Faysal Qureshi Says He Has Stopped Working With Hum TV

Pakistani actor Faysal Qureshi has no more association with Hum TV network.

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Qureshi is one of the most versatile and sought after actors in Pakistan entertainment industry, who owns the credit of numerous drama series under his name including: ‘Aaina’, ‘Aashti’, ‘Manay Na Yeh Dil’, ‘Man-o-Salwa’, ‘Jumka Jaan’, ‘Umraao Jaan Ada’, ‘Haal-e-Dil’, ‘Aap Ke Liyeh’ among many others.

Qureshi is famous  for his lead role in the 2012 drama serial ‘Bashar Momin’ which was the most expensive drama ever made in Pakistan. Nowadays, he is appearing as a morning show host in Salam Zindagi.

Faysal Qureshi appeared in BOL Nights With Ahsan, where he spoke about Firdous sahab’s comment on Mahira.

“He shouldn’t have attacked anyone’s age. He is a great actor  and amazing teacher. The afterwards reaction was disastrous. People must’ve point out his mistake but shouldn’t have stopped working with him.”

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He added, “Comments were really harsh especially when people started using word ‘shame’.

Furthermore, he added on why he stopped working with Hum TV.

“I have stopped working with Hum TV and the reason is when in an award show they replaced seat of Badoo Apa with Fawad Khan. From that day I have stopped working with Hum TV.”

Here’s the link of the show:


“Haven’t you noticed, how the front seats are fixed for certain people?
Fahad Mustafa, Humayun Saeed and many renowned actors were sitting behind and I couldn’t say anything on this. The biasness must be stopped and let the industry grow, connect the industry. BIASNESS MUST BE STOPPED, he emphasized.

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He has made his stance clear about working with Hum TV. Let us know about your comments on this?


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  • Hats off ! Faysal Qureshi taking such a brave n drastic step , Yes, it was sad the way Ms Badr ji was treated at Hum award .

  • I agree with him and feel so bad about our legends like Badar Khalil and Firdos Jamal. How they treated by hum tv is not acceptable. Firdos Jamal gave such a bold and disrespectful comment about Mahira’s age but still we should respect our elders like our parents.
    Also in my personal opinion Mahira doesn’t have any acting skills either in dramas or films.

    • respect is earned not a God given right, however apart from the ageist comment by Firdous Jamal, what he said about Mahira’s acting was not wrong.

  • ahsan tried to support momina duraid and mahira but i think he was not expecting that Faisal would take Firdaous jamal side and it was not in his imagination that he would recall Badar khalil incident. I think he would be regretting after discussing this topic.Bravo Faisal at least someone spoke truth.i used to dislike mahira’ s acting but after this incident i seriously hate her and momina too.

  • Thank you Mr. Faisal Qureshi. Good thinking, we have also stopped watching HUM and also did not go for for the latest film SUPERSTAR. Bye bye momina duraid.

  • I stand with Faisal Quraishi and Firdaus Sahab. Btw momina should not forget that one day she can be treated like hum treated badr khalil apa.you never know what might happen tomorrow. Ur arrogance can cost u in a way least expected.

  • You are my favorite actor n very bold step by you..sultana aapa n her whole family are like this ..but hatsoff to you❤️❤️❤️

  • Salaam all. Faisal accept my apology for being upset with you regarding your comments about Mr. firdaus jamal. I’ve stopped watching HUMTV, fawads, mawra’s, humayun, asma and those who spoke about Mr. Firdaus disrespectfully.
    I remember when Ms. Badar khalil spoke about the seat issue. I have always admired your capabilities as an actor and am a huge fan of yours.
    Now I’m proud of what youve done n truly respect you as a person.

  • Excellent work faisal
    Firdous jamal Sir is an excellent actor..Mahira khan has just started off.Should learn to respect elders n seniors.

  • I don’t understand why Pakistanis believe if a senior person disrespects you then you should embrace them for it because they are your elders. Shouldn’t they treat you better because they are elders and should have learnt how to treat people with decency and respect? Respect is not earned by a person’s age. It’s earned by a person’s kindness and generosity. Yes, Firdous Jamal shouldn’t be boycotted but he definitely should be condemned for speaking so rudely about a woman. If Mahira deserves to play the role of a mother than Firdous Jamal shouldn’t be getting any roles based on his own ageist mindset. I wouldn’t support Momina Duraid’s decision to ban him but I would have truly respected Firdous Jamal if he had come out and admitted to the fact that his comment was in bad taste. Admitting your mistake makes you a better and wiser person. Sticking to it and defending it means you’re childish and stubborn irrespective of your age.

    As for Faisal Qureshi’s disappointment at channels not giving value to their seasoned actors, I must remind him that when he was confronted by a young woman on a show on ARY I believe about the fact that Pakistani dramas have all become repetitive and only revolve around matrimony and enforcing a clearly misogynistic mindset as ‘our values’ not to mention, too far removed from reality, he had criticized that woman and gave her the example of game of thrones to make a point about how such content works. He didn’t bother to understand the difference between good historical fantasies or science fiction and Pakistani dramas where every woman is concerned about marriage and is being hit by her father or husband. If mister Faisal Qureshi actually really cared that much about his seniors, he would have supported the criticism of our dramas not even being the shadow of their former selves but just because he’s still acting in dramas he believes it’s perfectly fine to reject legitimate criticism. Disappointed!

  • Good decision I guess we all should stop watching hum tv. They are doing good work but in few field I feel they are mis-leading and working on some agenda. Like in few serial I see women’s are shown too much pity and vulnerable.their agenda seems to be like that of orat March . On topic of firdud Jamal I agree with Faisal Qureshi and I will not watch next season of hum tv.

  • The article is about Faisal ceasing to work with HUM. This isn’t another Firdous/Mahira controversy. Faisal hasn’t taken sides here. He says what FJ said about Mahira was wrong… and what HUM did to FJ was wrong too. Why this ongoing criticism Mahira. She has not even made herself part of this controversy with her non response. So use your heads and stop this nonsense.

  • Fysal Qureshi is one of my favorite actor too.. and He is 100% right and I agreed with him.. and as we see Fawad Khan is new comer to industry and he has been populated with no reason. And oldies can’t be replaced by newbies..

  • From reaction to FJ comments and replacement of baddu aapa seat, hum management shows it has no respect for seniors just concerned about business.

  • I support Firdous Jamal he was asked a question & he had a right to tell what he thought, he didn’t just go after Mahira Khan out of nowhere, I myself never liked her, I have stopped watching Hum tv & a few of the actors that spoke out against Firdous Jamal

  • What Firdous Jamal said was his personal opinion about Mahira Khan.When a question was asked,he gave his personal honest opinion. What he dint realize that this would become a big issue. When Mahira Khan had no problem with Firdous Jamal then why was this issue being discussed on other channels. Reaction of MD hum tv was very harsh and disrespectful. Hum tv management should apologize. Firdous Jamal is a senior artist.

  • I personally dont like Hum tv.
    Becoz this channe does nt reflect our society culture.
    So after that i totally boycott hum tv and MD production.
    That is not our cultute promoter.
    I appeal to all pak to boycott Hum tv and MD production.

  • Momina duraid u r bull shit.zada proudness achi nae huti, u should do appologize from firdous jamal . Nd 2ndly onward I vl unsubscribe hum tv channel . Fazool channel.

  • It’s nothing to do with Ahsan Khan .he just as host asked Faysal a question as Faysal did in his show . Did Faysal took Jamaal sab side no na . Than why do u think Ahsan is on Hum TV side. Sorry u say it’s not fare to write something annoying.pl keep some mind .

  • i am not very big fan of Faisal but really respect and appreciate his decision and stance on Hum Tv attitude. Badar Khalil is our legendary actress and entertained us with many great performances.

  • Faysal had no problem when a 65 yrs old man tired to take away mahira’s bread and butter. Faysal started the show by trolling mahira for the aundicity of not making super hit films,at least her movies made money,yet faysal gave 19 flopped films. Then the oldest troll,65 yrs old man insulted ,a 34 yrs old hard working actress,and called it opnion,when both of these men knew this beautiful ,very talented ,and hard working actress has a film coming ! Is it because they were on ARY ,is it a conspiracy,they were trying to destroyed hum tv film,to make sure Ary film will do better! Do not know ,but it was very distasteful to watch that segment ,felt how mean spirited these men are ,faysal did not stop FJ for trying to take away mahira’s bread and butter,by making negative comments that could affect her film,plus,really hurt Momina ‘s film because she is the producer, however ,he is protesting aganist Momina ‘s decision ! Ironic ,pathetic mind sets,of jealousy among the insecure artists,who can not respect someone that God has blessed ! Superstar is a super hit film,mahira got 10/10 for her acting ,so trolls eat your heart out!

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