Fakhar-e-Alam Latest Pictures With His Wife And Children

Fakhar-e-Alam is a national award winner film actor, singer, TV host and VJ. He is the first ever singer who introduced Bhangra-rap fusion genre in Pakistan and is still considered as the pioneer of Bhangra-rap fusion in Pakistan. Fakhar-e-Alam is a famous host and now he appears mostly in government and military sponsored music shows. Fakhar-e-Alam started his career as a host from the popular show Music Channel Charts. Afterwards he was offered Pepsi Top of the Pops. He also appeared in a musical show Pyar Diyan Gallan as a rapper. Fakhar-e-Alam also appeared in movie Very Good Dunya Very Bad Log. Fakhar-e-Alam also appeared as a host on GEO Sports show Boolain Kia Baat Hai, he used to host different sports personalities on his show. After being unfortunate in two marriage experiences Fakhar-e-Alam married Dounia Fadi and he is living happy and contented life with her.  Fakhar-e-Alam’s wife Dounia Fadi is one of the top real estate agents of Dubai.  Dounia Fadi is the Chief Executive Officer of MD Properties LLC. Fakhar-e-Alam and Dounia Fadi has two children a son and a daughter together. Here we have latest pictures of Fakhar-e-Alam with his family. Let’s have a look at these alluring pictures of Fakhar-e-Alam and family:

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