Firdous Jamal Son’s Stern Reply to Mahira Khan & Momina Duraid

Firdous Jamal has been under criticism ever since he said a few things about Mahira Khan which didn’t go well with Mahira’s fans and co-stars. The timing of these comments was also such that they got more ‘attention’ and response from social media users and the showbiz fraternity since Mahira Khan’s film Superstar’s promotions are in full swing.

Firdous Jamal has not said a single thing after all these reactions but his son Hamza Firdous has repeatedly shown respect and appreciation for Mahira khan. Hamza Firdous also defended his father earlier but now after Momina Duraid decided to ban Firdous Jamal from all HUM projects, Hamza Firdous decided to make a video in which he said that he specifically did not agree with Momina Duraid’s statement in which she said that she was ashamed of the fact that Firdous Jamal was part of this fraternity.

Hamza Firdous said that his father was getting calls from media, even from across the border so that they could get a response from him but he has decided to stay silent about it since he feels that this is a non issue especially considering the fact that the nation’s heroes are being martyred. Hamza Firdous said that his father feels that there are more pressing issues facing the state and this is not something so important which needs attention or response.

Hamza Firdous has urged all those people who support Firdous Jamal to come forward and use the hashtag #SupportFirdousJamal in order to show that he indeed is not a source of shame but is our pride. He also said that this was a conspiracy against his father to defame him.

Firdous Jamal Reacted to Momina Duraid and Mahira Khan

This is recent video of Firdous Jamal Reacted to Momina Duraid and Mahira Khan


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