Teri Raza Episode 22 Review – What Was Sanam Baloch Thinking?

Ohkay so, I am not sure what’s worse, the direction or the editing, or both? Seriously nothing in this episode was making sense because not even a single scene was in continuity with the preceding one & it was making Suhana look even worse than she is! Anyways, when the story on the whole doesn’t make sense then what’s the point!

To be honest the intial scene where Talat & Zafar were acting like newly weds was the most awkward scene I have seen till date. It literally made me say ‘paglon ka tola’, & as if that wasn’t enough that Talat had to wear a purple lipstick as if she had snake venom for brekkie that day, like seriously what was the whole point of that scene & then Rameez had the audacity to show up? LOL! Kal tak to Talat & Zafar couldn’t stand the sight of Suhana & now they were dancing to her tunes & were dressing up for some fancy dress competition? Haha!

In one scene Suhana had no shame in planning her dream honeymoon with Rameez but in the very next scene she was actually burnt that Imtiyaz got engaged to Seema? Is she even for real? She goes like ‘ye dekho Imtiyaz ke kartoot’ so what does she think of her own kartoot where she was having an extra marital affair while still playing the hubby wifey game with Imtiyaz & even faking a pregnancy? I totally believe that anyone in their right state of mind would never be able to conceive a character like Suhana, so it speaks a lot about the writer’s mentality, also not sure what was Sanam Baloch thinking when she chose to play Suhana?

The fact that Suhana in stead of seeing her faults sees herself as a victim makes her character even more detestable than it might be. Rameez was always a loser who even accused her of being a gold-digger & now again, he thashed her character saying may be she wanted 2 men in her life & she was still alright with it, so much so that she decided to do baghawat for Rameez who doesn’t wear tameez ki kameez!!!

The whole scenario where Imtiyaz was walking aimlessly like a zombie didn’t make any sense, matlab Paa Mmtyaz kal tak to mangni kar ke theek the, aj kya hua? Please don’t tell me this is going to be another Halala story where the ultimate roti surat, ultimate nashukri Suhana will now realize that Imtiyaz was a better husband than Rameez, so she will go back to him because the precap of the next episode hinted on those lines. What a piece of crap I swear. Please share your thoughts!

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Zahra Mirza.

PS: I wish I could give it a 0 star!

Zahra Mirza

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