Fashion Pakistan Week Continues In Full Swing – Pictures

Fashion Pakistan Week continues to be the most happening event of present times with celebrities from all walks of life joining in the festivities. All the celebrities who are part of this week directly or indirectly are really enjoying being a part of this event. Household names like Wasim Akram, Ahsan Khan, Mehwish Hayat, Mansha Pasha, Maya Ali, Osman Khalid Butt, Sarwat Gillani and many more show a more exciting side of theirs in such events. They bring something which is their own style on the ramp which adds more diversity to such fashion shows. All the celebrities have been tweeting about their participation, expressing their happiness with the event and posting pictures on Instagram. Stars like Mahira Khan, Ahsan Khan, Mahira Khan, Mehreen Syed and others were showstoppers for top designers.

Such events also bring all the celebrities from different walks of showbiz in one place. It is always great to see them having a great time. The smiles on their faces and the excitement in the air shows that this week has been a great success till now. We have seen some of the best designs by the leading designers in this week. Different styles of celebrities have impressed their fans even more.

Here are some pictures from the Fashion Pakistan Week:

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