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Foreign Shows Would Soon come to an End!

Since the day Ishq-e-Mamnu went on air, it attracted a huge audience which found itself glued to the shows that are based on different cultures. The issue has been discussed enough on the forum and hence it is to be believed that the airing of these foreign shows is really a controversial one.  According to the authorities, a Pakistani Parliamentary panel has forwarded its request to ban all the foreign content in any language, belonging from any country at least during the prime time of television channels. The panel has also proposed that the government should take serious initiatives against those who violates the decision.


The stated meeting was attended by  by celebrities and high officials including Information Secretary, Rasheed Ahmed, PEMRA Chairman Abdul Jabbar, and television actors Qavi Khan, Laila Zuberi and Maria Wasti. Throughout the meeting, PEMRA had been a measure topic of dicsussion and the committee suggested that PEMRA should perform its duty in monitoring the TV Channels and cable operators to ensure that the decision has been accepted, and implemented by them.

Followed by the Turkish and Indian Serials, the committee also forbid the advertisements that are based on foreign ideas with foreign celebrities.

The committee unanimously agreed that it is important to protect the rights of the celebrities and artists of Pakistan and the lcoal talent should be given high priority rather than importing pre-produced shows.

How do you see this Decision, Feel free to share!

Nida Zaidi

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