Farhan Saeed Confirmed to Perform in Coke Studio10!

The holy grail in the modern entertainment business is to find something that generates both critical and commercial success.

And for a long time – over the last decade or so – Coke Studio has assumed that mantle in our country. Of course, calling it a commercial success ignores the very post-modern reality of the show, as it is pretty much a commercial in itself. Regardless, the show has entrenched itself as the high-point of the Pakistani musical calendar.

Rumors had begun earlier this month about the artists that will perform on the show. In fact, Reviewit also provided with a list of ‘expected participants’ a few days back. Today we are happy to inform that Farhan Saeed from the list has been confirmed to perform in Coke Studio’s season 10!

Previously, he made his debut on the platform with JAL the band and made waves with the tune ‘Panchi’.We know very little of what his performance is going to be at the moment; whether it’s going to be solo or a duet. But we are sure that whatever this actor-singer sings will be worth the wait and patience.

Farhan Saeed Confirmed to Perform in Coke Studio10!

Arsala Khalid