Fahad Mustafa Says We are not Judge Or Lawyers In Mohsin’s Matter, You Also Don’t Be

Fahah Mustafa in Waseem badami show was asked about the Mohsin Abbass controversy,
Fahad replied that it was his personal matter and shouldn’t have come out because things are phased out in the lives of people its only people who put hands in dirt by speaking up against it and try to destroy lives which is bad.

He said I give 24 hours to take any decision I dont pass judgment without knowing one side of picture. I have no right to be a judge or lawyer.

He said social media is the real curse of lives where we discuss one thing a lot and make issue out of it, people are sitting to judge you all the time.
He said dont be the part of damage always, give humans the margin.
Also, he said I don’t personally know Messha Shafi and Ali zafar and whenever I meet them I meet them with respect, for me both are equal because I dont really know the matter who so ever has done wrong is truly their personal matter. This shows the positivity of a true star and we love Fahad Mustafa for being him.

He said I am not accustomed to tweet about the issues and it is the real thing that is making lives of people hell, you talk about certain famous people and then everyone is talking about you, and become famous and this culture is wrong. We have seen Fahad Mustafa opinionated in whole show, he wasn’t intimidated by certain speculations and assertions of Waseem Badami who always try to knock the guest out.

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  • Ye baat !!!
    Agree with him bus ye kuch landai kai liberals ..mom bati auntiyaa ..so called celebs ..thorai se followers barh jaatai hai to khud ko judge samjh baith thai hain ..

    I reall hate asma abbas jo language us ne use ki thi i just wondered ..kai really ye wohi aurat jis ki zaban boltai boltai thakti nahi kai ham adabi gharaanai se talluq rakhtai hain ..aisi third class language ..

    Sohai ne jo ali zafar ki picture ko kharab karkai apni story pai daala tha uskai baad to surakh chaandni drama dhaikna bhi chor deya mai ne ..piyarai afzal kai bad barai fan thai ham is kai magar is harkat kai baad to is par taras bhi nahi aaya jo tezaab is pai phaink deya gaya tha dramai mai

    Mawra hocane is ne bhi bht gandi language use ki thi ..

    Only mahira she has such a class kitnai dignity kai sath apna moqif aagai rakha

    Firdous jamal ka andaz aur words ka chunaao drust nahi tha .. openion aap rakh saktai hai magar achai munasib alfaaz mai ..magar wo bhi kaafi insulting behavior tha ..

    Hania amir bhi bht 3rd class language use ki lagta he nahi kai wo ek educated girl hai

    Kya kisi ne sania saeed ,sawera nadeem ,marina khan , aiza khan in ladies se kisi kai khilaaf aisi baat suni ? Yahi asal dignified auratein hain ..

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