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Firaaq – Episode 16

After watching Mera Yakeen, Bari Apa, Hamnasheen and Shukk I thought I had seen it all but I guess I was very wrong! While watching this episode my husband’s curiosity got the best of him and he asked me who the first wife was … normally this should be an easy question to answer but in this case it isn’t! Firaaq was a good play but now everything about this play is just plain substandard. The dialogues have absolutely no depth any more in fact they can be really weird sometimes and Hareem’s character is the worst addition to the show. The fact that Imroze lied about his health was bad enough, there was absolutely no need to show that he got married again too. Watching this play is proving to be a nerve-racking experience, nothing about the story makes sense any more and you feel absolutely nothing for any of the characters. The fact that we are being shown two episodes in a go is even more testing.


Apparently, we are expected to forget about all of Imroze’s symptoms, his visits to the doctor and the crazy thought pattern and just be content with the “explanation” that Imroze lied about his disease so that Paymaan could get married to Roomi! But guess what? He forgot to divorce her! Kyunke biwi ko talaq di ja sakti hai mohabbat ko nahi! The writer might have forgotten it but I am sure many viewers must remember that Imroze showed Roomi some kind of a “death warrant” to prove that he wasn’t lying about the cancer. This latest “twist” in the story isn’t shocking but it is just plain unbelievable.


Paymaan went back to live with Imroze with a new will to get answers to all her questions but after hearing the answers she decided she did not want to leave just yet. Hareem’s mood swings are definitely not helping in any way. One minute she can’t do without Imroze and the next minute she has the divorce papers ready! Are we supposed to feel for Imroze by any chance? I have a feeling that the writer is trying very hard to convince us that whatever Imroze did was a result of whatever happened to him in the past and he only married Hareem out of sympathy – Paymaan is his true love, how lame is that!

Hareem’s dialogues like “mere du shohar, mere maa baap meri soch nahi badal sake tum kya badlo gi” are really very weird! Is she proud of the fact that she got married twice and never listened to her parents? Firaaq is a major train wreck. What was the writer thinking? I am finding it very hard to believe that this “Season 2” has been written by the same writer who wrote the beginning few episodes. The story has come down to a typical “two wives” scenario which will take all kind of bizarre turns before it finally ends. I hate to see Sanam Saeed wasting her talent playing such useless roles, Paymaan reminded me of Saniya so many times today!

Do share your thoughts about tonight’s nerve-racking episode of Firaaq! Is anyone out there feeling for Imroze? Does anyone understand what was going on in the writer’s mind when he added these strange, meaningless and groundless twists to the story?

Fatima Awan