Fawad Khan and Mahira Khan: Going the B-Town Way?

Pakistani actor and actresses have always looked for an opportunity to enter the glamorous world of Bollywood. Every Pakistani actor or actresses aspires one day to enter the sparkling world of B-town and gain fame worldwide.

The latest Buzz is that the on screen hit couple from Humsafar is now offered roles in Bollywood movies. These two have already gained International success after Humsafar which was not only a blockbuster hit in Pakistan, but also a huge success abroad. It gained immense popularity across the border too and caught the eye of many producers and directors.

photo(22)It has been rumored that Mahira Khan has been offered a Bollywood Movie opposite Ranveer Singh produced under the ‘Yash Raj Banner’. According to sources, Mahira Khan has not given her nod for the movie yet. She has once stated in an interview that if she ever gets offered a Bollywood movie, then she would consider a lot of things before doing it. She has previously stated that “I don’t want to become a Bollywood star for sure, because the kind of stardom we get from Pakistan, I am very happy with that. Becoming a Bollywood actress is not something I am aspiring to do”  The question now is; Will her views remain the same after being offered such a meaty role?

photo(20)The next buzz is that the Handsome Hunk of our Industry, Fawad Khan has also been offered a Bollywood movie opposite Aalia Bhatt. The movie is going to be a joint production of UTV Motion Pictures and Boney Kapoor. The rumor making rounds nowadays is that Fawad Khan has already agreed to do this movie and it will be released next summer. Fawad Khan; however, has once stated in an interview, “I do not like to announce anything till there is something concrete. So till I have signed a new movie, I won’t announce it”, If Fawad really has signed a movie then we can expect an official announcement from him soon.

Fawad Khan and Mahira Khan are not the first ones who are given the opportunity to enter Bollywood. Mahesh Bhatt was the first producer who promoted Pakistani stars and opened Bollywood doors to Pakistani talent. The actors who were given a chance in his movies include Meera, Sara Loren and now Imran Abbas too will be launched by the Bhatts. Imran will soon be seen in the movie ‘Creature’ opposite Bipasha Bashu which will be produced by Vikram Bhatt. Another actress who will make her entry in Bollywood soon is Humaima Malik who gained immense popularity through her movie ‘Bol’. She will be seen opposite Emraan Hashmi in Kunal Deshmukh’s film Shaatir. Another recent addition to the B-Town is Meesha Shafi, who was seen in the movie ‘Bhaag Milkha Bhaag’.

Meera and Sara Loren both were declared a huge flop in India and were even criticized in Pakistan for their vulgarity in the movies. Currently, the only successful Pakistani actor in B-Town is Ali Zafar who has featured in films like Tere Bin Laden, Mere Brother Ki Dulhan and London Paris Newyork.

A lot of singers have been able to prove their mettle in India because Mahesh Bhatt promoted them through his movies. One of the bands is Roxen who gave their music in movies like Awarapan and Aashiqui 2. Another very famous singer who was given a break by the Bhatt camp is our very own star; Atif Aslam. He sold the rights of his hit songs, ‘Aadat’ and ‘Lamhe’ to the movie Zeher and Kalyug which became an instant success in India and he gained fame overnight. Other influential artists from Pakistan include names like Rahat Fateh Ali Khan and Shafqat Amanat Ali who have become a huge hit in India.

Only time will tell whether Fawad Khan and Mahira Khan will really join the long list of stars who will enter B-Town or if these are only rumors making rounds. We can only wait for an official statement from them to verify this news.

Let’s just hope these are just rumors and we do not lose our very precious talent to Bollywood!

Mariam Shafiq


My name is Shozib Ali. I have done Bachelors in Media Sciences. Currently Working as an administrator and content writer for reviewit.

  • Both Mahirah and Fawad have immense popularity in India and other international countries as well. In fact there are many Indian fans who actually want to see Fawad and Mahirah together in a Bollywood film.
    At this point I don’t see Mahirah going for Bollywood any time soon, but Fawad maybe. Hoping for the best.

    • Yes, I think the same. It is unlikely that Mahirah would accept the offer at this point.
      There are more chances of Fawad taking up the movie though.
      Let’s just wait for an official statement by both of them.

  • there was also a news regarding fawad in daily jang, that current drama Numm is his last assignment for the time being, as he will take a break from TV to complete his assignment in bollywood.

    • Thank you for sharing this news!
      Even if Fawad Khan does a Bollywood movie, I hope he doesn’t vanish from the TV. I want him to come back to Pakistan and not do only Indian projects. I want to see him in Pakistani Dramas and movies too.
      Let’s see what happens!

      • lets hope he comes back to dramas, previously Imran abbas went for indian films, and he suddenly gave a comment, that he realized that Pakistani producers had not made justice to his abilities, and he vanishes from small screen.
        also its a bit strange despite giving a blockbuster Khuda Ke Liye as debut, Fawad hasn’t worked in any other film.

        • Imran Abbas would not be seen much in Pakistani Dramas now that he has gotten the chance to enter Bollywood.

          I read in an interview that Fawad did get offered a lot of movies, but I guess he did not find them good enough.

          I was wondering Mr. Rashid how do you have so much information about everything. Are you related to the entertainment industry or just an ardent reader? :)

          • I won’t say he is bad, he is an okay actor. There is nothing special about him except maybe his face.

          • so aapke khayal main bollywood main sirf “ache actors” survive kerte hain?? akshey kumar, ajay devgan, abhishek bachan wagera apni aadhi umar guzar jaane k baad ache actor baane hain..so Imran k paas toh abhi bohat time hai improve kerne keh liye…un sub k paas toh luks nahi tha phir bhi survive ker gai..atleast Imran k paas luks to hai..

          • well I am just a follower of Pakistani entertainment scenes, yes an ardent reader

  • Sad news.when Pakistan film maker are starting to mais good movies our n’est actor are Going to Bollywood.la hope it is just a rumor.

  • i think they should its big opportunity ,the song pakistan recently did in main hoon shahid afridi is same as bollywood movies and then the whole movie will be like it ? so whats the deal the can do the cheap movies in pakistan then why not in india .. i know they r not that time but everything changes as time they will change cause they are celebrities :P

    • films puri dunia main aisi hi hoti hain but jab main main hoon shahid afridi dekh rahi thi tu waqi lag raha tha k yeh sab kuch apna hai not bloody indian

  • میں تو کہوں پاکستان نے اس دونوں کی صرف پاکستانی فلموں میں کام کرنا چاہیے . اب جب کہ پاکستان میں اچھی فلمیں بن رہی ہیں تو باہر کام کرنے کی کیا تک ہے

  • i wish the film is a quality project….
    sad to here the news that fawad is gonna take a break to give time to his movie making…

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    • exactly not only indian but any other country’s content our channels should look like only pakistani channels.

    • why? why not? you dont beleive in healthy compitition??? Also, if u dont watch good quality movies/dramas from other countries, you will miss alooootttt of good work done in this industry. I was just watching a movie “bridges of the medicine county” before reading your commetns . It was a WONDERFUL movie and was just thinking that may be people in pakistan dont want to watch those classics. Another good movie to change your thinking about foreign movies is “shawshanks redemption”. Watch it

      • Paglee, woh keh rhay hain k humare Pakistani channels per sirf Pakistani dramas, movies hone chaheye. Aur agr Indian dekhnay hain to StarPlus dekho, GEO ni jis per Indian drame lagein.

    • zaroori nahi k fawad ne jo cheez choose ki hu wo achi hu. apko yaad nahi geo ka drama ‘ashk’ kafi flop drama tha wo uska neelam k sath, , . smjh nahi ati thee k fawad ne yeh drama q kia akhir :/

      • Because muft mai turkey jaanay ka mauka… Who misses a trip to turkey… High budget tha aur neelam k saat romance apni jaga free mai

    • bilkul indian actors mar gay hain na jo indian fawad ko bula rahe hain aap logon ko samaj jana chahiye k wo pakistani logon ko sirf insult karne k liye bulate hain

  • Fawad ka tou sattianaas how lanati movie sign kr lena ga. I bet it. Itna Acha lgta tha aj see zehar lager ga:(

  • Aalia Bhatt bilkul churail hai….But fawad is a charming guy…Well if he doesnot let down Pakistan he should awail the chance to work in Bollywood….but in limits…Pakistan must b ur priority

  • Wish u best ov luck FK
    I hope dt it will be a gud project…!
    I will pray 4 ur brilliant success in Bollywood tooo!
    But u should remember you will be representing ur country!!!

  • Mahira toh bollywood nahi jaigi kabhi i m dead sure…halankeh itni offers bhi hain..(jitna mene suna hai)…baki Fawad ka i dont knw woh jaiga ya nahi..bcuz humare haan mard aur aurat ki limits alag alag hoti hain..so lets see aage kia hota hai..

  • Pakistani actors and actresses of dramas should focus on building their own talent in their own country. Pakistan has developed these amazing dramas which even Indians, Muslim and Hindu, enjoy watching because they, too, are tired of the vulgarity of most Indian films. Pakistanis should be proud of their drama industry and make it even more successful so that Indian actors and actresses want to come to US because of the high quality our dramas offer. Bollywood, for the most part, is tasteless garbage compared to our dramas. Why would our actors and actresses want to be involved in that unless of course, it is for fame and money?

  • fawad plz dont do so n mahira plz ap b is offer ko consider mat karo u both live in our heart ap bollywood p kabi achy nhi lago gy :)

  • Exactly,we do not lose our precious stars,They are the pride of pakistan.Bollywood always offers cheap roles to pakistani actors.Indian movies are da waste of time…only vulgarity&glamour exists in their movies.Our dramas& some good movies are much better than indian movies.I hope they will prefer to work for their country.PLz fawad& mahira donot let ur country down.Do not hurt your fans.Our artist do not earn as much respect as earn in pakistan.

    • i agreed when someone become famous in pakistan india offerd them cheap roles in their movies to prove that they are actually flop actors i dont understand why they play with their respect they should try for good projects in pakistan rather than going to them

  • As concerned to ali zafar…he also lost his respect by working in average bollywood movies.He is a good singer,he should have focussed on his singing.I do not say that he worked like meera,veena&sara loren bt these were not qualitative projects.

    • Agree..i just hate Ali after “london paris newyork”..woh movie main apni family k sath toh kia akele beth ker bhi na dekho..full of vulgarity!! aur yeh muhtaram keh rahe the its a “family movie”..really???

  • Jitna a cha drama banaya hai tinini achi film bhi banayn to a cha ho ga magar Pakistan k liye aur ager ziyada Paysy kamany ka shock hai to phir film kar leyn India ki .

  • If Fawad Afzal khan Wants to REMOVE his SHIRT & Mahira khan wants to show her Belly Button ..let them go to India & let them do what they cant do in Pak Dramas ;)

  • Chintoo candy writer forgot javed sheikh and his 10 recent bollywood roles ovrr recent years… He did good roles…

  • Chalo ji ek or Gaya India apni bezti karwane Inshallah !!!! Fawad bhii veena Malik ki tarhan bold sences kare ga masheh bhutt ki her movie sex k bina udhori ha yani har Bollywood movie ma jab tak sex French kissing bra underwear se ziada na dekhaya Jae wo incomplete ha !!! Sooo Fawad need it and Mahira as well fite muh Pakistani actors ka

  • jee mujhai koe aeteraaaz nahi lai jaao bollywood dono ko
    magar shart ye kai ..
    dono ko ek he film mai hero aur heroine kai tor pai cast kar lai ..

  • it,s up to both of them if they want to do bollywood movies but they should accept big banner roles not cheap roles as if they flop in india then they will not be accepted back in pakistan.

  • fawad ko moive pakistan ma nahi malte jo wo bollywood ma ja raha hai apko pata hai
    Humayun Saeed be gay tha fawad sa humayun good actor hai

  • even if gained high fame and popularity in pakistan ,actors remain incomplete if not acted in a bollywood films. its because of intense popularity and craze of indian bollywood films worldwide, pakistani actors thrive to work in indian films but only some get lucky enough to work in bollywood and earn huge fortunes, which otherwise cannot be earned in pakistan, as u know u cannot compare pak with india as india is far ahead than pakistan in every aspect…india is a fatherfigure for all pakis?????

  • Let see what will happen.I don’t know why actors r so much anxious to work in Indian movies,even they assigned four class type roles.:(

  • G to kerta hai koi gali aaj de hi doon. Konsi gali doon jo in dono per bilkul fit baithey… chalo choro jub pora Pakistan hi gali de raha hai to main q apni zuban kharab karoon. Jao bacho tum b apna shouq pora ker lo. Magar yaad rakhna jo fame aaj hey vo india janey k baad Pakistan mai to nahi miley ga. Agey tum khud hi samajdar ho.

  • >