Numm – Episode 01

The latest trend nowadays seems to be that the real story behind the lives of different characters is unveiled slowly as opposed to introducing the viewers to the characters in a very clear-cut manner right in the first episode. This first episode of Numm revealed few things about the central characters but there is so much more that the viewers have yet to find out. So many questions were left unanswered at the end of this episode, which I don’t mind at all personally, as long as different aspects of the story will be revealed within the first few episodes.

Numm2The description on the facebook page of the drama serial clearly stated that the story revolved around the practice of Vani. No reference to the tradition was made in this episode except for one flashback scene in the beginning in which we see Wali Bakht’s’s father (Ahson Talish) leaving home to kill his brother’s murderer, while his wife (Farah Shah) begs him to leave the matter for the police to solve.

numm1The story revolves around Wali Bakht (Fawad Khan), a young Oxford graduate, who despite of all his education cannot break the barriers of traditions that surround him. The elders make all the decisions for reasons they believe are right and there is nothing that the younger lot can do about it. Wali Bakht is married to a woman much older than him; Mahjabeen (Sania Saeed) is a dutiful woman who looks after her husband well even if he does not want her around. Bare Sahab (Usman Peerzada) makes all the decisions in the family because without him Wali Bakht and all others will be deprived of all the luxuries they are so used to.

Numm7Neelam (Kanza Wyne) is nothing like Mahjabeen at all, she is a girl who will do anything to have things her way but at the same time she is as helpless as Wali Bakht, Mahjabeen, Wali Bakht’s’s mother and many others who are victims of the system they were born in. I must say that Neelam’s character despite of its flaws had tons of potential to be cute and adorable but there were times when she seemed more annoying than cute. Kanza Wyne did very well in some of the scenes but in others the expressions appeared to be over the top; what the character needed was slight subtleness and I would have felt more for Neelam.


The way the grand haveli that contained so many ugly secrets and unhappy people was captured in the opening scene of this episode was absolutely beautiful. The cinematography was very impressive all through the episode. Fawad Khan’s acting was very impressive from the very first scene to the last one – he had to convey more with his body language and expressions and he did that very well. In the first scene the viewer’s could easily tell that Wali Bakht was not happy to be home; there was something that was worrying him, more like something that he was dreading. The only other person who truly impressed me with her acting was Farah Shah; she played a very difficult character very well. The background music was painfully loud in some of the scenes and there were other scenes in which it seemed quite unnecessary and prolonged.


What do our writers have against women who run NGOs? They are always shown as women with double standards. Myra Sajid’s script appears to be engaging enough, Ahson Talish is a talented director so I have very high expectations from him and the play has been produced by Amjad Hashim. Many questions were left unanswered at the end of this first episode; I can’t wait to find out in particular what happened to Wali Bakht’s father and how Wali Bakht ended up getting married to Mahjabeen.


Please share your views about this first episode.


Fatima Awan

Fatima Awan

Fatima Awan has been a part of reviewit right from its inception. She feels very passionately about Pakistani dramas and loves discussing them in detail. An enthusiastic writer, thinker, and political scientist, constantly trying to look beyond the obvious. Full-time mom.

  • Background music was awful, and this first episode has not been much gripping story seemed to be made unnecessarily complicated in this first episode that one eventually lose interest in it. When Fawad name comes in the cast, we generally expect a very high quality production, but it is perhaps not the best.

    Also Its perhaps the first Vani drama, where an elder woman will be married to younger one, otherwise in all vani news I have heard or read till now there were younger girls married to much older men.

    A bit too early to predict how this one turns out to be. But all previous serials of Fawad with Geo TV, Jeevan Ki Rahon Mein, Satrangi , Dil day ke jayen gey and Ashk were not of the quality we normally associate Fawad with.

    • u must start writing reviews.. :) ur description is great !! especially the last point u mentioned made me think too that association of geo n fawad never gave us anything worth watching as compared to Humsafar, zindagi gulzar hai, kuch pyar ka pagalpan … Hopeful about numm but still the first episode was not upto our expectations or as u mentioned above ” When Fawad name comes in the cast, we generally expect a very high quality production, but it is perhaps not the best.” !! Alot more to come yet… :)

      • well writing a five liner comment and a whole review two totally different things.

        but yes its combination of HUM TV and Fawad, that had produced the best of Fawad including Daastaan, Zindagi Gulzar Hai and Humsafar, while ARY “Kuch pyar ka pagal pan” was also not up to mark, its lags behind due to its storyline.

    • I agree with you completely, Ashk in particular was a complete disaster. Not to forget that Ashk and Numm have the same meaning too – scary thought! Yes, I have always read too that usually young girls are traded off to settle disputes and they are treated like slaves. I am also wondering how a young man ended up marrying an older woman. I am sure there is a good reason for it, well I hope so. And we still don’t know why Neelam is being married to Wali Khan. Like you said, it is too early to say anything but one thing is for sure that like all of Fawad Khan’s previous characters he will be the man two women will be fighting over or dying to be with! But that does not change the fact that Fawad Khan was absolutely brilliant in today’s episode, which shows that he is really into the character. It was the kind of first episode that keeps you looking forward to more so that should be good enough. Lets see how things go from here. it is always a pleasure to hear from you. Your observations are always accurate.

    • gr8 point..m also one ov those who just watch ds serial cox ov fawad khan…whereas i dn,t think it,s an extraordinary script

  • Interesting story, but quite dull and boring!
    Hoping it to get better and more engaging soon. :)
    and as always, an excellent review by an excellent critic :)

    • Thank you so much Esha for the sweet words, you have always been very kind:) yes, many people think that it was dull and boring but I thought it was quite okay for a first episode. lets hope it turns out to be a good play:)

  • Good reveiw Fatima but this is really old fashioned looking . We complained about ASHK but that was much better than this in the beginning episodes and only went down hill later. so far this is just a B would have been a C without Fawad

    • It seems like Old fashioned looking seems to be in fashion Sadaf;) The only real problem I see at the moment is Kanza Wyne because she has a very important role; which means that she will getting a lot of screen time but she does not act very well. I think it will be better than Ashk in the long run because I have yet to see a play more twisted than Ashk. No heroine can be as crazy as Zebu, not even Neelam, who talks to trees! and hopefully there won’t be a Deenga or bhang in this one!

  • good review.well the first episode was ok but what i cant understand ke aaj kal humare dramon mein itna andhera kyun hota hai like kankar,virasat and now this one uper se background music bhi thora loud tha aur aksar dialogues ki samajh hi nahi aarahi thi.fawad and sania were superb and usman peerzada was also brilliant but new actress vj kanza needs to improve her acting skills she was irritating me by her overacting.hope so that drama will have a good pace in the upcoming episodes and it will be another hit for fawad after zgh.

    • Thank you for following the reviews and giving your feedback fahad. Do you watch the plays online or on television? Everyone is saying that it was too dark but somehow I thought it was okay! You are right about the background music, it really was very overpowering. Yes, lets hope that it delivers. Agree with you about kanza, she really needs to brush up her acting skills.

      • i watched numm online.i dont know whether it’s picture quality was good when it aired on television or not but on internet it was little bit dark.story seems to be different than the usual saas bahu and sister rivalry stories which we have so much on screen now a days and sania and fawad will surely rock on our screens with their brilliant performances.waise is dramay ke jo director hain ahson talish unhon ne aur kaun kaun se dramas direct kiye hain aur jin plays ko unhon ne direct kiya hai woh kaise thai i mean kya woh bohat ache thai.

        • Fahad did you watch the series Neeli Chatri on Ary? That was directed by Ahson Talish. He has also directed other plays but that is the only one that i watched and I really liked all the interesting stories and the way they were executed in the series. He also runs a production house.

          • Ahson Taalish is son of veteran filmstar late Agha Taalish, who played many supporting roles in films for decades. Ahson Taalish started his career from acting, as far I remember I seen him first in drama Karb in 1996, the debut (and so far only) directed drama by Samina Peerzada, Ahoan was paired with Amnah Butt (sister of samina) in Karb. His other notable appearance as actor was in drama Aahan (debut drama by Wasi Shah made on army), where he played role of army officer perhaps in 1997-98 . But he never was in any main role.
            Since Ahson is from Lahore, I guess Ahson started direction and production from Lahore, he has done a lot of work for various channels. For lahore based terrestrial TV channel ATV, his famous drama was Chaand Pur ka Chandu ( a typical verbose and boring drama by writer Khalil ur rehman qamar). He also worked for Indus TV Karachi like drama Boond Boond Tanhai. He also made many serials for PTV one such sitcom is Miss X starring Ali Saleem (Begum Nawazish Ali), on Geo he has a drama Aitraaf (not the ARY Aitraaf). On ARY he had Neeli Chhatri, he also done some work on HUM TV mostly telefilms. To date his most credible work as director is WILCO an ISPR serial, on Pakistan army that was telecasted in 2005-06 on PTV . His fellow colleague term him as a talented director but he has never produced much hit serials.

  • Thanks for a lovely review. I have to admit that I read your review 1st and then watched the episode. And thank goodness for that. I don’t think I would have understood half of what happened, if I didn’t read your review.
    Not that it was badly made, but I think I don’t understand easily, and the 1st episode always has to set the foundation and background, so things start falling into place later.
    To me the episode did just that, in retrospect, but I thought it was quite slow.
    I thought Mahjabeen stole the show. She was brilliant and the only sane, composed, dutiful, practical and genuine person in the story so far.
    In the initial promos, I thought it was being made for feature film, the way it seemed it was shot – really for the big screen. What did catch my attention was the sound. The landing of the plane, and all the scenes with the car had no sound of transport. When I realised that it was not a momentary lapse in sound, it actually was weird to see those bits.
    The OST is beautiful and I love the voice of the singer.
    Hopefully the story and pace will pick up and it will take the rest of the year by quickly – living Saturday to Saturday. Which means every episode followed by a good valuable read from you. :)

    • Roh but is that normal …? Mahjabeen is the one under the most pressure and yet seems unaffected …it does not make sens

      • Am not sure she is under pressure, as shown so far. Infact, it appears that she was much older than the kid she was married off too. So I guess, she might have resigned her fate to be married and just have a status of being married. Not sure that is making sense, and if I relayed what my thoughts are adequately.
        Given that, she has accepted her role as a trade off and is just going along with it. I guess she will be under pressure as time goes by and there is attraction between her and her husband.

    • The best thing about reviewing Numm is going to be that you and many other friends will be watching it too:) I am waiting to see more of Mahjabeen; Sania Saeed is a fantastic actress, i am sure that she will do justice to her character. many people think that this was a slow episode but I thought it was okay. yes, lets hope it turns out to be a play we can look forward to:) Thank you so much for reading the review and sharing what you think about the episode.

  • looking forward towards epi 2
    fawad and farah were brilliant and yes i was also findind neelam a bit too loud

  • This review is lacking two important aspects that were needed to be discussed sincerely.

    1: The background music in the entire episode.
    2: The character performance by SANIA Saeed.

    The reviewer noticed the body-language of FAWAD KHAN very well, but she totally ignored to discuss the body language of SANIA SAEED. that was telling a complete deep story. Watch the episode again and you guys will realise it.

    Drama storyline is superbbbbb.Fawad MUST NOT give a monotonous performance of his previous hits but should show some difference this time.

    • I mentioned the background music in the second last paragraph, last two lines. As for Sania Saeed’s acting, I don’t think there was enough of her in this first episode. I am waiting to see more of her. I really liked Farah Shah’s acting though besides Fawad Khan.

  • Great review Fatima Awan for not so great of an episode.
    Can’t understand this obsession with dysfunctional feudals.
    My heart doesn’t go out for any one character.
    Acting was just average, and Kinza’s expression were incongrous.

  • I missed the two things badly
    1; HUM channel and
    2.Hum Tv yr geo ka image eaisa h k lgta e nae k koi acha drama lage ga hum pe hahaha a bit funny bt i actually realized it badly the colours the graphics ov geo are strange literally i was thinking dat dere z some problem wid my laptop :-)
    fawad was awesome se b xiada awesome n kinza ka masla nae h i thnk wo bolti e aise h n thori c acting add hone se wo over actng bn gae h :-) i watched a telefilm on HUM in which she had the same xcnt a bit ajeeb
    Fatima i always read ur reviews they are at the top seriously keep it up

    • Saba, thank you so much for following the reviews, I really appreciate it and thanks a ton for sharing your thoughts here. You know Saba, I don’t know how many people saw this drama on television but I didn’t find it as dark and dull as most people are saying it was. Sometimes dramas appear to be darker when you are watching them online. I agree with you though; Hum TV and Urdu 1’s picture quality is always ahead of Geo and Ary.
      Yes, this new girl has trouble delivering her dialogues and her shrieking voice does not help. She is cute looking but that is not enough.
      I hope you will be dropping by more often now:)

      • yeah why nt actually dramas are my weakness in my point of view n nw the reviews also i m nt fond of movies n songs so dramas are my only time pass :-)

  • excellent review as always………….agree with you about nelum being a little annoying then cute…

    • wildlily thank you for reading the review and for taking time out to comment. I am glad we are on the same page:) Hope to hear from you more often from now on.

  • Hi Fatima Awan,
    Here we all are, giving our input on Fawad Khan’s Numm, as we have hadn’t had enough of dysfunctional feudals and their regressive norms.
    Waiting for your overview on Ulloo Braye Farokht Naheen.
    Coming to Numm, I’ll rate this episode just under 3out of 5.
    And without Fawad, 2 put of 5.

    • Hi Anwar Suhail, long time no see. It is good to be finally reviewing a play which I hope you will be following:) I really don’t mind the theme as long as the play gives us something to look forward to. The only difference between Numm and the other feudal based stories we have seen till now is that the male protagonist is not very happy about the system he is being forced to follow. In Mera Saein, Tum Ho Ke Chup, UBFN etc all the male protagonists were feudals to the core. I am so sorry for not being able to write the overview; I have been terribly busy since Eid. I thought Farah Shah was absolutely brilliant in this first episode and this first episode left a lot of questions unanswered; most important being that how Wali Bakht ended up getting married to Mahjabeen because I read about the tradition of Vanni and in all the articles it said that young girls are traded off to settle disputes and that too when the family cannot afford to pay the victim’s family.

  • good one…as i always like waidara,s stories..where always women is a victim no matter how educated she is…bt here d new thing is wali also diturb n unhappy cox ov his system…till now drama is just so so may be it will take turn…drama na b acha hta tu m ny tu dkhna e tha fawad jo h :D…as i hate sania saeed a lot jis dramy mai a jaye mai wo drama ni dkhti hala k kamal ki actress h…kanza tu boht irritating h na looks hain na acting skills…bt fawad n ost forced me to see numm…let,s see further

    • Hi Parsa, i am sure there are many viewers who will be following Numm because of Fawad Khan:) Yes, lets hope it turns out to be a play that keeps us engaged.

    • I thought I was the only one allergic to Sania Saeed. I think Sania Saeed is an over related actress.

  • First I liked the first episode , i noticed that everyone is saying that Background music was awful . YES it is . but i found a solution and that is , if you are watching it online and wearing MOBILE HEADPHONES , just remove the LEFT side of the headphone

  • Nice review Fatima. :)
    Finally caught up with the first episode. I personally wasn’t much exited about the show. The concept of Vani does not appeal to me much. I get really uncomfortable watching shows on such subjects. I wanted to give it a try because of Fawad Khan ofcourse.

    Sania Saeed and Fawad Khan were both brilliant as usual. Kanza really needs to work on her dialogue delivery and expression. I cringed in a few scenes because of her bad dialogue delivery but I agree she is really pretty and cute.

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