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Fans Love Fawad Khan’s BTS Video

Fawad Khan was already considered the chocolate hero in Pakistan and now in India too he has a massive fan following. Girls feel something special for Fawad Khan which they don’t feel for any other hero. He is liked not only for his looks but also because of his talent and real life personality. Fawad Khan’s upcoming Bollywood film “Kapoor And Sons” promotions are going on in full swing. Different posters of the film have been revealed and the official trailer of the film got a very good feedback from the viewers. One video of Fawad Khan was leaked out recently in which he is seen enjoying some dancing while he takes a break from dubbing of Kapoor And Sons in the studio.


As is seen in the video Fawad Khan is completely unaware that his moves are being recorded, he is enjoying himself without knowing that the eye of the camera is watching all his moves. Fawad Khan is generally known as someone with a very good sense of humor. His friends think that he is a fun guy. The video is being loved by Fawad Khan’s fans, he is getting a great response for it from everywhere.


Watch the video here: