Fraud Episode 6 Story Review – Finest Performances

Ohkay so, hands down this episode belonged to Saba Qamar. Although the scene in which she outdid herself was already shown in the preview last week but seeing the entire build up & then the entire sequence was spellbinding. All this while I couldn’t stop thinking that Saba Qamar is one of those actors who never ever stop reinventing themselves. She has given one memorable performance after another & always succeeds in leaving a long lasting mark but to see this level of performance was not only a treat but actually made me proud of her. Saba Qamar once again proved her mettle & showed that why she is the Saba Qamar that we all love watching on-screen. I must commend the director for taking the story forward in such a brilliant manner too. I really hope the pace of Fraud doesn’t falter & continues to be as gripping as it is at this stage. Despite the fact that the story of Fraud is predictable & we all can very much foresee what is going to happen – good direction & even better performances are making Fraud worthwhile.

The Aftermath

I must say, the entire build up in this episode was brilliant. Mehmood Aslam stunned me with his performance as a helpless father who just couldn’t imagine how wrong he was & how he couldn’t see beyond the display of wealth fabricated by Tabrez & his family. While looking at Nisar, one could see that he had a lump in his throat, lips dry, eyes wet & bewildered. Another reason that made this episode unforgettable. The way Nisar started laughing in disbelief was another masterstroke, not sure who it came from; the director or the actor but whoever was responsible for bringing this kind of reaction out of Nisar deserves a round of applause. It just showed that at that particular moment, Nisar finally came to terms with the reality & he knew he had lost literally everything, so this laugh was basically a cry of helplessness that he felt right then & there.

In the background, everyone’s reactions; be it Maila, Shaiza, Nayel or even his mother, all of it was captured beautifully too. Not even for a second any one of them went overboard but in fact through their expressions, they conveyed what was needed. It was definitely a wise move that not all of them had a lot of dialogues because in such grave situations, people usually end up being speechless & that is exactly what Maya’s entire family was feeling, which was shown brilliantly. Although I am sure the drama will continue to get better but I doubt there will be another episode of Fraud which will beat this one.

Maya continued to be patient, she tried to absorb what was happening but her outburst was not only justified but showed the level of emotional turmoil that she was going through. Maya is someone who is always in control of her emotions, but seeing her being hysterical simply showed how shattered she was. Her words clearly depicted everything that Tabrez took away from her, which left her helpless. I must say Saba Qamar moved me to tears in that scene & usually in the earlier stages of the drama, it is hard to feel & develop a soft corner for a character but I doubt there will be any viewer who must not have been touched by this performance in particular. It was actually realistic as well as surprising that Maya did not dwell deeper into that emotion, rather she was once again calm & collected. She was depressed to an extent that it took a toll on her health but still, she did not put herself as well as her family through that all again. The writer definitely deserves credit for not prolonging this mental & emotional state of Maya & showed that immediately after the outburst, she was composed.

I will say that throughout the episode, I had a feeling that Nisar might do something to himself, like he might give up on life because this is going to be too much of a burden to bear for him. However, I really wish that doesn’t happen & the drama that is progressing in such a convincing manner doesn’t go down that route. I would love for Nisar to be able to see Tabrez’s undoing with Maya, so I hope he doesn’t let this failure get the better of him.

Shaan & his step-mother’s scenes really do not have much to offer so far. The moment their conversation begins, I can already tell what they are going to be talking about. It’s about time something happens in Shaan’s track too. Also, a trivial issue but so far they have not actually clarified Shaan’s ex-wife’s name, is it Simra or Zimra & amusingly, in one of the scenes Shaan’s step-mother called her Sidra too. May be the writer should’ve chosen an easy name for the actors to follow.

Finest Performances

Anyhow, once again, this entire episode belonged to Saba Qamar & then a part of it also to Mehmood Aslam. Each & everything that they have shown, even the nosy neighbors who came to get some scoop was a depiction of reality. Props to the entire team for keeping it so real & packed with emotions. Saba Qamar will definitely get a lot more projects in which she will impress the audience but when it comes to this performance in Fraud, it will definitely remain one of her finest & best for sure. I will definitely commend the director for taking the drama forward so skillfully, I just hope it does not get dragged & continues to unfold in such a convincing manner. Please share your thoughts about this episode of Fraud.

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