‘National Ka Pakistan’ – A Treat To Watch!

While surfing through the channels, I came across these scenic views of Northern Areas of Pakistan, which actually made me stop & looking for more as I was for sure attracted to what I saw. After the commercial break, I got to know about the show ‘National Ka Pakistan’. As I kept watching, I saw & also learnt some amazing facts about Pakistan & definitely fell in love with the concept of the show & obviously My Pakistan.

I don’t know about others but I believe we for sure need some shows like these. I remember as a child watching PTV’s ‘Travel Guide of Pakistan’ where the hosts went to different places & made the viewers fall in love with our very own Pakistan & it’s beauty. I remember getting to know about innumerable places from the show & wanting to visit each one of them. Ever since a kid I fell in love with & dreamt of visiting the Shangrilla Resort in Skardu. Naga Parbat, Raka Poshi, Gilgit, Hunza; these were the names that I heard for the very first time & how did it happen? Obviously, the awareness came from the show.

Currently, after so many years, when I saw a similar venture based on the similar concept, I couldn’t help but appreciating it because for sure, where we are so busy in the foreign content (either discouraging it or following it) we definitely need to know something good about Pakistan. The place that I saw through their lens today was Neelam Valley – Kashmir. Also the host spoke about the lake which flows between Pakistani Kashmir & the Indian Kashmir. What a sight it was. Chef Mehboob Khan is the one hosting the show & during the course of his excursion, he not only explains the demographics of the place, he also talks about the dishes & the cuisines of those particular places. While telling us more about the area at hand, he also cooks some amazing dishes that are marked as a specialty of the town. Live cooking at serene sceneries – what an idea of a healthy entertainment.

While watching the show I was just wondering about the beauty of Pakistan & I actually enjoyed & awed at what Pakistan actually is. We get to know so much about the developed cities but to actually start from the scratch & to get to know about how life rules in the remote areas, it was really refreshing. I feel this is just another amazing way of promoting positivity of Pakistan. Pakistan is definitely not beneath or behind any other place in the world when it comes to beauty, diversity, culture, hospitality or even the cuisine.

I feel we lacked something of this sort on our screens. Something so organized where each & everything was being covered. From homes, to the architectures, to people, to the grass-root levels of how things worked there, everything was just awe-inspiring. Just how simply a plant was running that produced 40KGS of flour in an hour. How the whole mechanism worked? I mean, I never knew of that thing before. So, I can proudly say that I learnt something new about Neelam Valley & some really quick yet delish recipes which are famous in that area as well.

I definitely commend the whole team who came up with the idea, for we definitely needed it. We need to fall in love with Pakistan again. I feel this is the easiest way of making a strong appeal in the masses. The best way to promote Pakistan which is healthy for the tourism & also the best way to reach out to the youth, who might want to explore Pakistan a bit more than their niches. I think we’re done with the shows like ‘Reema ka Amreeka’, where a renowned celebrity can just show the starry lives of ‘progressive’ Pakistanis. I know she tried to break some norms that people had or still have about America, but then, does it really matter? No.

We just need to know more about Pakistan, more about the simplicity of the people, more about the down-to-earth & easy lifestyles of innocent Pakistanis. So, for the sole & for numerous reasons, for me ‘National ka Pakistan’ is a YES!

I do urge & request everyone to watch the show & if you have, please feel free to share what you felt while watching it. I definitely loved it & yes, I’m waiting for some more of the episodes.

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Zahra Mirza.

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