Fawad Khan and Nida Khan Selected for Umera Ahmed’s Novel Amar Bail!

Surprize!  We are here with a news that would definitely be a treat for the Pakistan’s drama lovers. According to the social media’s official fan page and the largest Indian forum, India-forums, the news has been leaked that it is Fawad Khan, along with Nida Khan who have been selected for an upcoming drama serial Amar Bail, been written by the phenomenal writer Umera Ahmed. Nothing more has been revealed yet about the topic but there is one thing for sure that Umera’s fans would definitely love this news as it is Amar Bail after Peer-e-Kamil(pbuh) which takes the reader in some other world which apparently seems reality. 


Fawad Khan will be seen in the role Umar, the central character of the novel, whereas Nida would be impersonating Aliza’s character. For those who don’t recognize Nida Khan, she is an actress less seen on screen. She was the daughter of Parsa in the the drama serial Paarsa that went on air on Hum TV.


While going through the feedbacks, it can be seen that the audience is pretty excited about the news but also want to have a change in the ending of the story. Moreover, many of the viewers aren’t happy with Nida’s casting in the drama.

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Lets see how far this news remains a news, it is difficult to comment about current moves been taken for this project,

Hoping to see Amar Bail and Umar soon,


Nida Zaidi


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  • Nida Khan… no….they should either take some experienced actor or a completely new one.. nida just does not fit in Aliza's character

    • you are right amar bail is already onaired on TV One.

      well the news is not authentic as amar bail is already dramatized and onaired in 2010 on TV one. So how can a story which rights are already aquired by a production house be onaired by someone else. It must be redramatization

  • well this is a false news. Amar Bail by umera ahmed is already dramatized and onaired on TV one in 2010, its videos are available on youtube. The drama was directed by Sakina Samoo, while adnan sidiqi played role of umar and maria rubab played role of aleezay. the drama was has a poor production value. both adnan sidiqi and maria rubab were misfit in the roles, adnan looked too aged for umar role, and maria rubab was one of the poorest actoress who could not fulfill her role.

    Though written by umera ahmed, the play onaired and finished without being noticed due to poor production value and poor direction. The storyline is also deviated too much from the novel, the whole focus in the play was on the romance of umar and aleezay while in actual novel the main theme is on the corruption and ugly side of our beauracracy.

    It was a major disappointment on the part of director sakina samoo as well. Though a brilliant actor, she failed to impress with her direction and production. It is also worth mentioning that it was sakina samoo who directed first ever play of umera for television. It was Wajood-e-laraib which was onaired on indus tv having adnan sidqi and faiza hassan in lead roles. Wajood-e-laraib also went unnoticed and failed miserably to get any viewership again due to poor production quality and direction.

    • Wujood-e-laraib went noticed bro. Its TRPs were pretty good. Which world do you live in? Ghar main beth kar akhbaari batain likhtay hain kya? Btw, why dont you write for a news channel?

      • yeah,i agree.first time Umera Ahmed was given best writer,best young popular talent awards for wajood e Laareb

    • It is not a false news…i asked on the official page of umera ahmed abt a year ago…nd they said is gng to b redramatised

  • I absolutely agree with the fact that Nida has not a very good acting experience.I don't have any issue with her ! I find her attractive and cute.But If they need someone quite younger than Fawad ( As i haven't read the novel),i would recommend Syra.She is better than Nida and i've seen some people who want Fawad and Syra as a pair.Or else Sanam Saeed ! She would look always better with Fawad :)

  • As far as i remember, amar-bail u guys r taking about was being made a while ago, before all these channels came about. It must be a repeat telecast. I remember watching a few episodes on ptv prime here in uk.

  • It will b re-dramatized people, as the last one ruined the whole novel very badly…..
    And i hope this girl will do good as alizay…
    Its one f my favorite novel…..and yes plz…we want change in the ending

  • Oh My God, can they stop casting Fawad for every other role. Anyone who has read Amar Bail cannot accept him in Umer's role and same for this girl. she would not even come close to what Alizay was like. By the way this drama had already been telecast on ARY and the cast included Adnan Sidiqui as Umer (horrible, yes!) and Uzma Gillani as the grandmother. Alizay was some new girl who I think actually paid for this role.
    But anyways, the readers like me atleast hate the dramatization with such predictable cast.

    • Ur wrong fawad khan will b perfect. But I think sajal Ali will be more suitable for alizay. Nd they shud change the ending I don't like the ending. It's depressing.

      • It had a perfect ending, every novel should not end on dramatic 'happy end'. It was the novel having the bittersweet realities. If Aliza and Umar had ever married, it would be a disaster for Aliza. Umar's doubts about their possible break up were very true. If the novel will be ever dramatized, it will probably a failure because it can never contain the main essence of the story.

    • what the hell.. how can fawad khan be ANYTHING like umar ???? please umera hmed, stop selling ur stories! amar bail n peer e kamil novel hi rehte to zyada acha tha .. im totally hating it !!!

  • Kindly confirm some news before posting it on any Public forum…
    Remake of Amarbail is delayed and neither Fawad Khan nor Nida Khan are even considered for lead roles…
    Please confirm such news before posting which may get you in embarrassment in near future..


    • please umera! amar bail or peer e kamil ko novel hi rhne dein. hum umar kisi or ko bante ni dekh was a master piece of yours!

    • please Umera ! i m a huge fan of ur writings,please dramatise peer e kamil but it requires struggle in script,direction,actors n everything,waiting

      • peer e kamil ka mera bh bht dil hy dekhne ka.but director koe kamal ko hna chayye bht challenging drama ho ga.i love peer e kamil

    • plz amar bail ko zaror dramatize kaway because last time dricter and producer ne baragark kar deya tha . novel is one of the best . plz is dafa hero or heroin ko soch samaj kar rakhia ga . or grany to boht ache hony chiay .

  • please change d cast.both fawad khan n nida r not suitable.cast a girl who must be 16 year of age for aleeza role n please bera garq mat krna.dont change d story.ending was really very sad but please dont change it______________

  • plzz change the cast, umar ka character fawad pe blkul suit nae kare ga, umar k liye sheriyar acha hai jo ,zindagi gulzar main zaroon ka friend hai. nnd 4 alizay syra yousuf is the best

  • I m not so happy abt this …Fawad khan in perfect for Umar's role..but Nida…I dont think so she's a good option…:/

  • m happy k amar bail 2nd time direct ho rha hai nd myn adnan sadiqi sy request krun gi k wo ye drama zrur daikhain ta k unhain un ki age pta chl jye nd pta chlay k wo bilkul unfit thy is role k liye nd maria ko to smjh nhi ati ye role dy kis ny dia tha

  • plz plz is per aik dafa drama bana bohat bura tha plz fawa tehek hay. bus sanam jahang kocast kary q ksanam jahang bohat cuet hay .many novel parha hay.dono bahter rahen ge.piz i reqest .

  • omar is great cast bt plzzzzzzzzzzzzz chang alizeh..take aiza khan plzzz… sakina samo had already damtizd it bt dats so bad

  • Nida ko ALeezay ka character nai karna chaheya … Sanam baloch or Sajal Ali sholud play it … some 1 who have innocence on her face …

  • Waoooooooooooooooo…..amer bail kya to novel e ..luv it… n cast me fawad khan is perfect as umer.

    N girl nida is also prfect as aliza bt in loolz only…other wise hr acting iz soooo soooo :/…welll am very very happy…
    Great news :)

  • hi umera,i ve a collection of ur novels n i love each of ur novel.Amarbail is ur 2nd best novel after peer e kamil. u must dramatise them ,although they ruin the story but i want people to enjoy ur stories ,who criticise me for novel reading. fawad khan is a good option for Umar s role.but u must take maavra,sanam baloch or sajjal ali for depicting Aliza.thanx

  • last time Amarbail dramtised very was worse ,unbearable.bad acting ,boring,.now drama making being better so hope for best inshallah

  • i am a great fan of umera ahmed . no doubt she is a superb novelist of pakistan. i am so happy to read that amar bail is going to be act .it is a very great story but plz end mat change karna . we want so as it is . and i am also appericate that fawad khan is realy suitable for omer"s character because his experission are really good and mature like omer . finally i am really realy happy for amar bail"s dramatize .

  • it is a suprizing news for me that amar bail is going to be dramatize . fawad khan is best for umer's character . or end change mat kar dena . it is too much better that end of drama is live as we read in novel . nadia is also good for aleeza .

  • Please please amar bail mat dramatize Karen…let it b an imagination! Nobody can fit in umar's character ……even not fawad khan! Please don't go 4 it!!! Please isko dramatise na karein, hum umar aur aliza k role mein kisi ko bardasht nai kr skte!

  • Plz don't make it a drama bcz ppl hv very high expectations from it…
    N not standing up to their expectations will ruin it …. as in the case when it was dramatized before!!

  • fawad is very nice and brillant actor in pakistan
    my favourite personality'''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''
    fawad rockssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

  • yeh drama kb onair hoga?? plzz jldi onair kren cz m very excited or herione k role k liye sanam baloch ko cast kren plzzz

  • amaarbail is much more than a romantic play…so the directors main emphasis should be on the basic theme rather than romance…n plzzzzzzzzzzzz do not cast fawad…he doesnt suits at all…and i tthink saira is not bad for aleezas role..sanam baloch is cute but she doesnt looks too young for aleeza role

  • I saw a drama on amar bail on TV one drama channel in 2010. and adnan siddiqui act as a umar in this drama. and I also see the peer-e-kamil S.A.W.W on TV one.

  • My most favourite novel AMAR BAIL. Please select a very decent hero. Umar is a great person whenever I read this novel i burst into tears, i always cry over the tragic end of the novel. Please if u people want to dramatize this novel it should be the perfect drama just like Hamsafar otherwise no need to dramatize it. I very humbly request Sarmad Sultan for its production, so that this can also have the same likeness and charm in it as hamsafar. I simply love this novel plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz if u people are realy intersted in dramatizing it then plz dont ever make it so poorly like the previous Amarbail. UMAR SHOULD B THE PERFECT ACTOR WHO REALLY DESERVES THIS ROLE NOT LIKE AABI.

  • Amarbail is a great novel I have ever read. plz no one can ever play the role of Umar. Dont dramatize this novel, it will lose its effect. I love the character of Umar, his pure feelings for Aleeza his sincerity his affection for Aleeza. It always burst me into tears whenever i read this novel. NO one can perform so well. There is no one who is suitable for the role of Umar. please dont dramatize it. plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  • plz fawad khan k sath perfect actress choose q ni kartai ,mahira and sanam jung both are the best actress for him,sanam jung is soft spoken like fawad khan,nida khan is not perfect against fawad khan

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