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Fun ways to celebrate New Year at home

Fun ways to celebrate New Year at home
Don’t feel like going out for celebrating New Year? Worry not, here is a list of fun ways to celebrate New Year af home:

Make a picture board

Make a picture board with descriptions of your favorite memories from 2019. It will have all your favorite people with your best memories who mean the world to you.


Dance the night away with your music player on full volume and forget your worries.

Watch a movie

Watch your favorite movie or binge watch your favorite shows with some delicious snacks such as popcorn or chips.

Write down all the things you accomplished in the past year

Write down all the things you accomplished in the past year and keep it safely somewhere. It’s such a liberating feeling.

Have a sleepover at yours

Fun ways to celebrate New Year at home

Invite your friends over for sleepover, eat your heart out to delicious food while watching the fireworks on TV. While your friends are together, make a new years resolution with them. 

If you’re inviting your old school friends over, make a CD of your favourite old songs together. 

Blow confetti

Set up a confetti bar and blow the confetti from the balcony with your friends. Create your own balloon filled confetti using little colored paper and pop it at midnight. (Xanax)

Take pictures with a polaroid camera

Fun ways to celebrate New Year at home

Buy a polaroid camera and capture some priceless moments. You even have space to write under the polaroid picture where you can write NYE 2019.

You can even take silly pictures with them which you can re-create every year. For example, stand with your friends in a circle while sticking your heads together and take a selfie. Make it a tradition to take the same picture every year.

Make some delicious food

Cook an amazing meal for your family or loved ones. Make a huge hot chocolate container at your house. Put marshmallows, sprinkles and whipped cream on the side and your guests will love you for it especially in the cold weather.

Fun ways to celebrate New Year at home

Play fun games

Ask every person a question such as their favorite movie or the best thing that happened to them the past year or what they hope to accomplish in the upcoming year. Mix them together and let everyone pick a question randomly. It’s a great way to rekindle the memories.

Do a treasure hunt around the house by putting clues under the couch, chair or tables. Whoever finds the treasure first, gets to dare anyone to do something.

Make an ambiance for 12am

Dim the lights and enjoy some scented candles or light music as the clock ticks 12. 

Take a look at old photos/videos

Take a look at old photos and videos which will take you back to the past year, it is a great way to rekindle old memories with the people that matter.

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