Faysal Qureshi Views On Mahira & Firdous Issue

Veteran actor Firdous Jamal, who has recently seen in TV serials ’Romeo weds Heer’ and ’Hania’ threw some major shades at gorgeous Mahira Khan. In an interview with Faisal Qureshi, Firdous Jamal was asked to make a comment about Mahira khan to which he said that she is a mediocre actress. According to him, Mahira was overage for a heroine. He also added that she should start playing the role of a mother and not the main heroine. 

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Faisal Quershi was shocked to hear such rude comments from Firdous Jamal but stayed quiet because Firdous was a senior actor and he didn’t want to disrespect any of his guests. Although he didn’t react on the show, he took to Twitter to disassociate himself from Firdous Jamal’s comments. 

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He said that he and his show had nothing to do with Firdous Jamal’s opinion. It was his personal thoughts but for Faisal, Mahira Khan is a superstar. He said that he praised Mahira 1000 times on his show but no one noticed that! 

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Firdous Jamal has come under fire for his remarks. Many actors support him but there are many who are on Mahira’s side. What are your thoughts about the whole story? Who do you support, Mahira or Firdous? 


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  • That’s not a v big matter to be discussed everywhere and every time.
    Firdous Jamal is a legend and will be so.and above all he is a senior person. What he is under the light of his experience should be welcomed and shouldn’t be criticized.Baron ki baat ka bachon ko bura nahi man,na chahiey.Adab ka Taqaza hy.
    For God sake aur b barray maslay hyn to be discussed.

  • kamaal ki baat
    actor ko age se parkha jaey..
    phir to ..firdos sahib ko dada ya nana ka role kerna chahiey
    mery khayal sey
    actors ko ethics seekhny chahien k kis k barey kia coment kerna hota hae

  • not a big deal.. really think this should be given a break now there are more things to worry in this country than to fight over firdous jamal and mahira.. i mean just look at kashmir dispute right now which is far far more important than discussing mahiras age.. give it a break plz

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