Goodbye Ashk – Rest in Peace!

Let me start with summing up this final episode. There were lots of ashks in this final episode, everyone cried from Ajo to Major Mansoor. Ajo ko us ki Zebu mil gaye aur Rohail ko us ki Zebu mil gaye pur Madiha ka kiya ho ga:) Rohail has the answer “mein tu kabhi Madiha ka tha hi nahi”. In Madiha’s words, Zebu is Rohails dil and Madiha is like jism….okay I have to admit I totally did not get that! Even though Madiha explained it quite well. So, was this story about Ajo’s Zebu or Rohail’s Zebu? This finale focused as much on Ajjo as it did on Zebu and Rohail.

Enough crazy talk, let’s talk some sense now. Honestly speaking I completely gave up on Ashk a very long time ago but I could not help but watch a few minutes or so of every episode, hoping against hope that the story may change for the better. But Alas, it was not meant to be. There were a few other plays also in this season that were poorly scripted, badly edited and the acting left a lot to be desired for too  but Ashk had much more to its credit, we saw things and heard dialogues that left us baffled. Even in this last episode there were enough dil and jism dialogues to make you cringe. When Madiha summed up what Zebu’s biggest mistake was, I could not believe that she actually said that. It was just plain disgusting when she said “Us ka kasoor yeh hai keh us ne tumhei apne bedroom se nikaal ke mere bedroom tuk anay pe majboor kiya”…c’mon guys this is just not on. Did we ever think that we would get to listen to such lines in our dramas? And as if saying it once wasn’t enough, Madiha said it again just in case anyone missed it the first time!

When I sat down to watch this final episode, I had a very positive frame of mind because even the most disappointing of dramas sometimes have endings that make you relate to the happenings. But guess what I felt absolutely no happiness for any of the characters. For me this was the biggest flaw in Ashk, most of us found it impossible to feel any sympathy or love for any of the characters. No matter how many times Rohail called Zebu a bechari, I failed to feel for her. In the end when the two made up, I should have felt happy for them but the dialogues were so poor that I just breathed a sigh of relief that it was finally over! Zebu ki bhi yehi Sachai hai ke vo sirf Rohail ki hai but I can’t help but wonder Madiha ka kiya ho ga!

I am sorry if this review makes barely any sense but if you people watched this finale, you will know what I mean. Despite of all it’s flaws, Ashk will go down in history as one of those plays that was watched for no real reasons… except for Fawad Khan of course! Ashk gave us tons of “I can’t believe my eyes and ears” moments. There was hardly an episode of Ashk which did not have some “unbelievable” scenes to it’s credit. And yes there was a time when Ashk was the most talked about show also, for all the wrong reasons of course. Usually in the last review of any play we give credit to the team for putting on a great show. All I can say is that Fawad Khan, Mehreen Raheel and Seemi Raheel acted well. The writer of the play should keep our social values in mind next time he sits down to pen down a script and whoever was responsible for the editing should take half the responsibility. Goodbye Ashk…Rest in peace!

Fatima Awan.

  • SID

    Spot on Fatima! Very well written, i could relate to your each and every word, and love this Ashk RIP title. So glad its over.

  • sanaya

    100% agree with u…the most pathetic drama i have ever seen….i was very desperate to watch this previosly but day by day it makes me dissapointed..

  • R.F.

    Spot on review
    . You gave credit to everyone from writer to the actors,
    how about giving some love to the producers for putting the worst show on TV & then dragging it for 23 weeks
    & also to the director for making such a stupid play in which there is no chemistry between any of the actors, scenes are dark & gloomy & everyone seems bored.

    • Badtameez


  • aliya

    i also agree with u fatima

  • lalal

    best review ever

  • zamzam

    completely agree.
    it was a very "bakwas" drama or i should say more than "bakwas"
    pathetic story, poor screen play, dragged situations, boring tactics of characters, and a lot more non sense.
    m happy that this crap is over . and vry much disppointed that fawad was part of this stupid play.
    its good i havnt wasted ma time on it except few episodes.

    • hamna

      I completely agree with you!

    • umeed

      shame on this approach.
      drama sub ne poora dekha ha or keera nikalne ki bimaari nahi gayee.
      zebu ne bohat zabardast perform kiya or Rohail ne bee…

      • Badtameez

        @umeeeed no one dissed the actors here everyone is criticizing the writer's weak handling of the script…with vulgar , somewhat cheap dialogues and stupid choice of words ….just my 2 cents

      • zamzam

        actually na shame on u … bcoz every one has right to express his or her own reviews
        are u the part of drama making team
        if u liked it and have such a love for it than go ahead and watch it again nd again ………..huhh
        drama was a full crap thats why evry bdy is criticizing
        when there are good dramas a lot of people come and praise dramas story production etc
        but people like u "the wanna be different" just oppose people like that

      • sobia

        gud one

  • Afia Qazi

    For crying out loud- how could anyone write that bedroom dialogue and then have the nerve to tell the actress to say it out loud twice!?! I wish Mehreen Raheel had put her foot down and not said such rubbish. But then if this final ep of Ashk hadn't had such cringe worthy dialogues, then it wouldn't have been Ashk anyway.
    I wish the happy end scene had lasted longer….wanted to see more of Rohail before I bid him good bye but that was not to be… Ashk hai , ashk hai, ashk.

  • Asma

    Sarmad Sultan Khoosat directs dramas very well But I can't understand what happened to this one. I think the story and dialogues of drama was not good


    seen only a few episodes completely & then the Glimpses ….. i hv the worst feeling about the Writer who is my Fav. .Some of the best plays of PTV were on his Credit ..I still not believe that Mr. Zafer Meraj has written it . I can still give him a benefit of doubt by thinking that either his script has been changed or the Editor was the Worst thing happened to this project !
    But the Best thing mentioned by Fatima in her review was ….Good Bye ASHK … i hope there wont be more ASHKS for already CONFUSED Pakistani viewers !

  • Sag

    100 % Agreed…
    Extremely disappointed but just watched for Fawad who did justice to his character… I didnt expect they will focus the last episode on Ajjo but should be on Rohail and Zebu.. just two scenes of Madiha and good bye.. could not even digest her dialogue either… i would love if they show more about the re-union of Rohail and Zebu.. but surely RIP Ahsk he Ashk… but no more Ashk… Thank God…

  • hamna

    The most flop & senseless drama I've ever seen!

  • Sky

    Even I thought maybe the finale will give us something memorable, just maybe?? I was stupid for thinking that…Omg kya disgusting dialogues the…So with you on that..I couldn't believe my ears the first time when madiha said bedroom, and then she said it again, I was cringing…all I could hear was bedroom and Jism and nothing made sense…oh and totally agree how Queen Ajjo didn't even baksh us in the finale, total of two minutes of Rohail and zaibu which is the track we had been watching and even that dialogue stank! Hai, Ashk tha,hai or sari umer rahegee…Kyun Fawad, Kyu Sarmad???…please choose better projects next time! Thank you Fatima for all your honesty, thought all those things too as I was watching!! SK

  • uneza

    hehehe….i didnt wasted my time, watching it but yes. ur review make me feel laugh!!!!
    truly judged!!!!

  • Zalayed Khan

    Sorry dear admin,,
    i totally disagree with you.
    problems of script cannot be put anyway on actors.
    Neelam (zebu) did her superbb role, resham, fawad , even bilal's father performed more than expected.
    these actors tried their level best to show us the absolute picture of our RURAL CULTURE.
    but unfortunately, ppl here are all from urban class so they only stick to one point .. LOVE. (as every girl finds only love in serials and nothing worth listening.).
    im so ashamed of reading the comments of my Pakistani girls. their approaches are enough materialistic, superfluous, and pathetic.
    im really sorry to read .


    • iroon

      i agree with you

  • azz

    I'll never forget the bedroom dialogues. And also that libaas and dil ones. In fact in one of the other episodes I noticed that rohail literally woke up in madihas bedroom! Err…next time I hope that the director will leave that to our imagination :p
    I would have loved to see more of happy ending-it just seemed abrupt to me.
    Stupid drama, stupid me to waste time on it.

    • Badtameez

      where he was suppose to wake up then in the bathroom? Lol
      Of course he is sleeping with her so he wakes up in the bedroom…:) extra marital affair at it's best ….with all it's glitz n glamour

  • Badtameez

    Yep super duper flop….urghhhh trying to potray that our society has corrupted as much as the western society but in a way more disgusting way….thanks to our some brainless drama writers just focusing on so called "freedom of speech" instead of reviving our moral values and cultural norms…..I wish I didn't watch this freak show…in the first place…lol ( which I actually stopped watching after zebu marriage to mr fawad….) n then the last episode ….waste of our time …but actors did try their best to make it worth watching but weak script with it's flaws was just plain painful

  • Sadaf H

    Excellent review Fatima, I can only agree . then I can sigh and sigh again. Those dialogues about bedrooms and Jism were there from the beginning… Has everyone forgotten the "lust " dialogues .The actors deserve praise for their patience

  • sadia

    i completely agree.. i just cant believe after humsafar fawad chose this drama!!! but ohk TOO err is human.. pehli bar tha isliye maaf kardiya.. i hope fawad will keep this bad memory of ashk for lifetime and learn lesson from it…

  • Roh

    For a drama that went the way this did, hats off to you to put your thoughts down so well, Fatima.
    I couldn't agree more! RIP Ashk. Glad Tuesday evenings will be Ashk free.

  • Xadee

    I tOtally agree fatima…
    PlOt was weak..script was nOt impressive. The Only thing tO appreciate iz acting.Fawad khan n CO.
    Kisi ny site pe kaha tha ZGH start hOny sy pehly ALLAH kry ashk khtm hO jayae sO guyz cheerz… 🙂
    superstarz ki b mOvies b flOp hO jati han sO nO wOrries…better next time sarmad khOosat and fawad khan 🙂

  • Amal

    Yaaa review was tooo gud n make me laugh also…i dont waste my time in watching dis drama but i read every review just for fun

  • aleezey

    pathetic drama :(i cant understand wat made fawad ,seemi raheel to sign it ..pathetic and pathetic


    I didnt expected this kinda drama from Sarmad Khooset n Fawad Khan.. A pathetic drama with pathetic begining n ends… watched few epis from start, n consoled mae heart by saying mite b sm1 on the planet wud b able to relate him/herself with the thread…but after 6th episode th drama became unbearable,,, ASHK….RIP…. :'( :p

  • Anila Hamza

    very well reviewed fatima i also liked ur ending people just watched it for fawad khan very depressing drama and its background music so pathetic sarmad disappointed this time but very well done fatima.

    • FatimaAwan

      Thank you Anila, it is great to see you here:)

  • Bia

    Nice review!
    Umeed hai asay plays bana band ho jaye gaye..
    Fatima app plz mujhe bata sakti ho aaj kal kon se plays achay hai.

  • FatimaAwan

    Thank you Everyone for reading the review, for liking it and most of all for sharing how you felt about the finale. The only great thing about this play was reviewing it because I got a chance to interact with all of you here. I guess it is time to move on now…really looking forward to ZGH:)

  • Bia

    Mein aaj kal Bari aapa, Tanhiayen naye silsilay, Coke kahani aur Mohabbat jaye bhar mein dekh rahi hun. Teri raah mein rul gaye kaisa drama hai. Mein comments kam karti hoon per app k reviews zarur parhti hoon.

    • FatimaAwan

      Bia I did not get a chance to watch teri rah mei rul gaye. Have you watched Mur Jayen Bhi Tu Kiya?

      • Bia

        Nahi.. bohat rona dohnay wala drama lag raha hai :p
        Waisay Fahad Mustafa ka bhi koi acha play nahi aaya

        • FatimaAwan

          Lol Bia, you are right about that! I am not following it on regular basis too.

  • Rumana

    This was a disaster.nothing worked out neither the story nor the short it completely failed to appeal to the audience.

  • saba

    very well done fatima though drama was not a total ppckg bt ur review iz totally wao….
    like many people i was very fon d of this drama before it started due to fawad bt just after 2,3 episodes i ttally give read ur reviews abt this drama to find any reason to watch it bt unfortunately i can"t.
    i m ur big fan i read many of ur reviews u write faboulus abt any drama…keep it up

    • FatimaAwan

      Saba you are too kind. Thank you thank you thank you. All of you have been so kind And encouraging, it really means so much to me. I hope you will continue reading what I write:)

  • amna

    It was a disgusting drama, feel sorry for fawad for being a part of it. I have never seen such a pathetic one plz choose better ones next time.

  • rose

    Hi Fatima,

    Am a big fan of your writing , and u said well that there was no concluding dialogue between zebu and Rohail plus the worst lines are said by madiha..oH GOD when i hear her dialogues i was like DAAAAAAAAAA….Truly Rest in Peace…
    Most disappointing serial in recent time…no good episode , nothing was good in serial… i watched first 2 episodes and than they already showed recap before airing last episode i thought to watch …and i got Piss:SS..

  • Maya

    You never fail to capture my views. You are absolutely right Fatima – none of the characters were relatable especially Zebu and Rohail's mother. No matter how much they cried – I couldnt even feel a little bit sorry for them. Although, I do have to admit Fawad made a bad choice to act in this drama – his acting was not bad at all. His face was still very expressive and I did feel for him a bit when he got married to Zebu but the horrible plot and Zebu's acting overshadowed that. Thank God this show ended though!

  • Maya

    Oh yes..the jism and dil dialouge didnt make sense at all – meaning you can get rid of jism and not dil? or Jism is something you have no option but to stay with but you have a choice with "dil"..I am still mulling over that lol

    • FatimaAwan

      Lol we all are Maya. Thank you for the comment. Keep reading and commenting.

  • Yamna

    Honestly, if it had been me sitting down to pen a review for Ask, I believe I wouldn't have done a better job than you did up there. A remarkable review, covering everything that crossed my mind while watching it. Madiha's dialogues were such a disappointment I felt like I shouldn't have watched it to begin with. The "us ka qasoor ye hai k us ne tmhain apnay bedroom se nikal kr meray bedroom tk anay pr majbor kiya" dialogue was a little too much, and the repetition left me flabbergasted as to what the hell was wrong with the world? It didn't even make me happy when Rohail met Zebu, she didn't even show the least signs of surprise, it was as if she was expecting him to arrive there. Seemed to me like the director producer whichever,in their haste to end it,forgot to think up the details. The dialogues were so chummy, I couldn't even be bothered to listen to anything that popped out o their mouths. Last but not the least, nothing about Madiha? Seriously? Even after that "bedroom part" they left her there just like that?
    All in all, a big disappointment. But I'm not saying I'm glad its over. Could have showed something about Madiha, and that last meeting between Rohail and Zebu could have gone better. Ah. Never mind.

  • iroon

    see how bad editing ruins everything. even no one appreciates actors' efforts.
    ppl who think humsafar was a flawless drama are wrong. it had many editing and script mistakes too. even dialogues were weak at many places. neither khirads acting could bring tears in atleast my eyes. but here everyone is just talking about fawad… his acting was really good so was neelam munirs. they did justice to their characters. i would rther say every actor worked well. the pair of fawad and neelam looked awesome. they must appaer togather in another drama.
    ppl who hated this drama shouldnt have watched it from the begining till the end. but ppl who watched it throu out should give credt to actors who hooked you to watch it again.

  • sana usman

    akhir tak i ws hoping for sum twist,every thing ws so flat,cant understand y hav they paid so much attention to ajoo, most of the part in last episode ws abt ajoo as if she is the herioine .rest in peace ASHK

  • rizwana

    sare mil ker bolain Allah tara lakh baar shoker he k to ne iss ghtia tareen drama se jaan ki khalasi karwi good job fatima Please ye sare friends k coments iss drama ke actors, writer, and tamam banane walon tuk kisi tarah mail ker dain shaed inn ko read ker k wo next time asi galti na karain sechi her dafa ye drama dakh ker ser main dard shooro ho jata thaa

  • SaM

    Agree with the editor. . but i like those episodes in which zebu showed her fullll anger towards her husband and his level of tolerance and possession


    i was simply impossible for me to tolerate this drama so i quit watching after 2 or 3 episodes….maha disgusting story and routloo characters…fawwad was thora theek bs!!

  • Afshan

    This darama intresting from the starting but getting bored in the mid and last episode is too much boring

  • saba

    this drama was beyond atrocious! the most disturbing thing was tthe relationship dynamics. Rohail forcefully marries a girl who isn't interested in him, then tries to force himself on her, then leaves her for another woman, has ongoing sexual relationship with that woman, and then instead of doing the honourable thing of marrying his sexual partner, he leaves her and goes back to his wife. In any civilized society such a man would be labeled morally corrupt and a douche bag. However in this MESSED UP story he is the hero and hence absolved from his cruelty towards his sexual partner, to his mother, and to his wife. and he remains a hero. what kind of example are we setting for our youth? we are glorifying men who commit adultery, and who hurt all the women in their life including the very woman who gave birth to them. This drama should have been banned from tv. shame on the writer for writing such rubbish, on the production house for funding it, the director for directing it and for the actors for acting in it

  • Faheem Basar

    I agree that some of the dialogues were disgusting. At one point Rohail is shown as the well behaved person who saves Mehru by taking blame on himself for refusing to marry. Then he is seen drinking and having extra marital affair with Madiha. he got drunk and yet he is the good hero. I don't know why Geo dramas are glamourizing people who drink. Are we living in Western world? Is drinking permissible in religion that we are so proudly showing it to viewers? The last scene with Zeebu was very brief and in complete. This was the first meeting of the two when both were in love. Zaibu did not love Rohail and later she fell in love. There should be some scenes of their joy of being together for the first time. May be the last scene could have been bringing Zaibu to Seemi Rahil and a happy scene with mother son and Bahu. But I agree with all of you that the drama was not a blockbuster. It was a filler.