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Zindagi Gulzar Hai Episode 6 – Riveting Performances

Despite of the fact that there were hardly any Zaroon/Kashaf interactions in today’s episode, I enjoyed this latest installment primarily because the acting was top notch and some of the scenes were really cute. My favorite scene from today’s episode had to be the one in which Zaroon asks Sara to stitch his shirt’s button. The conversation made me chuckle and we also found out that Zaroon does not only want a wife who dresses up “appropriately”, is not partying all the time , listens to him but also one who knows how to stitch a broken button! Zaroon tells Sara, “mei aisi biwi le ke nahi aaun ga jise button lagana na ata ho”. Sometimes I really do feel for poor Zaroon, where would he be without the maids in the house. Realistically speaking how many men actually do know how to stitch a button? Non that I know! Why did every conversation today lead to Zaroon’s family convincing him that he was ‘destined” to marry Asmara? Although Zaroon made it clear that he needs time to think things over. There is a very good reason why Sara and Ghazala find absolutely nothing wrong with Asmara. Ghazala even thinks Asmara would be ideal for Zaroon. The statement just went to show how little Ghazala knows about her own son. Ghazala was never there for her children even when they were little and as Zaroon pointed out she was too busy making a career, no wonder Zaroon does not want a wife like Ghazala and Sara. Zaroon may have all the worldly riches one could wish for but there is most surely a big vacuum in his life, he longs for his mother to spend time with him. Sara is quite content with her life and does not expect the same from her mother. Zaroon is always the one who starts the conversation with Sara or shares things with her; we have not seen Sara sharing anything with her brother yet. Most often when the two are talking, Sara is the one who ends the conversation.

Zaroon is very protective about the women in his life, whether it is his mother, sister or Asmra (girlfriend?). Zaroon’s character is very relatable since most men in our society think like that and the truth is that ours is a male dominated society where men can get away with many things which women can’t even imagine venturing into. Women are constantly judged and hardly anyone questions a male for his actions.

Rafia was flawless as usual, I simply love the character and Samina Peerzada has been brilliant right from the start. Rafia does not for a second consider Sajjad’s proposal even though she knows that she will have to pay a very heavy price for refusing the proposal. I was moved to bits when she said, “mei is ghar ke badlay apni beti ki zindagi tabah nahi kur skti”. Rafia has her priorities set very straight and she will not falter no matter what. I did feel that Kashaf may have went overboard when she confronted her father and asked him to  leave them alone but then I was also glad that it may rid Kashaf and her family of Murtaza forever. She was right, he is no real help and Rafia and her daughters are better off without him. The mother/daughter scene that followed was very heart touching.

Kashaf’s complaints towards Allah were overdone in today’s episode and it would have been better if the dialogues were more subtle. I think we all know by now that Kashaf feels that Allah has been unfair to her, saying such things constantly especially when the dialogues are right in your face is not very pleasing.

Zaroon and Kashaf apparently have had regular confrontations in the class but we got to see none of them but only heard about them from Osama, Maria, Kashaf and Zaroon. I wonder why the confrontations were not shown at all since it seems like the story is already going to move forward in the next episode. We heard the gist of it all and I believe the viewers are expected to be content with that. There were so many of us who were looking forward to the confrontation scenes but the precap suggested that the story will move to the next level in the upcoming episode so apparently the heated class discussions between the two were not part of the play at all.

There were many mistakes in Sanam Saeed’s dialogue delivery today where she missed some words from different dialogues and it was a little too obvious that she is not very comfortable with Urdu. Overall, Sanam Saeed did a good job but I think that those few scenes should have been shot again. She looked absolutely beautiful in the close up in which she is resting her head on the table and thinking about how blessed Zaroon and Asmara are.

We only got to hear about Sajjad paying Rafia a visit and the way Rafia told him off, I did feel like the scene was missing from the episode. Although it was not a very important detail but too much of what happened today was more of what we heard from others than watching it ourselves. I am glad though that Asmara’s outfit was not as outrageous as it was meant to be and that particular “detail’ was left to our imagination.

Today’s episode ended at a very exciting note and I am waiting to find out what is it that Sir Ibrar told Zaroon that made him take Kashaf up as a challenge! Kashaf is sure to give Zaroon a very tough time and even though we may have not seen much of Kashaf/Zaroon till now but the next episode promises a lot of both of them together. Overall, even with a few flaws here and there today’s episode was engaging and I am expecting the next episode to be quite happening.


Fatima Awan.

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