaar has genuinely started liking Mana but Gul Bahar is trying to ruin his relation that too in the initial stages because she can’t see anyone happy. She has a bigger picture in mind as she wants to pressurize Maalik that is why she doesn’t want Shehryaar to get swayed too much in his affection for Mana to forget that he has a upper-hand & he should always keep an upper-hand in the matters concerning Mana’s family.

Shehryaar forgave Khizer just so that he can get back to Mana because he was genuinely concerned about her & he stretched it because Gul Bahar was maligning his mind & heart against Mana & her whole family. Khizer made back to his home & was in a very bad condition, which concerned Maalik, Zarri, Ghalib & Mana as well.

I must say as the episodes are passing by, my hatred for Saleha is multiplying. I am sure there will come a time when she will realize her mistakes & she might as well apologize to Khizer but the things she is saying are hard to forget. The way she treated Happy & shooed him away showed what a shallow person she is. Now when the things were normal for her daughter, she could’ve easily ignored Happy & allowed him to show his gesture of concern for Khizer but she didn’t let that to happen & in fact put a restriction on him. I was surprised to see Ghalib’s reaction too. He was relieved that Mana was happy but the thought never crossed his mind that a guy with such a bad temperament will always cause distress to his daughter. Seeing the age & stature of Ghalib, I always expect him to say more & not just be like a clueless audience in the frame but he disappoints me every single time because he never gives a shut up call to Saleha despite knowing that she is only being unreasonable & irrational.

Saleha is harboring grudges against Khizer for no good reason. He apologized to Shehryaar for the mistake he never committed but still Saleha didn’t have a word of appreciation to say for Khizer & in fact when Maalik & Zarri told her about Khizer’s fever, she paid more attention to a good night’s sleep that she thought she deserved after the so-called predicament she faced in regards to Mana & Shehryaar. I really hope someone gives her a shut up call because it is getting burdensome to tolerate a negative side character that is getting way too much coverage & attention.

Gul Bahar is turning out to be quite mean & is transpiring a lot of problems for Shehryaar – way more than he understands. She is trying to fill his mind with unnecessary doubts regarding Mana & Khizer’s equation. Shehryaar needs to understand that they both are like friends because they have spent their childhood together, so it would be beneficial for him to ignore Gul Bahar because useless doubts will get him nowhere.

The preview of the next episode seemed interesting. Looks like Shehryaar hasn’t actually forgiven Khizer & now he will push his agenda of insulting Khizer even more. I really hope that all these tactics serve as an eye opener to the rest of the family & they get to know that Shehryaar isn’t the right choice for Mana. I also hope that Khizer stops being a good Samaritan & at least shares his feelings with Maalik so that when the time arises, Maalik can at least speak on behalf of Khizer that Shehryaar hasn’t treated him nicely. Overall, this drama is quite simple & the characters are quite one-dimensional too. The simplicity of the drama is refreshing to see & that’s what makes me look forward to the next episodes too. Please share your thoughts about this episode of Mana Ka Gharana.

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