Faysal Qureshi & Sana Qureshi Celebrate their 7th Wedding Anniversary!

Faysal Qureshi got married for the third time in 2010 and has been living a happy married life since, MaShaAllah. He first got married at the age of 18 but after three years of marriage divorced his first wife. He has one daughter from his first wife named “Hanish Qureshi” who still lives with him. At age 24,his marital status changed from single to married again.However, that marriage didn’t last long and the couple had a divorce just a few months after the marriage.

Sana Qureshi, however, seems to be the true love of Faysal’s life. The happy couple celebrated their 7th wedding anniversary yesterday and look delighted in each other’s company. Faysal’s daughter seems to be enjoying her time too in the pictures that were taken at the celebrations and found their way to the internet:

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