Aabro – Episode 09!

Ohkay so, this episode of Aabro was comparatively better because they took the story forward & showed us more about what’s going through the characters minds. I kind of like the fact that they are keeping things in such a zone where they want you to feel bad for Aabro & also they are showing that she is responsible for what she is going through. I feel they have resorted to realistic portrayal of such a scenario which is great.

Ali was already having a hard time & Aabro added more to his problems. Where Aabro should’ve been worried about the basics, she started having thoughts about the luxuries at this point of time that Ali didn’t bring her the things she dreamt of. Ali tried his best to get the job but he couldn’t & all these difficulties took a toll on him & he ended up getting sick. I think Aabro did the right thing by contacting Abid because she knew only he could help them in the hour of need.

For a change, it was good to see a young girl knocking some sense into her empty-headed mother. Fauzia’s younger sister tried to show the other side of the picture to Shahida that may be because of Zubaida, Abid must’ve agreed to this marriage. On her daughter’s advice, Shahida chose to speak to Abid & got a response she was waiting for. I found it absurd that even though Abid clearly told Shahida that only because of his mother he agreed to get married to Fauzia, she took it as a positive response & got ahead with the Nikkah. Why couldn’t she read between the lines that Abid’s heart wasn’t into this marriage & he was only following his mother’s orders? Abid & Fauzia had their Nikkah & Abid decided to give this relation the chance & attention it needed. I found it amusing that just a single phone call from Abid brought a smile to Fauzia’s face. Like seriously, her character is the least impressive character in this lot of ordinary characters, also when I see her sitting on her bed, I always wonder if she ever does something else too apart from sitting on her bed & crying over her luck?

So, Abid finally convinced his parents that Ali should be allowed to come back because he wasn’t well. Zubaida agreed but Zafar chose not to budge at all. Ali & Aabro came back & surprisingly, things were comparatively easy & smooth for Ali than they were for Aabro. Ali’s mother decided to forgive her son after a single conversation with him, where he still held her responsible for the things he did, yet she chose to overlook what he said because deep inside she was happy that he was back. Even though Zubaida detests Aabro, but still she thought it was her duty to put restrictions on her, which started off with the first ever restriction of visiting her mother, which I found completely unreasonable. Everyone in her family is blaming Aabro for eloping but why aren’t they counting the fact that Ali eloped with her too? So if Aabro is guilty then so is Ali as well!

Yes, Ali’s family members have a reason to hate Aabro but the way they didn’t think about feeding her spoke a lot about the sort of the people they are too. Ali wasn’t even bothered about Aabro & couldn’t care less whether his wife ate something or not. Yes, things were difficult for both Ali & Aabro but finally, Ali has come back to his comfort zone, his home, so now he should pay a little extra attention on Aabro so that she accepts his family & brings herself to change for all of them, but I am certain that Ali will never put much thought into it as he has already grown out of this relationship & a part of him blames Aabro for everything, whereas he should understand that he is equally guilty too & just like him, Aabro is going through a tough time as well. Ali really isn’t the ideal man because he clearly has issues when it comes to rational thinking. He isn’t a man of substance who’d stand with the decisions he made. Yes, the writer is trying to highlight Aabro as the culprit but I must say, Ali ain’t a saint himself & he wasn’t a toddler also who grabbed Aabro’s finger & followed the path she took him at. The writer is trying to show that Aabro is wrong but in my opinion, Ali is equally wrong too & to some extent he is worse than his wife because at least she is sticking to her decision & has completely given up on every other relation in her life but Ali is finding it hard to maintain a balance between his wife & mother, which is a sign of a weak man!

The whole scene where Ali’s sister misbehaved with Aabro for getting some tea for herself & the things that the guest said about Aabro was quite forced. They could’ve easily showed what others think about her some other way too because this seemed totally out of the line. Also, the way Shahida & Fauzia reacted upon hearing about Ali & Aabro’s arrival was weird too. Does Shahida really think that Fauzia is so dear & important to Zubaida that for her sake she will forsake her son Ali? Yes, Ali hurt Fauzia & Zubaida in a moment of anger did speak against him but it is wrong of Shahida to believe that Zubaida will give priority to Fauzia over Ali. I am glad that Abid is putting things in perspective & he is trying his level best to tackle both the families properly. He is acting like a binding force & he believes in making things right in stead of being stuck in a past & not doing anything to overcome those situations. Abid has to be the best character in this lot I must say. Honestly speaking, I found it funny that now Fauzia started speaking Abid’s words in front of her mother. She overreacted when she heard her mother talk against Ali & then she easily got convinced when Abid assured her he won’t let her feel uncomfortable at any step of the way. I seriously don’t understand the hype & the importance Fauzia’s character is getting because as far as I believe, she looks absolutely mindless & directionless to me. Fauzia’s only motive in life was to get married & where she was crying buckets over Ali, it took her a split second to hand over her heart to Ali’s brother Abid & that too at such a level where she is now advocating his thoughts too. I really think her character is getting way more attention that it deserves & it infuriates me because this girl/woman has no mind & no thought process of her own too! Anyways, please share your thoughts about this episode of Aabro.

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