Films in December 2017

December is the last month of the year 2017. With respect to the Urdu cinema, four films are releasing in this month which is a very healthy figure as only one major film Verna has been released after Eidul Azha (1st September 2017).

This month has one holiday of Quaid Day/Christmas on 25th December and normally film makers target the Christmas weekend. Apart from Christmas the Public Holiday of 12 Rabiul Awwal also falls on 1st December,so this month has two public holidays and two long weekends.

Three out of the four films releasing in this month are coming in the last week of the month where two are releasing on the Christmas weekend and one on the new year’s eve weekend.

Ishq Wala Love (عشق والا لو)
Ishq Wala Love (عشق والا لو) is medium budgeted film produced in Lahore and directed by Imran Adeeb. Imran Adeeb is the son of Nasir Adeeb the ever famous writer of our film industry. Nasir Adeeb attained fame after writing the Punjabi film, Maula Jatt in 1979 which proved a smashing hit. After Maula Jutt, Nasir Adeeb wrote hundreds of Punjabi films on the maula jutt theme till the death of Sultan Rahi (hero of Maula Jutt) in 1996.

Nasir Adeeb also directed around five Urdu/Punjabi films in late 1990s which received mixed response. Nasir Adeeb is also making a comeback as the film writer from IWL after a gap of few years.

IWL is a triangular love story featuring Hanan Sameed, Ali Tabish and Mahi Khan in the leading roles. Hanan Sameed has earlier worked in few low budgeted Punjabi and Urdu films only released in Punjab without much recognition. He later moved to Karachi and is actively working in dramas these days. IWL is his first prominent Urdu film.

Ali Tabish is also making a comeback to Urdu cinema. His debut film Pyar Hi Pyar Mein (PHPM) was released in 2003 which was not successful. PHPM was directed by Faheem Burney and introduced Ali Tabish with a filmi name Ashal. His second and last major Urdu film was Pehla Pehla Pyar (PPP) in 2007 which was also not successful. PPP was directed by Mubasher Lucman who later became a famous anchor person of our country. The heroine Mahi Khan is a new face on the big screen and seems more fit for Punjabi cinema than Urdu.

The major highlight of the film is its music which is melodious and has the traditional filmi music feel.

The release date of the film was announced in a press conference at Lahore Press Club in the mid of July 2017 which to date has been the only promotional activity of this film. The film was due to release on 11th August 2017 but then delayed and now releasing on 8th December 2017. Like the rest of the films produced by Lahore based film makers (Syed Noor, Sangeeta, Nadeem cheema), there has been no major promotion activity for the film.

Film: Ishq Wala Love (عشق والا لو)
Release Date: 8 December 2017
Genre: Romantic
Cast: Hanan Sameed, Mahi Khan, Ali Tabish, Raheela Agha and Anwar Ali
Written by: Nasir Adeeb
Directed by: Imran Adeeb
Produced by: Nasir Abbas
Music: Sanvel Khan
Production House: AAA Entertainment Company

Rangreza (رنگریزا)
Rangreza is a film announced in August 2016. Initially Sana Javed was in the lead role, but she later left the film and replaced by Urwa Hocane. The male leads of the film are Bilal Ashraf and Gohar Rasheed. The film is releasing on the Christmas weekend.

Rangreza is film based on musicians where Gohar Rasheed is playing the role of a member of Qawwal family. Bilal Ashraf is appearing as a popstar in the film. Ghana Ali and Aleezay Gabool are also in the cast thus making their big screen debut. The production team of the film is new being the first film of Amir Mohiuddin (Director), Yasir Mohiuddin (Producer) and Usman Malkani (Producer).

Senior artists Akbar Subhani, Seemi Pasha, Tanveer Jamal are also part of this film.

The striking highlight of Rangreza is its diverse music composed by Akhtar Qayyum. Acclaimed name of our music scene Abida Parveen, Asrar Shah, Fareed Ayaz, Abu Mohammad , Qurram Hussain have provided vocals for this film. Every song of this film is different and worth listening. The film also features a dance number Kallu ke londa ho gaya performed by Gohar Rasheed with 200 eunuchs (khawaja sara).

The production team has professionally and actively promoted the film from past six month or so. The first teaser of the film was launched in June 2017 before which a song Phool Khil Jayen was also released. The consequent songs released one by one every month since then. Since mid November, the star cast of the film is visiting different cities for film promotions.

Rangreza is also releasing outside Pakistan where its distribution rights are acquired by B4U Motion Pictures. B4U previously has also distributed films Janaan (2016) and Bin Roye (2015) where both proved super hit in UK.

Film: Rangreza (رنگریزا)
Release Date: 21 December 2017
Genre: Musical,Romantic
Cast: Bilal Ashrf, Urwa Hocane, Gohar Rasheed, Seemi Pasha, Akbar Subhani, Tanveer Jamal, Aleeze Gabool, Ghana Ali, Saleem Mairaj
Written by & Screenplay: Akhtar Qayyum
Directed by: Amir Mohiuddin
Produced by: Yasir Mohiuddin, Usman Malkani
Music: Akhtar Qayyum
Production House:
Distributor: ARY Films

Arth (ارتھ) The Destination

Arth The Destination is a remake of the Bollywood film Arth of 1980s directed by Mahesh Bhatt. The official page of the film describes it as inspired from the Bollywood Arth. Shaan Shahid the director is also playing the lead role alongwith Humaima Malick, Uzma Hassan and Mohib Miza. Arth was announced in 2014 and it took three and a half year for Shaan to complete this master piece. In 2014 the initial cast of the film includes Humayun Saeed, later replaced by Mohib Mirza. After three years of completion the film is now releasing on the Christmas weekend.

The teasers of Arth were released in July 2017. The film is shot in UK and Pakistan. Shaan Shahid is returning to film direction from Arth2, where his last film Zille Shah (as director) was released a decade ago. Shaan Shahid has also wrote the script of the film. Uzma Hassan known for her power pack performances in the television dramas, is making her big screen debut.

Shaan Shahid is a brand name and the biggest star of Pakistan cinema of current era. He is one of the very few film person of the old (defunct)cinema of 1990s, who successfully transitioned into the new age Pakistani cinema (Other such name is Shafqat Cheema).

Shaan Shahid is playing the role of a singer in this film. Mohib Mirza and Humaima Malick are also playing important roles in the film. After Bol (2011) and Dekh Magar Pyar Se (2015) it is the third Urdu film of Humaima Malick. Mohib Mirza last appeared in Teri Meri Love Story (September 2016).

Musician Emu, who was part of the Fuzon Band is also playing a role in this film, his first appearance on the big screen.

Music is another major plus of the Arth The Destination. Its one song Sanwar De in the voice of Rahat Fateh Ali Khan released last month and is gaining immense popularity. The promotion of this film has been a weak area, as it is not actively promoted by Shaan Shahid.

Unlike Rangreza which has partnered with the ARY Network for promotion, Arth The Destination has no official media partner. So far the promotion is limited to social media only, but the star cast of the film has announced visits to shopping malls, restaurants and education institutions from 2nd December 2017.

Film: Arth (ارتھ) The Destination
Release Date: 21 December 2017
Genre: Musical,Romantic, Drama
Cast: Shaan Shahid, Mohib Mirza, Humaima Malick, Uzma Hassan, Emu, Nadia Ramzan,
Written by & Screenplay: Shaan Shahid
Directed by: Shaan Shahid
Produced by: Hammad Chaudhary, Faraz Chaudhary, Shaan Shahid
Music: Sahir Ali Bagga
Production House: HKC Entertainment, 5th Element
Distributor: DC (Distribution Club)

Chuppan Chupai (چھپن چھپائی)

Chuppan Chupai is a film announced two years ago. It is a comedy film starring Ahsan Khan and Naeelum Munir. Ahsan Khan is returning to big screen after a gap of few years, while Neelum Muneer is starting her big screen career.

Ahsan Khan has been a popular name on television for past many years, so it will be interesting to see translating to this success on the big screen. Ahsan Khan last appeared in Urdu film Sultanat (2015) in a brief role. Punjabi Film, Ishq Khuda (2013) was his last film in the leading role.

Neelum Munir is also a popular name of television dramas. Comedy genre (with a pinch of romance) or RomCom films have emerged as the most popular film category in the recent times.

Other prominent names in the cast are Adnan Jaffer, Sakina Sammo, Faizan Khawaja, Rehan Sheikh and Talat Hussain. The trailer of the film was released last week and received positive response on the social media. It is a light entertaining film. In the recent history comedy has emerged as the most popular genre for the local films, so Chuppan Chupai will appeal to audience of the comedy films.

Chuppan Chupai is written and directed by Mohsin Ali who has directed many famous television dramas. Mohsin has earlier also written Wrong No (2015), but Chuppan Chupai is his first direction assignment in films.

Film: Chuppan Chupai (چھپن چھپائی)
Release Date: 29 December 2017
Genre: Comedy Thriller
Cast: Ahsan Khan, Neelam Muneer, Wajdaan Shah, Adnan Jaffar, Sakina Samo, Talat Hussain, Rehan Sheikh, Faizan Khawaja, Saife Hassan
Written by & Screenplay: Mohsin Ali & Zeeshan Haider
Directed by: Mohsin Ali
Produced by: Ray Khan & Zayed Sheikh
Music: Adnan Dhool
Production House: Huzu Entertainment
Distributor: Hum Films

So it concludes the list of the films releasing in the month of December. Three out of these four films are big budgeted films namely Rangreza, Arth The Destination and Chuppan Chupai. Rangreza and Arth The Destination releasing on the same weekend also have slight similarity as the main protagonist in both the films is a musician (pop star). But story wise both films are far apart from each other as it is evident from the trailers.

The last film of the year Chuppan Chupai seems a fun ride providing a happy adieu to the year 2017. All these three films have many positives and will definitely provide a solid last 10 days of entertainment to audience.

Thanks for reading and your time. Do comment about the December releases.

Keep supporting local cinema.

Rashid Nazir Ali