Freiha Altaf Accused Of Workplace Harassment

CEO of Catwalk Event Management and Productions, Freiha Altaf is a lady who is always in news for one thing or another. This time it is for workplace harassment. A former intern at her agency Neha Kewalramani took to Facebook where she told people about Freiha’s alleged mistreatment of her employees. She shared her story and how she was emotionally tortured and insulted while she was working for the firm. This is what she had to say:

Freiha Altaf Accused Of Workplace Harassment Freiha Altaf Accused Of Workplace Harassment

She also attached the copy of E-mail she has sent out to Freiha:

Freiha Altaf Accused Of Workplace Harassment Freiha Altaf Accused Of Workplace Harassment

FreihaAltaf, however, denied the allegations. She spoke to The Express Tribune where she categorically denied all the allegations and also wishes Neha best for future endeavours:

“Rather unfortunate and sad that a young, inexperienced intern should turn to social media rather than talk to her line manager to express her views. The intern is a young lady who is supposed to report and submit her work in a timely way. Bypassing her manager, she would directly submit her work to me which naturally was not always up to mark. She was hired by the manager, not me. Interns do not get official desks as they are temporary. The lady in question did not complete her work on time, came and went as desired. When her work was done well, she received appreciation as well which she forgets to mention. A slave is someone who is owned by someone and not paid for services. My employees work very hard, long hours as is the nature of our job. That is what our clients expect from us and appreciate. My employees are exceptional. Some of them have been with me over 15 years. I’m a perfectionist and I drive them to be the best they are. Many have gone on to open their own businesses and many have come back on their own will.”


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