Tere Mere Beech – Episode 12!

Ohkay so, I enjoyed watching this episode of Tere Mere Beech & that is only because of Hareem & Fahad’s relation & their conversations. I like the way things are being taken forward but honestly speaking, I hate the coverage Nighat’s character is getting because she is seriously a victim of self-pity & I do not sympathize with her at all.

Finally, Hareem found out about Fahad but Fahad not only knows how to sweet-talk but he also knows how to convince Hareem to such an extent where she doesn’t grow suspicious of him. Fahad has a lot of confidence in himself because where his friend Tariq became concerned for him, Fahad was calm & collected as he knows that Hareem is gullible & loves him so much that she will easily believe in him. Hareem threw some tantrums but chose to accept what Fahad said because she really wants to believe in her husband even if it means that she has to live in a denial. I feel the writer did a commendable job in writing down the conversations between Hareem & Fahad because it showed how eager Hareem was to run away from her family & how she literally begged Fahad but he chose to overlook all of her requests as he had a bigger picture in mind & right now, his planning means everything to him.

Nighat & Zahida were concerned for Hareem but just because Fahad assured them that everything was good, Zahida felt at ease & left. I am sure the things she told Qadeer about Fahad would spark his interest in Fahad of some sort because he will try to benefit himself using Fahad’s wealth too. Little does Qadeer know that Fahad is more interested in getting a chunk of his wealth which he thinks belongs to Hareem. I really think the interaction between Fahad & Qadeer will be interesting & will contribute to the story as well. Qadeer’s invitation to Fahad is the opportunity that he was waiting for. I really think Fahad will be over the moon when he will find out that Qadeer invited him to the village.

Honestly speaking, I actually get ticked off when I see Nighat crying & when she tries to show that she cares a lot about Hareem. She loves self-pitying that is why she ends up making it all about herself where everyone then forgets about Hareem & starts worrying about her. I think Nighat doesn’t realize that she looks absurd when she shows her concern for Hareem because if she would’ve been actually concerned, she wouldn’t have gotten her married to Fahad without a background check. Also, I really don’t understand the obsession Nadia has with Hareem. As if Nadia wasn’t enough that now they have introduced Ali & Asad who only keep on talking about Hareem too as if they don’t have any other topic to discuss. Nadia’s concern can be understood as she is Hareem’s sister but the guys really need some activity in their lives.

Eventually, Hareem ended up finding everything about Fahad with the help of Ali. I really liked how she requested Fahad to come clean & tell her everything because she loves him & would do everything to stand by him but Fahad couldn’t muster up the courage to tell her the truth. Fahad is actually underestimating the love Hareem has for him because she even lied to her mother to support Fahad just so that her mother doesn’t suspect that something was wrong at their end, but sadly, Fahad couldn’t see how much effort Hareem was putting in to prove how much she loves him & to prove that nothing will change what she feels for him, provided he tells her everything honestly. In the end when Hareem found out that Fahad was only lying to her, that’s when she lost her calm & gave him a piece of her mind because she thought he needed to know that his lies were only hurting her. I really feel bad for Hareem!!!

Overall, it was an interesting episode but the preview made me cringe because Nighat is going to get a lot more coverage too. Even though I like watching this drama, I disagree with the writer in the aspect where she is trying to portray Hareem as a culprit & someone who is fending for her mistakes because that is genuinely not the case with her. Hareem chose to get married to Fahad because she never got the love she wanted, so just when someone came & spoke to her nicely, she thought he would give her the love & comfort she has yearned for all her life. If there’s someone who’s responsible for the way Hareem has become, it is Nighat. Anyways, I must say, I thoroughly enjoyed watching Agha Ali’s acting in this episode. The way he showed hesitance in his body language, the way he stammered to portray that Fahad was trying to come up with some valid statements to defend himself in front of Hareem & in the end the way he showed distress over Hareem’s screaming was a treat in its own. He acted brilliantly & he has done complete justice to the character of a guy like Fahad who is mean & conniving. Sanam Chaudhry once again gave a flawless performance where she screamed to the limit just to convey how hurt she is & also in an attempt to get to know the reality from her husband. I must say both Sanam Chaudhry & Agha Ali did really well together & their timing was spot on, which is why I enjoyed their scenes the most. Can’t wait to see what more’s in store for Hareem. Please share your thoughts about this episode of Tere Mere Beech.

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