Fraud Episode 4 Story Review – The Blind Trust

Ohkay so, this was one interesting episode of Fraud. What made it so gripping & engaging was the brilliant performance given by each & every single actor. On top of that, it was also well directed because the director succeeded in capturing every minute expression that told a tale of what was going to transpire in Maya’s life. This episode was also packed with emotions of all sorts & that’s what made it super interesting to watch.

The Blind Trust

Nisar has given all that he could to Maya, however what’s unfortunate is that he has done it to ensure lifelong happiness of his beloved daughter but little did he know that his haste was going to cost her as well as his entire family their peace for the rest of their lives. While watching Nisar trusting Tabrez to an extent of being naïve & blind made me feel a lot more for Maya. All I could think of was how Nisar was setting an example in front of his daughter to blindly trust Tabrez. To be honest, I felt bad for Maya because this kind of transparency was being taught to her by her own father; where she was deprived of inquisitiveness & skepticism in dealing with Tabrez & his family. Maya saw how Nisar was completely content with his decision, to the point where he literally taught his daughter that just because her in laws are wealthy, it automatically makes them trustworthy. Nisar’s logic behind finding a wealthy suitor has been flawed right from the beginning but he took it to another level where he entrusted everything to Tabrez without a second thought.

I will say, so far I didn’t get much to form an opinion about Maya but seeing her being a little analytical as well as skeptical throughout this episode made me like her character a lot more. Although she was taught to be giving, to be sacrificial by Nisar, which actually made her make those mistakes of handing over her jewelry & cheque to her new ‘family’, but somehow the unease that she felt & some of the questions that she asked did show that she was feeling a little uncomfortable. It is unfortunate that because she saw the level of trust Nisar had in Tabrez & his family, it made her follow her heart.

Tabrez, Jahan Ara & Khawar had definitely planned it all & the ease with which they continued to execute their plan clearly showed that they were quite experienced & knew exactly what had to be said & how in order to achieve their goal. They started off by playing with Maya’s fear, then it came down to a business loss & then a loss of a family member that made them leave immediately. This was all pre-planned & because the family that they were dealing with was so naïve & trusted them easily, it made their job a lot less difficult. Starting from Nisar to his wife, to Maya; each & everyone fell for their lies just so easily that fooling & swindling them wasn’t a big deal.

In this episode, the way they showcased different emotions made it a very strong episode. The emotions of a father, who did all he could throughout his life to save some money for his daughters. Emotions of a newly wedded girl who was trying to make sense of everything that was happening right in front of her eyes, the disbelief in her eyes that her life was going to be perfect, her efforts of showing it to her husband that she was ready to give him everything that she had. Emotions of a younger sister who was way too happy for her elder sister that she finally found a perfect husband. Also, in the end, emotions of a heart-broken nephew who couldn’t help but feel bitter because of what his uncle did & then last but not the least, all the negative emotions depicted by Tabrez & his family who were a bit too eager to finish of this ‘project’ & move on to the next – it was all simply brilliant.

Phenomenal Performances

This was definitely a very enjoyable episode of Fraud & the credit definitely goes to Ahsan Khan, Ainy Zaidi & Saife Hassan for carrying it on their shoulders. Their subtle expressions, body language as well as the looks that they exchanged amongst each other was really interesting to watch. Saba Qamar acted really well & just so effortlessly, she showcased all the thoughts that were running in Maya’s mind. Mehmood Aslam was again brilliant as Nisar. I also enjoyed the scenes of Rabya Kulsoom, the way she teased her sister & simply showed how happy she was for her. At this stage of the drama, I do understand the relevance of Nayel’s rants but I really hope they do not become a repetitive occurrence in the episodes to come. I don’t know why but I felt a sudden loss of interest when his scene began & he continued to speak against Nisar with his mother trying to stop him. Shaan & family’s scenes can also look repetitive if this is what they are going to talk about. I really hope we do see a progress in Shaan’s track because if it will continue to be happening, it also has the potential to hold the audience’s interest. So far, Fraud is definitely going strong & has all the factors that make it a very interesting watch. Props to the director as well as all the actors for doing their part brilliantly. Please share your thoughts about this episode of Fraud.

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  • Yes it was good :))) and your review too.. Good job!

    Mayas younger sister is too bubbly.. Are all younger sisters like that, I wonder? Maya is composed, introverted and mature.. Much like me..

  • Nice episode. Direction is wonderful. Although, the pace if drama is too good, will it be as intriguing later as it is now because we have come to know about this fraud so early? How will things unfold to reach the culprits? I am afraid it will be turned out to be a typical Zanjabeel script with extraordinary initial episodes followed by turbulence and then crash landing and sometimes only crash. 🤦

    This drama reminds me of a movie, where female was doing frauds through marriages… let’s see what will be their next project of their fraudulent activities, only marriages or any other way also….

    BTW, bulbulay main kaam karke Mehmood sb k liye “lalach” wale expressions dena koi mushkil kaam naheen… 😉

    Review is as usual brilliant.

  • This episode of Fraud was too good and the pace of drama is good too. Very well summed up review that covers all angles shown in the episode. Looking forward to it. May be Maya will go to Lahore and find out Tabrez there and he will travel with her where he will leave her again.

    Well fraud is worth watching so far

  • Hi zahra mam
    saba qamar is one of the best actress of our industry, she choose every scripts wisely and fraud and kamli movie is one of them.. she is such a phenomenal actress, baaghi, cheekh etc etc… aur 1 second k liye bi over nahi lagti..
    aaj kal achay achay actors bi 9pm k soap me nazar anay lagay hai with 70, 80 episodes.
    adnan samad khan is also a good actor. uski wish thi k bo saba qamar k saath kaam kare, finally uski wish bi pori hogaye..

  • It was a good episode, and looking forward to the next episode. I hope that they maintain the pace. Zahra, why you stopped reviewing Sang e mah.

  • Hi Zahra, I don’t understand why you chose to drop reviewing a classic & highly philosophical drama like Sang E Mah and chose to review a normal drama like Fraud which is a revenge story, almost like Cheekh and I am sure it will be dragged up like that only. Also, the actor Adnan Samad Khan (Nayel) brilliantly performed throughout all episodes, you had tagged him tag as repetitive. For me, his screen presence was the one where I am not forwarding the drama. Looks like nowadays, you are not in the mood for drama review for its content, that’s why you don’t answer comments of any of the readers commenting on your review, including mine. Sorry for judging you, but I had to expel my inner voice for once.