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Kahi Unkahi Review: Episode 3

For me this episode made an excellent impact to unveil the mind-set of Mr. Kamal. He did show a little consideration towards Zoya because his son Sherry wants her to attend his birthday party. Kamal at first tries to ignore but later he approaches Bashir Ahmed, gives him money telling him to buy a suitable dress for Zoya because she has been invited by Sherry. This was the first glimpse that we could see where Kamals’ ego was outbid by his sons’ innocent demand.

Bashir Ahmed takes his daughter for shopping where they are seen by Naila Pervez. She insults them openly & unnecessarily. That was the first time we could see Bashir Ahmed getting upset because he throws away the money given by his employer, till now he has smilingly taken all the humility because he does not want to set any sort of example of inferiority complex in front of his daughter. That scene was rather heart touching because he has done nothing wrong & is only earning a living by simple method. Saira Kamal later approaches him & gifts a dress for Zoya mentioning that she takes Zoya as her own daughter.

The birthday party starts & the snobbish Anum Pervez insults Zoya. Sherry being a sincere friend tries to make her realize that she is wrong but their brothers Shani & Ansar get involved in a fist fight. At that point Naila says that my daughter won’t apologize to a driver’s daughter but Saira Kamal takes the situation in her own hands saying ‘we can not let such complexes infiltrate the minds of our children’. This was exactly the dialogue I was looking for because it was made necessary to let them know where the line should be drawn.

Kamal after expressing his anger at Saira goes to Parvez’s house & apologizes for the behaviour of his sons. Naila then tries to brain feed him by saying that he should part the ways of Sherry & Zoya because they will grow up in a few years time & won’t be able to stay unrelated. Kamal talks to Sairas’ sister & on her advice he sends Sherry to London. Saira in this episode clearly expresses her feelings twice that he has become so inconsiderate & insensitive & he is not the same man she married a few years ago.

In this episode another interesting part was revealed that Zoya lost her mother because Bashir acted like a loyal servant & took Saira Kamal to the hospital when she needed whereas his own wife was suffering & couldn’t survive because of the delay in the treatment. This is another reason why we see Saira being extra attentive towards Zoya because she feels indebted towards that little child.

Now coming to the funny blunder of this episode. They showed 12 years later & still Zoya is in the same school in the same uniform & she has finished her intermediate whereas when she first joined the school she must be (to be on a safer side) in the 4th standard. LOL! It really makes me wonder why the editors do not pay attention to the detail & commit such mistakes. Anyhow it can be over-looked because the drama in it’s own is really going well.

I hope you all will agree to what I have said & share what you all feel about this drama.
Keep supporting,
Zahra Mirza.

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