Fawad Khan Exclusive Interview

Fawad Khan Exclusive Interview

Fawad Khan Exclusive Interview

Almost every other channel has a hit serial with you as a lead. How does it feel to be in the lime light?
All I can say is that I am pleasantly surprised that people are watching Pakistani television with so much interest. I’m here because of the viewers. I’m honoured to be a representative of them.

You have explored almost all genres of performing arts from singing to acting tomodeling. Which one is your favourite?
I’d have to say that I’m not a very serious worker. I still have a long way to go. I can’t decide which one is my favourite line of work. I just do what I enjoy.

How is your married life treating you?
It’s the greatest feeling in the world if you’re married to a person who means everything to you. I know it may sound clichéd but it is fantastic to be able to find such a person. Whatever good I have in me, is because of the influence of my wife, family and my son. I’m having a ball.

Is there any album coming up for your fans out there?
We are a lazy bunch; especially me.There is a lot of material but picking what we want to do out of it is a difficult task.I’ve always tried to do something different.Music may now be what it has never been.It’s something I feel I have total control over while making.But I have the habit of dwelling over it.

Pakistani satellite television channels have revived dramas in Pakistan. What do you havto say about that?
The increasing number of viewers is satisfying. If the viewers has had a good time and says something genuinely nice, it’s all the gratification one could ask for.

Your biggest aspiration?
To be a good human being and to have a good .To be called educated and responsible.

Your biggest fear?
Not being able to fulill that aspiration.

Any message to your fans out there?
You can be whatever you want to be. Don’t let discouragement take you down. I could use that advice myself as well.

Interview By Anam Saad Ghouri for The Lounge

  • very well said i must say……fawad u r the true heartthrob of all pakistani girls…………best of luck for zindagi gulzar hai….and especially after humsafar we are expecting alot more from youuuuuuu………….

  • I like Fawad not bacause of his Personality rather I like him because he is a very lovely soul inside…He is a great Human being and respects others specially specially He respects ladies and for his this act, I've a lot of respect for him… these extra qualities of him complements his good looks and dashing personality….He is a great human being as he says that he tried to be…I wish him a best luck!!

    • same is the case wid me in one of his interview when he was asked k apne barey men kin 2 baton ko sun k aap ko ghussa aata hay then he replied:
      Agar log kahen k mein apne aap ko bohot oonchi cheez samajhtaa hun aur doosri k log mujh say kahein k men un say pyar nahi karta…………

  • I really like fawad cz he x true in sens a nice nd gud luking man…..he done a great job in humsafar and zindage gulzar hai…. I really think that his wife is very very very veeeeerrrryyyyt luckiest women in the world that she got such a handsom nd nice guy

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