Films in April 2018

April the fourth month of the year 2018 has started. This month has no official holiday. This is the month in which summer season starts in most parts of our country. Few local festivals like Mailan Chiraghan, Baisakhi also fall in this month.

No significant sports event falls in this month. Relatively favorable weather and absence of any sporting activity usually attracts film makers. But since 2013, the number of Urdu films in this month has been on the lower side. Last year (2017) only one film Chalay Thay Saath was released on 21st April 2017 and it also proved average at the box office.

This year too only one Urdu film is releasing in this month which is not a mainstream commercial film.

Motrocycle Girl (موٹر سائیکل گرل)
Motorcycle Girl is the only Urdu film releasing in the month of April. It is the second film directed by Adnan Sarwar, where the first one Shah was released on 14th August 2015. Shah was a biopic about the Olympian boxer Hussain Shah. Though not much successful at the box office, Shah was widely praised for its solid content. The film also gave recognition to Adnan Sarwar as a film actor, director and producer.

After a gap of almost 3 years Adnan Sarwar is back with another content based film, which is also inspired from true life events. The film is loosely based on the boundary-breaking motorcycle journeys of Zenith Irfan who, at 20 years of age, is thought to be the first Pakistani woman to have made a solo motorcycle journey through the northern regions of the country.

While Adnan Sarwar produced Shah alone, for the Motorcycle Girl Jami (Jamshed Raza) has also joined in as a co-producer. Jami is also an acclaimed film and ad director, known for his film Moor also released on 14th August 2015. The combination of Adnan Sarwar and Jami definitely raises the expectation towards Motorcycle Girl.

In the film Sohai Ali Aabro is playing the role of Zenith Irfan. To prepare for her role, Sohai Ali Abro undertook extensive motorcycle training and followed Zenith Irfan’s bike journey from Lahore to Khanjerab during the shooting of the film.

The trailer of the film was released in the last week of March 2018 and so far recieved positive response on the social media. The film is shot on the scenic locations of Gilgit-Baltistan.

Ali Kazmi is playing the male lead in this film opposite Sohai Ali Aabro. Another notable name in the cast is Samina Peerzada who is appearing in a film after a long gap of nineteen years. Samina last appeared in the Urdu film Inteha in a guest role released in February 1999. In Motorcycle Girl, Samina is playing the role of the mother of Sohai Ali Aabro.

Sarmad Sultan Khoosat, who last appeared in Manto (September 2015) is also playing a supporting role in this film.

Motorcycle Girl is not a mainstream commercial film, and such films struggle with the masses. Such films usually have a limited audience at large multiplexes. It will be interesting to see the response of audience towards this film.

Film: Motorcycle Girl (موٹر سائیکل گرل)
Release Date: 20th April 2018
Genre: Adventure, Family, Comedy
Cast: Sohai Ali Abro, Ali Kazmi, Samina Peerzada, Sarmad Khoosat, Shamim Hilali
Written by: Adnan Sarwar
Directed by: Adnan Sarwar
Produced by: Adnan Sarwar
Co-produced By: Jami
Music: Xulfi
Production House: Logos Films (Adnan Sarwar) & Azaad Film Company (Jami)
Distributor: Excellency films

So it concludes the introduction of the Urdu films coming in April 2018.

Thanks for your time.

Rashid Nazir Ali

Rashid Nazir Ali