“My Fertility Is Not Your Problem”, Sarwat Gillani

There has been a multifold increase in internet trolling and name calling and blame gaming in the recent years. The fault lies partly in those who post their details on social media and partly in those who troll them.

This time Sarwat Gillani was the victim of internet curiosity and unwanted questions after the birth of her second baby boy, Araiz. People were asking her left, right and centre about how many kids she wants to have and whether she is having another one soon.

Sarwat has set the record straight with a clear reply cum warning on her Facebook account. Here is what she wrote;

"My Fertility Is Not Your Problem", Sarwat Gillani

We have to agree with her on this. She is an actress and people should keep their comments to that aspect of her life only. Her kids and how she plans them are not something people should feel entitled to discuss. Hopefully, they will consider themselves warned and refrain from indulging into the private life of hers or any other celebrity for that matter.

Mehwish Mansoor