Armeena Rana Khan’s Open Letter to UN On Priyanka’s War Mongering

Armeena Rana Khan, being most vocal about Priyanka ‘s violations of peace, has written an open letter to United Nations to tell them how badly she has disrepute the core value of the organization itself that is love, care, respect and integrity.
She has written a long note mentioning the time when india conducted Air strike on Pakistan, the lady Priyanka chanted, hail India #indianarmedforces to support war loudly and clearly.
The lady was lashed out by a pakistani girl Ayesha Malik on an international event where she was a guest, the girl asked to her, “you hold a position at UN and supported war…, on which reporters snatched mic from girl while she was completing her question and on the other hand,the lady Priyanka also couldn’t provide a logical answer to that.
Armeena wrote a detailed letter to the United Nations and we want it to be responded well, only by taking Mrs Priyanka Chopra – Jonas away from being ambassador of UNICEF.

The letter is attached here which she wrote along with her Fiance Fesi Khan who is also vocal about Kashmiris. We salute both of them on speaking about peace and sanity.

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  • I wish people other then pakistanies and muslims also notice and write letters to UNICEF as armeena did, regarding PC’s words.

  • When would you write for Malala when she cherry picks her criticism of Kashmir while ignoring the atrocities of Hindu girls conversions?

  • Great job done by Armeena Khan .Its the high time now we Pakistani should now be more vocal & raised our voices,show the actual face of Pakistan which is always wrongly presented ….
    Appreciated that Armeena feels the resposibility ….👍

  • Love you armeena our nation needs just like u people who love Muslim’s n pakistan, brave girl

  • If some one speaks in favour of muslims they are peace lovers , if they defend their nation then they are war mongers what logic

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