People Aren’t Liking Mazaaqraat Without Mohsin Abbas Haider

Mazaaqraat is on air after the newly recorded shows with out Mohsin Abbas Haider and Qaiser Pia, both were integral part of the show. Qaiser Pia is absent from show because he was off to Saudia Arab to perform Hajj but Mohsin was fired from Duniya TV, after the controversy, the first show of eid was aired and people didn’t like the show without Mohsin Abbass Haider and Qaiser Pia, the new guy is failing to grab attention or maybe people are so attached with Mohsin Abbas Haider, that they are not accepting him at all, it seems that comedians are hardly bringing laughter because the show’s routine has been disturbed by two of main people.

The way Mohsin used to narrate the poems were sarcastically perfect, the new presenter is too normal or expression less. Mohsin ‘s command on singing is missed and we are not just fabricating a story, here we are attaching most of the comments where people are saying that without Mohsin show should be turned off or show seems fake without Mohsin and bring Dj back.

Well we hope and wish Mohsin to be back soon.

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  • I already stopped watching mazaak raat. Without Mohsin no fun. Please bring him back. Thanks

  • If he is guilty then no soft corner for him just stay away from Mazakraat…if he is not then he should come back.

  • Mohsin Abbas Haider presented termendous work and Mazaqraat show is boring without him please bring him back

  • No need for Mohsin Abbas! He is the culprit & we should not make him a celebrity! There are a lot of talented musicians & can join the program. All those missing him are part of the problem. Yes, Qaisar Piya is needed and will join after Haj InshaAllah.

  • this show wothout mohsin abbas seems to be incomplete yet no charm….pleasee let him back to the show again…
    mohsin abbass we missss youuuu🥺

  • I am very happy without him,,the person who is not loyal with his wife and children,, I have only hatred against him.

  • Mujhe ye smjh Ni ata k 1 insan k Ghar me kuch hojata he to uski waja se use show See nikal Diya jata he uski life apni jaga or show karna apni jaga..

  • Its unfair to drop Mohsin From Mazak raat..professional life n personal life should remain seperate.

    • Seriously! where was this sentiment when Mahira Khan was spotted smoking in America? Everyone wanted her blood but with Mohsin it’s different. Why? Is it because he is a man or is it becasue wife beating is more acceptable in society then a woman smoking in clothes that she wants to wear!

      • That’s completely different, what’s wrong with smoking except that it is bad for your health?

  • Now I would watch this show because they seem like the real just people that are doing their part of fixing the society by not just talking but practically saying that injustice that is eating up our country starts from home and home is the basic institution that needs to be fixed.

  • I hope Dunya News has the courage to stick to their decision to remove Mohsin. Bringing him back would send a very wrong message. Pakistan has enough talent. They should find someone else who is good. The public will forget him.

  • Duniya tv took righteous decision. Mohsin Abbas harder should be banned. Ppl need to understand that mentally disturb person can not be part of program.

  • Mohsin Abbas ko wapus lana chahiye. Qabar ka haal Murda jaanta h un pr Jo guzri wo unsy zyada koi nahi jaan sakta. Logo ka biased hona ghalat h.

  • Mohsin Abas is a great singer…. We all miss you brother… Without you mazakrat show feel boring… U r great one among mazakrati team

  • Its unfair with Mohsin to fire from the programme without established the allegation. Court has to decide who’s right.

  • Mohsin Abbas is good singer and good comedian. I miss him lots. I am from canada and watch regularly mazak raat. Please bring him back because without Mohsin Abbas show is so boring.

  • Mohsin Abbas should be returned back first in Mazaaq Raat and then his pipeline projects should be completed

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