Faysal Qureshi’s Daughter Ayat Qureshi Roza Khushae Pictures

Ramzan is the most blissful month of the year. It’s all about patience, getting close to Allah, trying to do good deeds, and thank Allah for everything He has blessed us with. There is nothing we can do without Allah’s will. What’s good for us and what’s not, He knows everything and never let His people down. 

Everyone fast in the month of Ramzan, pray for their forgiveness, and pray for a better life hereafter. Parents try to teach their kids about the benefits of this single month and try to make their children follow the same path as they grow up.

Like many other Pakistani, Faysal Qureshi also tries his level best to teach her daughter more about Islam. It’s because of his teachings and by Allah’s command, Ayat Qureshi had her first fast this year. The family had a small Iftar party at home with delicious food on the table to encourage their daughter so she can do better next year. 

Here are some of the beautiful Roza Khushae pictures of Ayat Qureshi. Have a look! 

faysal qureshi 1 1

faysal qureshi 2 1

faysal qureshi 3 1

faysal qureshi 5 1

faysal qureshi 6 1

faysal qureshi 7 1

faysal qureshi 8 1

faysal qureshi 9 1

faysal qureshi 10 1

faysal qureshi 11

faysal qureshi 12

faysal qureshi 14


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