Fahad Mustafa invites Amir Liaqat to Jeeto Pakistan

Recently, we have seen a very interesting banter between Amir Liaqat and Fahad Mustafa, which thankfully is more playful than insulting. Among the trend of dramatics and blowing things out of proportion, they are both keeping it low key and acknowledge on screen that the competition is mainly professional and nothing personal. It was started by Fahad Mustafa saying that Amir Liaqat will have to accept him because he has a lot of love for him. Consequently, Amir Liaqat played that clip in his show and responded that he loves Fahad too.

Yesterday, Fahad Mustafa took it to the next level and asked a guest if he recognises him and then Waseem Badami and then Jahaz Walay Baba. Later he said that he loves Amir Liaqat and wants to invite him over to distribute planes ✈️ on their show together while Waseem Badami looked on in mock anger.

Seems like we are in for a lot of interesting jaunts between these two this Ramzan.

Mehwish Mansoor