Kahi Unkahi Review: Episode 3

For me this episode made an excellent impact to unveil the mind-set of Mr. Kamal. He did show a little consideration towards Zoya because his son Sherry wants her to attend his birthday party. Kamal at first tries to ignore but later he approaches Bashir Ahmed, gives him money telling him to buy a suitable dress for Zoya because she has been invited by Sherry. This was the first glimpse that we could see where Kamals’ ego was outbid by his sons’ innocent demand.

Bashir Ahmed takes his daughter for shopping where they are seen by Naila Pervez. She insults them openly & unnecessarily. That was the first time we could see Bashir Ahmed getting upset because he throws away the money given by his employer, till now he has smilingly taken all the humility because he does not want to set any sort of example of inferiority complex in front of his daughter. That scene was rather heart touching because he has done nothing wrong & is only earning a living by simple method. Saira Kamal later approaches him & gifts a dress for Zoya mentioning that she takes Zoya as her own daughter.

The birthday party starts & the snobbish Anum Pervez insults Zoya. Sherry being a sincere friend tries to make her realize that she is wrong but their brothers Shani & Ansar get involved in a fist fight. At that point Naila says that my daughter won’t apologize to a driver’s daughter but Saira Kamal takes the situation in her own hands saying ‘we can not let such complexes infiltrate the minds of our children’. This was exactly the dialogue I was looking for because it was made necessary to let them know where the line should be drawn.

Kamal after expressing his anger at Saira goes to Parvez’s house & apologizes for the behaviour of his sons. Naila then tries to brain feed him by saying that he should part the ways of Sherry & Zoya because they will grow up in a few years time & won’t be able to stay unrelated. Kamal talks to Sairas’ sister & on her advice he sends Sherry to London. Saira in this episode clearly expresses her feelings twice that he has become so inconsiderate & insensitive & he is not the same man she married a few years ago.

In this episode another interesting part was revealed that Zoya lost her mother because Bashir acted like a loyal servant & took Saira Kamal to the hospital when she needed whereas his own wife was suffering & couldn’t survive because of the delay in the treatment. This is another reason why we see Saira being extra attentive towards Zoya because she feels indebted towards that little child.

Now coming to the funny blunder of this episode. They showed 12 years later & still Zoya is in the same school in the same uniform & she has finished her intermediate whereas when she first joined the school she must be (to be on a safer side) in the 4th standard. LOL! It really makes me wonder why the editors do not pay attention to the detail & commit such mistakes. Anyhow it can be over-looked because the drama in it’s own is really going well.

I hope you all will agree to what I have said & share what you all feel about this drama.
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Zahra Mirza.


My name is Shozib Ali. I have done Bachelors in Media Sciences. Currently Working as an administrator and content writer for reviewit.


  • Nice review zahra :)
    really nice n realistic stOry.
    Zahra keep writing in…want tO see ur reviews fOr the nxt episOdes..

  • There are many flaws in the story but you did not mention even 1.the writer is trying to show that status does not matter but intelligence and hardwork pays off but at the same time there is a big difference between Zoya and other children. Zoya talks in Urdu even in her award ceremony but rich kids speak English. & if sherry spent his 12 years thinking about a childhood friend then it will be a bigger flaw. No child that age spends 12 yrs thinking about a friend.saira kamal is a strange person. She cares so much for the drivers daughter but is ok with spending so many years without her only son.there could be more real solutions to the problem. And sherry never visited in these 12 yrs?what is more strange is that sherry's father says the khala has no aulad. Well sherry is their only son too. I am watching this drama because of irsa ghazal. But I have to say the writer should not have written such a childish story.

      • Even then it was a stupid fix. The driver could move somewhere else and continue working for the family. And why Sherry has not visited in 12 years? FA mein girls are In college but Zoya still wears the school uniform. Only pathetic public colleges have uniform.

    • @ Sadi: Thanks a lot for commenting but I guess you need to watch the drama once again. Sherry has a younger brother Ansar. The flaws that you have mentioned are the ones which have not been aired in the previous episodes like about Sherry thinking of his childhood friend. I haven't seen it that's why I can not comment on it.

      I guess kids speaking in English or Urdu should not be considered as a flaw. It is a mere depiction of their backgrounds as well, Zoya has no one to speak in English to because she spends her time with her Father only. Saira Kamal couldn't do anything because Kamal is a strict & rigid person who did not let her take the situation in her hands, so I guess her character or her choices shouldn't be judged. :) I hope I cleared off your doubts.

      & about the driver moving to some other place & working for them. I guess you are reading too much between the lines but how it would be that if Saira Kamal wants to go shopping & she should wait for her driver to commute to their home, it may take 20 – 30 minutes. Driver is a person who stays in the vicinity of the house so that he could provide services whenever needed. & I belong to a school where I had a school uniform till our 2nd year so again it's out of the question. Cheers.

  • this drama just seems an inspiration from Umera Ahmed's novel Aks,the only difference is that there is no depth in story nor in dialouges.it all seem so superficial even artificial.the story is presented childishly ,i think the writer is some new bird! by the way Zahra ap jitna acha Fatima k reviews ko discuss krti hain utna acha review apnay likha nahi,i mean acha hay but UTNA acha nai hay,maind nai kijay ga,i was expecting more from u.shayed play hi itna odd hay.

    • Thanks a lot for your response Mrs. Asim. I am glad that you have been liking my comments. It's my first time reviewing a drama that's why I was a bit cautious plus there is a difference between commenting & reviewing. I'll Insha Allah improve. I really appreciate your feedback. :)

      I haven't seen Aks that's why I can not comment on it but may be your comparison is valid. I guess this drama has still a lot more to offer so let's keep our fingers crossed. The thing I like about it that all of a sudden bohat rone dhone walay dramas on-air the aik saath, ye aik dam fresh story lagi aur cast bhi acchi lagi plus is mai itna rone wala element nahi hai may be this is the reason it clicked for me. :) I hope to hear more from you so please keep commenting. :)

      • hmmm thats true,rona dhona toa waqai kuch km hi hay abi tak,oh no i was not talking about this play Aks…its not from Umera,they just used name of her new novel that is being published in a digest.I understand that writing a first review is something different than commenting.anyways thanks for liking my comment,main toa soch rahi thi k ap khafa hi na hojain:) ALLAH ap k qalam main taqat day.AMEEN

        • :) That's really sweet of you & no you didn't say anything that I would mind, I am open to healthy criticism it will be beneficial for me I believe. Asal mai I only stick to Hum Tv dramas isi liye if the similar story gets on-air on some other channels I do not have any clue of it because of the obvious reasons hehehe. I'm a HUM TV loyal person. :D

      • g u r right,in fact m visiting dramaonline less n less,coz i cant c any new video,it shows just a blank white page,where the video should appear.i compalint many times but admin bhai seems too busy in new website or whatever:( g i will mail u there,thanks alot to remember my request:)

        • Mrs. Asim which web browser are you using? Internet explorer, Firefox or google chrome? these video work best with Google chrome. We do not want you to stop visiting this page, that would be a big loss:( You know it has been very tough for DOL eversince youtube was banned and although everyone here tries their best but there are unfortunately still a lot of people who are not able to watch some videos. also like this page on FB, DOL uploads FB videos here too and they usually work fine for most people. here is the link https://www.facebook.com/#!/IlovepakistaniDramas
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          • i use internet explorer.i also dont want to leav this site but u know…ok i will try it,n will ask my husband too,akhir unkay MCP honay ka koi faida toa ho;) .thanks for ur risponse:)

      • Basically the drama highlights that in our society discrimination has become a common trend and exists in various forms. People who have established a high position in society by means of their wealth do not even have a single feeling of liking for those who are called ‘the poor’.

        Rich people are not even ready to consider the poor human beings because they thing themselves superior to anyone else. They behave with downtrodden class in a humiliating way. This disgusting behaviour of the rich generates a feeling of hatred in the hearts of the poor and stretches the gap between these two classes.

        People who fall into the category called ‘middle class’ always try to support the rich in order to get importance from them. They also try to avoid downtrodden class for showing their superior position.

        The rich in Pakistan also have the right to do whatever they want and they do not even pay any heed to the law of the land. They think that the biggest power is money and it is in their hands, so they do anything they want and shut the mouth of officials with their money.

        On the other hand, when a poor man commits a mistake, no matter is intentional or unintentional, he receives severe punishment.

        Education system in Pakistan is one of the major reasons for this discrimination as the children of rich families study at private schools which the children of poor families cannot afford. They go to the government schools where the education system has become completely outdated.

        When these students complete their education and go out for job, the employers also prefer those children who have an English Medium background and who have studied at famous private schools.

        However, this gap between the poor and the rich can be narrowed by making reforms in the education system and by safeguarding the rights of downtrodden people against the elite class.

        • Baba jani what an insightful comment, really enjoyed reading it. Keep visiting and commenting:) i definitely want to hear more from you:)

        • @ BJ: Thanks a lot for elaborating the main point of the drama in a generalized form. I second your opinions completely. Keep on commenting. :)

        • I agree with you totally, but the education whether for poor or for rich doesn't teach values and equity. They do not talk about stereotypes and biases as much. sociology is not engraved in curriculum, and social sciences and humanities are taught only through 'Islamiyat' at younger level, but not at youth level. Plus parents are negative role models for young minds. When they see their parents practice dishonesty, they learn the same.

  • Zara,

    Not bad for first review. I like the role of sherry's mother and can relate to her because of living outside Pakistan for several years now and studying in this system. I believe children who grow outside Pakistan, do not develop superiority or inferiority complex, whereas these complexes are engraved much more in our Pakistani society. I hope with time and education we can teach our next generations the message of equity, respect and diversity. Status and clothing should not earn a person respect, but their superior character should. In this Drama, driver's, Sherry's mother's, and Sherry's character are superior and setting a great example. whereas, the other family is just a complexed materialistic bunch of monkeys :D lol.

    • Thank you very much Ms. Fari Khan for appreciating & sharing such wonderful thoughts of yours. Yes, I do agree too because I personally have felt this difference through out my Univerisity life in Pakistan whereas I belong to the Middle East (born & brought up there) so I can totally relate to what you are saying that society within Pakistan is much more standard conscious as compared to most of the Pakistanis living abroad. Please keep on commenting & supporting. :)