Zindagi Gulzar Hai Episode 6 – Riveting Performances

Despite of the fact that there were hardly any Zaroon/Kashaf interactions in today’s episode, I enjoyed this latest installment primarily because the acting was top notch and some of the scenes were really cute. My favorite scene from today’s episode had to be the one in which Zaroon asks Sara to stitch his shirt’s button. The conversation made me chuckle and we also found out that Zaroon does not only want a wife who dresses up “appropriately”, is not partying all the time , listens to him but also one who knows how to stitch a broken button! Zaroon tells Sara, “mei aisi biwi le ke nahi aaun ga jise button lagana na ata ho”. Sometimes I really do feel for poor Zaroon, where would he be without the maids in the house. Realistically speaking how many men actually do know how to stitch a button? Non that I know! Why did every conversation today lead to Zaroon’s family convincing him that he was ‘destined” to marry Asmara? Although Zaroon made it clear that he needs time to think things over. There is a very good reason why Sara and Ghazala find absolutely nothing wrong with Asmara. Ghazala even thinks Asmara would be ideal for Zaroon. The statement just went to show how little Ghazala knows about her own son. Ghazala was never there for her children even when they were little and as Zaroon pointed out she was too busy making a career, no wonder Zaroon does not want a wife like Ghazala and Sara. Zaroon may have all the worldly riches one could wish for but there is most surely a big vacuum in his life, he longs for his mother to spend time with him. Sara is quite content with her life and does not expect the same from her mother. Zaroon is always the one who starts the conversation with Sara or shares things with her; we have not seen Sara sharing anything with her brother yet. Most often when the two are talking, Sara is the one who ends the conversation.

Zaroon is very protective about the women in his life, whether it is his mother, sister or Asmra (girlfriend?). Zaroon’s character is very relatable since most men in our society think like that and the truth is that ours is a male dominated society where men can get away with many things which women can’t even imagine venturing into. Women are constantly judged and hardly anyone questions a male for his actions.

Rafia was flawless as usual, I simply love the character and Samina Peerzada has been brilliant right from the start. Rafia does not for a second consider Sajjad’s proposal even though she knows that she will have to pay a very heavy price for refusing the proposal. I was moved to bits when she said, “mei is ghar ke badlay apni beti ki zindagi tabah nahi kur skti”. Rafia has her priorities set very straight and she will not falter no matter what. I did feel that Kashaf may have went overboard when she confronted her father and asked him to  leave them alone but then I was also glad that it may rid Kashaf and her family of Murtaza forever. She was right, he is no real help and Rafia and her daughters are better off without him. The mother/daughter scene that followed was very heart touching.

Kashaf’s complaints towards Allah were overdone in today’s episode and it would have been better if the dialogues were more subtle. I think we all know by now that Kashaf feels that Allah has been unfair to her, saying such things constantly especially when the dialogues are right in your face is not very pleasing.

Zaroon and Kashaf apparently have had regular confrontations in the class but we got to see none of them but only heard about them from Osama, Maria, Kashaf and Zaroon. I wonder why the confrontations were not shown at all since it seems like the story is already going to move forward in the next episode. We heard the gist of it all and I believe the viewers are expected to be content with that. There were so many of us who were looking forward to the confrontation scenes but the precap suggested that the story will move to the next level in the upcoming episode so apparently the heated class discussions between the two were not part of the play at all.

There were many mistakes in Sanam Saeed’s dialogue delivery today where she missed some words from different dialogues and it was a little too obvious that she is not very comfortable with Urdu. Overall, Sanam Saeed did a good job but I think that those few scenes should have been shot again. She looked absolutely beautiful in the close up in which she is resting her head on the table and thinking about how blessed Zaroon and Asmara are.

We only got to hear about Sajjad paying Rafia a visit and the way Rafia told him off, I did feel like the scene was missing from the episode. Although it was not a very important detail but too much of what happened today was more of what we heard from others than watching it ourselves. I am glad though that Asmara’s outfit was not as outrageous as it was meant to be and that particular “detail’ was left to our imagination.

Today’s episode ended at a very exciting note and I am waiting to find out what is it that Sir Ibrar told Zaroon that made him take Kashaf up as a challenge! Kashaf is sure to give Zaroon a very tough time and even though we may have not seen much of Kashaf/Zaroon till now but the next episode promises a lot of both of them together. Overall, even with a few flaws here and there today’s episode was engaging and I am expecting the next episode to be quite happening.


Fatima Awan.

  • Sadaf

    Fatima , I am sorry but I have to disagree. Much as I admire Rafia's character ,I think too much emphasis is being put on her side of the story. Perhaps it is difficult to direct a debate between Kashaf and Zaroon otherwise I don't understand why their interactions in class have been reduced to an afterthought. The viewer is left questioning why these two are so much in each other's thoughts after so little contact. Yes Kashaf looked good , but that monotone hurts my ears. As to Zaroon , Fawad was perfect. I think Umera Ahmed has got the attitude of most young men very well. They always want their wives to dance to their tune till married life hits them on the head like a ton of bricks. Kashaf may be all the "gaherelu type" he feels the current women in his life are not but she is no pushover. Six episodes and it is all about Kashaf 's family ,Tired of this. Tired of that idiot Asmara too… how are Zaroon and her friends when they are 180 different , in fact opposite poles… ridiculous

    • esha

      agree…. enough of kashaf's family k masaail n asmaara too … they should have moved to zaroon n kashaf from atleast 3rd episode !!

      • 1234


  • Haseeb

    unfortunately,there was no movement in the story even today,it's just moving in circles and the highlight of the story was fiery kashaf-zaroon interactions but here we get only the mention of those interactions or a personal attack

  • Fatima

    Good job πŸ™‚ !
    I agree with you over most points. I personally don't think that the writer needs to reiterate Kashaf's ungratefulness in each and every episode, specially using the dialogues that were used in this episode. They were immoderate and too over the top.
    Also, I don't know what crime we've committed so as to result in not being treated to the oh-so-famous Zaroon-Kashaf altercations. I was looking forward to the arguments between these two (since I'd enjoyed those scenes in the novel). The one sentence summary of their off-the-screen clashes is exasperating as well as disappointing.

  • afia qazi

    I wish somebody would tell us why the director didn't film any K-Z scenes in the classroom? Too much trouble was it? Too hard a dialogue to write? Hadh ho gayee hai. Instead all we get is 'news' that apparently there were some debates, apparently Rafia was visited upon by god-knows-who. Maybe one day Osama would announce that apparently Z and K got married :p

    • Sky

      So Agree!!! I had heard so much about these z and k confrontations from novel, why in the world were they not shot? Very disappointed!

    • FatimaAwan

      Hang in there Afia, next episode Promises a lot of Z & K.

  • uzma

    Review is obv Good acc to what has happend in todays episode but Episode was average . i m not getting their logic to not showing Zaroon and kashaf's direct interaction rather they r keep indicating everything is going on in class room . we are already watching too many dramas on other social issues ( husband wife , inlaws , etc) , we really wanna watch different story of two contrasting personalities attracting towards each other , their views and behaviours ,. but director is giving importance to every other issue except their meetings . i am sure after some episodes whole drama is gonna revolve around these two characters . or just hoping πŸ™‚

  • Hibba

    Loved your review, one scene that particularly moved me, to tears actually, was when Kashaf was talking about how her father had not uttered even a single word of praise of love for his daughters. Those tear-filled eyes and that trembling chin, beautifully done! That deserves a few more words said about it.
    love your writing style too, job well done!

    • Annie

      jab taak aurat ko rulaao gai nahi tow rating nahi aaye gi bhai πŸ™‚ I saw it as a stunt to make the women in front of their television screens cry. A&B productions are good at that too.

    • FatimaAwan

      Thank you so much Hibba for liking the review and for commenting:) Yes that particular scene was very moving indeed.

  • Annie

    Agree with the rest this one is fast getting derailed. One of Umera Ahmed's worst script after Maat.

  • Ahsan

    The drama is in the 6th episode down the road and so far it seems to have no proper direction in terms of the plot. When you are running two parallel stories simultaneously, there has to be some convergence shown in the early episodes though the precap of next episode suggests a twist in the plot. Seems like this play will have close to (if not more than) 20 episodes. There seems to be little focus on the central character (i.e; Kashaf) but rather a dispersed accommodation of other characters. This is a draw back of having too many characters in your play and giving them enough airtime at the same time not keeping the story intact. However there are some worth watching characters too. I liked the optimism in the character of Sameena Peerzada when it comes to thanking Allah for what they have. In contrast, the Kashaf seems to have been whining in over 6 episodes about her family condition. Most of you will disagree with me but I'd like to share (if I may) my view point on the acting skills of leading cast:
    First of all Sanam Saeed's acting has been very dull through out the show so far. Her dialogue delivery and expressions are very monotonic and it's not just this play only but all of the other plays she has appeared in so far. She really has an attractive face to cast her as a lead role but one shouldn't compromise on acting too.
    Joining her in the list is the guy Osama (Zaaroon's friend). He really needs to work on his acting.
    Fawad Khan and Sameena Peerzada are spot on with living their characters and one of the finest actors in the industry.
    Also, I am very impressed by the acting of Kashaf's dad. Very real indeed. His acting was also note worthy in the sequel of Mera Saeen.

    • Baacha

      Agree with u

  • Sky

    Great review Fatima, but the ommision of most z and K confrontation scenes that were apparently.so important in novel in showing their volatile relationship is a detriment to this drama. How can one onjoy the same repetitive dialogues over and over? There were some cute scenes, but otherwise its very slow with hardly any progression. oh and they show you everything in precap, so we now exactly what zaroon is gonna do. Im very disappointed:(

    • Annie

      and I think they showed the next 10 episodes preview at the end of today's episode LOL watch next week – there will be ONE Kashaf-Zaroon scene and the rest would be electricity ka bill, Asmara's pouting, and Murtaza's ugly teeth.

      • Misty

        LOL annie

        I have predicted a formula for ZGH episodes for now. Take each one of these scenes and insert them randomly in any order…tada you will have a ZGH fabulous another repetitive episode:

        1)Kashaf’s dad or taya come and create hovac
        2)Kashaf’s stepmother apna naak charhati hai and Kashaf kaya baa ko pati parhati hain
        3)Kashaf complains to God
        4)Rafia gives optimism and then we have some nice mother daughter repetitive scenes
        5) we hear Zaroon and Kashaf had an argument but god forbid if we ever live to see those arguments
        6)Sara and Zaroon have their sibling screen time
        7) Asmara and Zaroon argue about everything and oh yeah how we can forget the engagement talk every person in Zaroon’s family needs to do individually with him.
        8)- {insert next week’s episode’s promo]

        An episode of ZGH is never complete without these scenes or is consistent of these scenes.

        • Anum

          9) – Zaroon's mom lacks motherhood in her character

      • FatimaAwan

        lol Annie I hope not! I don't want to see another electricity ka bill scene again. I think the story will move on in the next episode.

  • anwar.suhail

    Nice review. Fawad khan and Samina Pirzada both are acting well. Sanam Saeed lacks acting skills. Her expressions and dialogue delivery are monotonous and robotic, and at times over bearing.
    Agree with you that Kashaf's complaints towards Allah were overdone BUT that's Umaira Ahmad's style… subtlety is lost on her.
    Despite some flaws, I look forward to next episode.

    • Annie

      LOL @ subtlety being lost on her πŸ˜‰

  • NDL

    I found the episode interesting, though I too was disappointed to know that the interactions between Zaroon and Kashaf may not be shown. I have not understood the reason behind this.Was the script for the serial written in such a way where the confrontations were removed. But how could that be? The basis of the novel is on both of them being at loggerheads with each other! Murtiza and Khalid Ahmed were outstanding in this episode. Very convincing portrayal of a father who feels inadequate/guilty in front of his wife and daughters but deals with it by being aggressive. I also liked the interaction between Sidra and Rafia, where Sidra is slowly waking up to the selfishness of her father.She is a very good addition to our industry. Her dialogue delivery and facial expressions are spot on. Rafia is as usual brilliant. I loved the scene between K and Rafia .It had some heart wrenching dialogues and it was done to perfection by both the actors.The scenes between Z and Sara were good. Ayesha was much more natural and bearable. The same cannot be said about Asmara and Maria.However, the episode was very interesting and promises a very exciting turn in the story next time so I am loving it. We may have many complaints but it is still a serial we will not miss:)

    • FatimaAwan

      NDL I always look forward to your comments because you always add something new to the discussion. You are so right about Murtaza, he does feel guilty and knows he is wrong in his heart but how can he annoy his second wife since she is the mother of his gadi nasheen!! I really don't understand the obsession with sons but definitely a very true depiction of how underrated daughters are in our society and many others of course. Lol we just have to bear with Asmara and Maria… Can't stand Asmara in partIcular!

  • Nadia

    Great review as always Fatima!
    I agree with you that Kashaf's complaints with Allah were over the top and could have been omitted. I think that Sanam Saeed is doing a great job acting bitter.
    I am finally starting to warm up to Zaroon after the whole button stitching requirement of his! Hahaha. Poor guy.

    • FatimaAwan

      Lol yes Nadia, I was totally in love with Kashaf's character till the last episode but Zaroon totally won me over today:) FK did exceptionally well in today's episode in particular.

  • Baacha

    Sorry Fatima but not agree with you in today’s episode no new movement,they r just showing tragic scenes of rafai and that’s all I don’t understand why we assume that they ve confrontation in the class they should show these hot discusion between the two …sorry but today episode is so boring nothing new just like previous two episode Writting diary,thinking about zarron and Asmara, to b very Frank kashaf words r so bitter for Allah pak all the time she is thank less ,bar bar Allah pak k lye aisle words use karna thek nai lag raha

  • FatimaAwan

    @ Everyone, so generally there is a lot more dissapointment today than I was expecting. I guess I was expecting this episode to be much more boring so I found it engaging enough. I agree with everyone I have no idea why the Zaroon/Kashaf's class debates were totally missing from all these 6 episodes, only the writer can answer that question. And yes the one interaction that we saw was no more than a personal attack. I think it is important to show what kashaf's family is going through and I also agree that the scenes could be much shorter and less repitititve. lol @ Osama telling us one day that Kashaf and Zaroon are married, I really hope not! I am expecting a lot more from the next episode. Thank you so much for sharing how you felt about this latest episode. Keep commenting:)

  • Erum

    I didn't like yesterday's episode at all. It was too much boring and was just the progression of the previous episodes. I was constantly feeling that a soap-serial was being on-aired in front of me. I think they better have hid Rafia-Murtuza conversation and shown Sajjad-Rafia & Kashaf- Zaroon conversation.. Want to see something really new in the next episode!

  • Sikandar_Agha

    !The problem with our generation is we seem to excel , when it comes to picking the flaws be it this drama or be it real life .Confrontations / interactions of Zaroon n kashaf not being a prime target in these early episodes could be due to the fact , that in later episodes they be getting ample of time .Like I have uttered in my previous writings, the novel being purely about kashaf n zaroon could be a master piece for a movie , not for a 24 episode serial.
    One reason of boredom for many watchers could well be the harsh and never ending worries of kashaf n her family. We tend to rather want to see their situation changing for better on a fast track , Hence it isn’t happening since every new episode seems to be making their miserable situation even worse.
    True some of the dialogues were over the top , then again not many of us have been in such situations and it is easier on our part to critique kashaf.

  • Roh

    I quite enjoyed the episode again. There was so much less of Asmara, and that was a treat.
    That Rafia and her girls have moved out the house, must also lead to lesser of the father and taya being able to sunao them.
    I loved the scenes between Z and Sara. But Z is really becoming one of those men, that I don't like listening too. He really believes that being a man he can get away with anything. I know that is the reality in our society, but if my son talks like that, he will get a whack from me! πŸ˜€
    I really liked the confrontation between K and her father. She just let him have it, and it was about time too. Like a wounded animal, all he could spout were his same derogatory dialogues.
    I also liked it that she stood up for what she said when her mother was trying to make excuses for him.
    I thought the episode was good. Yes, because one was expecting confrontations, and hoping that it would happen this time, I guess it must have been disappointing from that point of view.
    Maybe they have skipped it, not to land into controversial controversies with the audience?
    I can't wait for next Friday. So Z is going to change his strategy and try and get K to fall for him? That should be fun to watch, knowing that he is eventually going to be the one to fall flat for her.

    • FatimaAwan

      Roh good to know that you enjoyed this episode. You are so right I would never put up with such double standards too, sure the society is like that but if educated people like Zaroon change the way they think, the society will change automatically. If Z has a problem with Sara coming home late, he should not go out late himself too and he should not be attending parties which are not suitable for his sister or girlfriends! He is right in complaining to his mother about not spending enough time with him but then he could have accompained his mother to the bbq. I can only wonder how and why he falls for Kashaf who is so opinionated. I just hope it is not just bcz of the conservatism but also bcz of her intellect. Yea really looking forward to the next episode, the precap looked sooo promising.

      • Roh

        Fatima, I missed saying that I loved reading your point of view. I too and very curious to know if Z is ever told by Sir Abrar what K thinks of him. I suppose that if he does get to know, that is what will make him start plotting on getting K to fall for him.

        • FatimaAwan

          Thank you so much Roh, you are a sweetheart.

  • Hammu

    Okay.I have had enough.I am really tired of seeing comments which are against ZGH.First of all the drama's name is Zindagi Gulzar Hai and not The Less Interactions Of Zaroon Junaid and Kashaf Murtaza.That is why i hate dramas based on Novels.Because people are done with the novels and they are ready tosee everything as the novel,which is o course impossible.What i'm guessing is that we all know this is a very short novel.And there would be probably 15-16 episodes.I guess they are trying to avoid the stretching of the drama at the end which people hate.Instead they are adding episodes now in the beginning so people will not start getting bore in the end.Let's come to acting now,What on earth am i hearing ? Sanam Saeed lacks acting qualities ? The scene where her father left and she was all tears,what do we call that ? Sanam Saeed is one of the best actresses today.Infront of her senior she never seems less talented.The dialogues uttered by Kashaf are odd,i know ! But we know from the poster "shikway say shukar tak ki kahani" So wait a little maybe ? Anyway Fatima i guess i'm the only one who's with you and believe me this is not sympathy! πŸ˜› Sorry to those who felt offended but i cannot let someone disgrace it without any reason.

    • Mrs Asim

      clappingggg for Hammu:) totally agree with u and Fatima. bs Kashaf ka shikwa boht LOUD lagta hay as Fatima mentioned it beautifuly. yes we must stop comparing play with novel, n yes after watching last episode I reaches on the same conclusion that as u mentioned. m sure by the end we will only be praising it all:)

      • Hammu

        Yayy πŸ˜› Thank you Mrs Asim for supporting me.When a person makes a drama with full his power,which lacks some potential,people should not discourage it like that! Not everything in this world is perfect.I imagine what will happen if Sanam Saeed or any other person related to that drama comes here and looks at all these comments,how hurt will he feel ! He will never do something with his heart and soul again because he knows that how hard he works,it will be thumbed-down.

        • FatimaAwan

          Lol you guys are too cute with your love for the play & the actors:) A review is no more than a reviewers' personal opinion about the play & everyone was expecting so much from ZGH that is why most people are very dissapointed. Personally I was expecting A LOT of Asmara in today's episode & was pleasently surprised when there were bits of everyone in this latest episode. I never expect everyone to agree with me & really appreciate the fact that all of you take time out and read the reviews and share your thoughts here. I am glad some of us haven't completely given up on ZGH & are enjoying it. I have a feeling that the next episode will give us everything we wished for and more.

    • Aisha Mureed

      You nailed it for me Hammu. I do not find a single person in my family and neighbourhood who is not glued to this serial and who is not loving it. And when I came one the social media all I see is where are the Zaroon Kashaf interactions. I havent read the novel and I am not missing anything in the serial so far. Zindghi is gulzaar for me.

      • Hammu

        Thank you Aisha.You have no idea how i feel after your's and Mrs Asim's comments.It was a risk blabbering all this infront of everyone but thanks for having my back ! Much appreciated:)

  • Mrs Asim

    sorry for late comment, though I read ur review right after watching the play, or han pehlay toa ap ye bataye, k how u got the password of my brain(as my husband ask me;) whatever I thought about this episode was present in ur review, ab main kya kahoon:). very nice review n yes I liked this episode( except Kashafs constant dialogues about Allah, as my sister said k yes we may sometime think like that and make complaints to Allah but listening it out lound on tv is too much…wo bhi itna repeatedly. otherwise I liked n enjoyed thsi episode.khush rahye:)

    • FatimaAwan

      Mrs. Asim good to know we both felt the same way about this latest episode:) bus dekh li I can read your mind;)

  • Aisha

    A very balanced review of this highly entertaining serial. I have read some other reviews of the same serial on Desi Rants and Raves and Dramapakistan but I must say I dont find them very balanced. I was enjoying ZGH in Dubai and not just me the whole building in which I live was completely hooked onto this serial. I amm visiting Pakistan to attend a few marriages and ZGH is the talk of the town whereevr I go. I dont know what is it that the rewiers are not liking in this serial but we love it. Thanks for reviewing it from the eye of a common viwer who cant understand what coke kahani and aik naye cindrella are. I often feel that rewiers praise those serial more which are not liked by the public. And it not only confuses me but it also shakes my trust in the rewiers and their ability to feel the pulse of the common public. Har baar jub main ne desi rants aur raves aur dramapaksitani par ache rewies parh kar dramas dekhne ki koshish ki hai I was always disappointed. And everytime they criticise a serial I loved watching it. But Two Thumbs Up for this first balanced rewiev. Your rewiew speaks my mind.

    • jamila

      I don't know about coke kahani but I think Aik Nayi Cindrella is a very good serial, a new thought, a fresh presentation of age old love story, its not an easy task. Not only me, but my mother also watch this serial with so much interest. I think we should appreciate these new and fresh ideas instead of watching typical SAAS BAHU serials like Aik Tamanna Lahasil Si and Aks

  • hadi

    no doubt,story,characters,scenes n acting all are awsome. bt in my opinion drama ko be wajah kheencha ja raha hy .me ne novel nhe parha bt phr b…….? n kuch scenes agy peechy lag rahy thy.great job done by samina peerzada,sanam saeed n fawad khan.mehreen raheel ki acting ,acting hi lagti hy mujhy us ny kabhi inspire nhe kiya.any ways at whole its wonderfull drama.

  • Hammu

    *Umera Ahmed Status on Facebook*
    I am happy i was right.
    Here is what Umera Ahmed has to say about the dialogues :
    I offer my sincerest apologies to all those viewers who have been upset by some of the dialogues in the last episode of ZGH. That's not the intention with which those words have been penned down and delivered. I wanted to draw your attention to the amount and the kind of ingratitude that human beings display when they are in a crisis. However, I am still sorry if any of these words have upset you. Allah Ta'ala knows my Niyyat(intention) and He judges us only by our Niyyat. And Allah is all Merciful and Forgiving.Thank you.
    Umera Ahmed

    • Momal

      hahahhaaa neeyattt

  • zindagi-ki-diary

    Idiots are people who are criticizing Umera for 'kafirana words'. Honestly – I don't see any thing wrong in whatever Umera wrote. What she wrote is a very common bitterness uttered when people are frustrated with life. It was unfortunate that Umera has to apologize for something which was purely a normal writing.

  • huggya ji :P

    awwllll vellyy ppl ..

  • mahwish

    Literally awsom