Flop dramas with hit OSTs.

Hit dramas are a complete package that have everything in them from good title tracks to a good plot. Pakistani industry,however, has produced dramas which contained better title tracks but were deprived of a well-knitted plot and vice versa. Shared below are some good title tracks from dramas lacking better plots


This drama proved the fact that including Fawad Khan and other famous actors in dramas will not make them hit until the plot is powerless. The drama written by Zafar Mairaj could not get success despite the fact that it included best actors of the time. Not even the direction of Sarmad khusat could be any help.


Sammiya Mumtaz’s new avatar right after her religious role in Meri Zaat Zara e Benishan could not, unfortunately get her the same admiration she received in the former . Revolving around the three best friends, this drama hit the screens in 2010


Tere Pehlu Mien:

This drama will definitely remind you of those Inidan saas bahu soaps that had Sara Chaudhry as the protagonist who goes through the ordeals just like Tulsi, Parvati and Prerna do. The OST by Alka Yagnik, however received much fame than the drama altogether did.

Yeh Zindagi Hai:

Javeria Saud’s JJS productions would definitely remind you of Ekta Kapoor’s Bala ji Telefilms. Following the footsteps of the Indian dramas, this drama tried to rise to success but ┬ádid make it.

Zindagi dhoop tum Ghana saya:

Another drama that revolved around the hardships of a widow ,constantly suffering would make you think how cruel life is. This drama was not amongst Sanam’s best dramas and could not achieve good ratings.

Yeh kaisy muhabbat hai:

Another drama from the JJS productions had all the viewers like ” Whats with the story?” With no solid storyline, the drama was disliked. The ost, however , made it to the list of good songs.


Mahira Khan’s debut with Humayun Saeed was not much of a success and Mahira’s fans were greatly disappointed. Humayun did not give his best in this drama either.



Sania Saeed and Fawad Khan, despite being good actors, could not take this drama to the peak of success. It was another flop serial with good OST.


Dill Dard Dhuan:

Audience did not particularly liked this one because of all those bold scenes and the weak story line.The OST sung by Alka Yagnik was, however liked by everyone.


Woh rishte woh natay:

Even with the best possible cast including Sara Chaudhry, Humayun Saeed and many others, this drama did not make it to the hit serials list. The song, on the contrary , was admired by the audience.



Another drama by Fahim Burney did not have a strong story but the OST was extremely good.

Maryam Suleman