Preet Na Kariyo Koi – Episode 05!

Oh wow! I must say, this drama is getting better & better with each passing episode. I really think that a success behind any drama is the quotient of curiosity that exists even after the episode ends & that has been the case with Preet Na Kariyo Koi since day 1 because I find myself looking forward to the next episode eagerly every single time. I must say the way the story is moving forward & the way little details about the characters are being revealed makes this drama a treat to watch & for that, I thank the writer Amna Mufti & the director Ehtasham ud din for doing wonders & giving us an amazing drama to follow through.

Goshi has once again proved that she can go to any length to get what she wants. She displayed a totally different face in front of Shams where she pleaded & explained to him with humility & sincerity that he means the world to her. Shagufta knows that Shams isn’t someone whose proposal will be approved by her father but still, she has decided to take that chance because for her, nothing is more important than getting married to Shams at this stage. Like I said before, Shagufta is the sort of a girl who can be at her best for someone she loves but she can be a nightmare as well for those who oppose her in any possible way. Goshi knew that Shams was bound because he already got married that’s why she approached Suleri Sahab (Rehan Sheikh); the leader of the political party that Shams is a member of, as she knew that Shams won’t be able to refuse his orders & he happens to be the only person who could get the job done. Shams was the only one who required some convincing because as far as Shagufta is concerned, she knew she could easily force her father to go by her wishes.

It was for the first time that we got a glimpse into Shams’s true nature where he clearly spoke about what his political careers means to him. For the first time, Shams gave away his secret that he can go to any length to protect his career in politics & that is why he wouldn’t even mind if he had to get married to Goshi because he could sense that she can cause harm to his potential career. Also another thing that convinced me about it was that Shams chose to use the love word in front of his group of friends just to convince them that he is only getting married to Goshi because he loves her, whereas what he said prior to this conversation suggested something entirely different. It was interesting to see Shams opening up a bit because so far his character has always been quite mysterious but this time around, we could actually figure out what was going through his mind & also the fact that he is very ambitious about his career & would eliminate any obstacles that come in his way.

Zareena happens to expect a lot more from Shams than what he has to offer. Shams left & didn’t bother speaking to his family or his newly wedded wife because he got a bit too concerned about how he can approach Goshi’s parent. He chose to seek some help from his class-mate & Goshi’s friend Saima. The way Saima projected herself in last episode, I really expected that she would stand for the right & wouldn’t support Shams in lying to her mother but she found all this to be quite exciting, therefore she became a part of the plan too. Shams thought that the only way to get married to Goshi was to lie to her father & keep some major facts from him. Shams happens to be someone who believes in taking decisions at the spur of a moment & he doesn’t believe in thinking things through. He did it before when he didn’t take a moment & decided to get married to Zareena within few seconds & he is doing it again where just when he sensed that Goshi can create issues for him, he immediately decided that he will get married to her too. Shams believes in dealing with the situations the moment they pop up, without even thinking for a second that all these decisions that he is taking are lifelong & aren’t something that he can think about or deal with later on in his life. I think Shams doesn’t understand that people are dependent on him & expect more from him because right now he is too focused about his career that he isn’t paying heed to all these people who are surrounding him. Shams might think that he is going in the right direction but the way he remains oblivious to the fact that the consequences can go against him makes him look a bit gullible.

I felt bad for Goshi’s father & Ilyas’s mother. Once again Goshi left her father with no choice but to agree to her demands & unfortunately, Fiaz had to do what Goshi ordered as he knows that she is quite difficult to deal with. Shagufta continued shaming Ilyas in front of both her father & his mother because she knew that this was the card that was going to work for her. The moment she felt that her father will take a step back from accepting Shams’s proposal, she used Ilyas’s name to convince him & remind him that she accepted his decision once & now it was his turn to pay her back. It was good to see Mariam but sadly she didn’t get much screen time. I really am keen to see how her & Ilyas’s relation is shaping up because it looked like she is doing everything to keep her family happy but her mother in law is still giving her a hard time & has not accepted her wholeheartedly. I really hope that they don’t cut down on Ilyas’s character & keep him involved in the story one way or the other.

I am sure Goshi doesn’t understand what she is getting into. She isn’t as far sighted as she thinks she is because if Goshi would’ve had a faintest idea of what people like Suleri are capable of, she would have never gotten in contact with him. I am sure Suleri is also going to use Goshi in order to keep Shams entrapped & he will use this against both of them because he doesn’t seem as nice as he poses to be. I have a feeling that things are going to get quite difficult for Goshi in the time to come because she has no idea what the life that she has chosen for herself with Shams would be like. In fact, I believe things will get difficult for Shams as well because where on one hand he’d have to deal with Suleri, on the other his brother might make things tough for him as well because it looks like his brother & bhabhi have an agenda too & they feel no shame in deceiving him as well.

The preview of the next episode was intense & happening. Once again, HUM TV editors tricked us into believing that Shams & Goshi will get married in this episode by showing such clips in the preview last week but looks like it will be happening in the upcoming episode. I really hope Goshi’s father; being a heart-patient would survive the lies & deciet that both her daughter & son-in-law have fabricated in front of him. I must say, Irfan Khoosat has portrayed the feelings of a concerned & helpless father to perfection & I actually teared up at that moment where he felt that he would collapse after Goshi’s final verdict of getting married to Shams. Each & every character has done complete justice to their characters & once again, Hira stood out for me in this episode, where she actually made her pleading seem heartfelt & genuine because it was her honest confession that forced Shams to take such a huge step where he is not thinking about the future at all. Ahsan Khan was brilliant in this episode as well, I must say the way he has worked on his body language & his expressions is commendable, he actually is a powerful actor but has made some bad choices. I hope that this project puts things into perspective for Ahsan Khan & he chooses such substantial roles in the future too. Please share your beautiful say about this beautiful episode of Preet Na Kariyo Koi. :)

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