Pak Minister Shireen Mazari Wants Priyanka Chopra Removed As Peace Ambassador

Federal human rights minister Shireen Mazari stated on her twitter I’d in the reply of a tweet of The dawn’s journalist that UNICEF should take her away from being a UN Ambassador for her warlike mindset she said ” UNICEF needs to take action immed or it will make a mockery of all such positions!”
Well it proves that how UNICEF is appointing war mongering Ambassadors as Peace Keepers, it’s a shame of an organization that so called terrorist supporters are the part of Peace keeping force.
Besides this, the lady Priyanka is often found degrading its own culture on which she was bashed, she was lashed out by her own country fellows. Now she has left with nothing but these events and violations of certain statures.
So, many of our vocal opinion leaders are too right about her nationalistic and extreamist approach and with this, one can’t be an ambassador to A prestigious organization, it’s now a question mark on UN’s own credibility.
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  • Ms. Mazari is unfortunately going to be disappointed. But she should look at the bright side: every one of the many illiterate and unemployed youths her government trains to come to India as terrorists is going to be rewarded with 72 houris apiece, once they are shot by our forces.

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