Feroze Khan Responds To Rumors Of Leaving Showbiz

Feroze Khan is currently one of the most celebrated artists. The heartthrob of industry Feroze Khan just left Instagram and left fans in complete curiosity.

Later his wife Alizey Feroze Khan wished him for his spiritual journey and wrote, “May this spiritual journey brings more faith in your life and serve the purpose.”

His unexpected move has left fans in awe and they have started speculating whether the actor has quit the showbiz industry or not. Fans of Feroze Khan believed that he might be leaving showbiz to follow the message of Islam like Hamza Ali Abbasi.

Feroze Khan took to Twitter and shared his thoughts about overcoming fears. He shared, “one can only overcome the fear of loss, by sacrificing EVERYTHING in the way of HUQ. Everything you offer to be sacrificed rather would only be multiplied and be returned to you to keep FOREVER that too without the FEAR.”

According to reports, Feroze Khan has given his official statement and clarified the whole scenario. The Khaani actor said he has not decided to leave showbiz yet but surely he is on a spiritual journey.

He further said, at any point if he decides to leave the entertainment industry, he will inform his fans by himself.

Credits: Entertainment Pakistan.

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  • No need to leave the industry. Spirituality is separate and can be performed after regular drama shooting. They both can go side by side.

    • Spirituality is not a part time job bro.. 😐 Inshort it will give u such inner peace dat u will not want to go anywhere else..

  • Islam is a way of life to live. May Allah guide us to live our life as Islam teaches us. If working in showbiz and earning money out of it is allowed the it is ok to go on otherwise refrain from it.

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