Maria Wasti Reply On Her Beach Photos | Interview to English Newspaper

TV actress Maria Wasti has said that it was strange to see people’s reaction on my personal photograph on beaches. She said that it was annoying and disturbing to see the commentary and captions on those photographs. Maria said this in her recent interview with a leading English newspaper of Pakistan.

“The commentary on those pictures was horrible. How do people behave on beaches? What do they wear? It saddens me to see how people twist things to fit their limited vision,” Maria said regarding those photos which become viral on social networking websites.

Maria also said that it is double standard of our society that we see extra-marital affairs or domestic violence films/dramas of Hollywood and Bollywood but when any Pakistani production house showcase these issue people started to raise their voice against them.

Many Facebook users have once again criticized Maria Wasti on her bold views and are of the view that our society, cultural does not allow these type of thinking and one should remain in limit. What are your views regarding Maria Wasti please comment.






Ahsan Ejaz 



  • Neha

    I think whatever she does off screen is her personal matter.n i think she needs her space n we need to respect that!

    • Sadi


    • Ghumman

      why ! if she is doing wrong we should condemn her not just by saying "her personal matter"

    • SHUMA


      • anonymous

        ak true Muslim ki or bhe bohot c jobs hein….. unki taraf bhe dhyan dena chahye hamein…. na k doosru ki life py comment kar k unki life ko azaab mein daalein… banda doosru py tanqeed tab karta hai jab wo is qaabil ho? mera nai khyal k hum mein se koi bhe itna perfect hai k kissi or ko ghalat kahay…. pehle khud ko theek karein phir doosroon ki zindagi mein dakhal dein…… or Islam iss baat ki hargiz ijaazat nahe deta k iss tarha kissi k personal matters ko ly k kissi ko criticize kiya jaye… pata nahe apne mufaad k liye Islam ko use karna log kab chorein gy……. ALLAH TAA'ALA ki zaat behtreen Ilm rakhnay waali hai…. her insaan ne apni qabar mein jaana hai…. or apne hissay ka ajar milna hai ussay……hum koi nahe hotay gossiping karnay walay…. agar burai ko rokna e hai tou pehle apne aap se shuru karein phir doosron py baat karein…. no offense

        • Irshad Arain

          If there is any thing wrong , every one must say it ,as wrong.

        • samia sardar

          ap to phr trueeeeee muslim hn ge bcz u know all the dutiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiies of true muslim

      • maham

        you are saying k ye pix yaha kese ai…. she is a tv star its nt a big deal uski pix out krna…..logo ka kaam ebakwaas krna hai…..its her personal life

    • What all the fuss is about? There is nothing new in these pictures. Obviously when you are on the beach you will wear a bikini not a blanket.

    • Mukhtar Malik

      I think u r 100% right …..

  • Asad

    But do remember that a muslim women cant wear all this rubbish so its a clear no to allah that v dont want to cover ourself B ready for day of judgment !!!

    • Sadi

      Yeh us ka aur us ke Khuda ka mamla hai. Who are we to judge. Everyone should be ready for judgment day, we are all gunahgar.

    • muslimah

      read surah kehaf with translation…… are answerable for your deeds not others.

      • ash

        but it z olso in islam about "amr bil maruf wa nahi anil munkir" so v should condemn these thngz!

      • Aayl,

        Muslimah……it is in our islam, we have to do some efforts to stop an evil……..which destroy our whole society…miss muslimah….what did u show to ur next generation…..which islamic society …is this an islamic society..i m worried about my kids i ll fight to live an islamic society not delusional , and hypocritical ……they said they are muslim but dont follow islam… it an islamic act……if u believe u are responsible to ur own deeds and never speak out what happned arround u…then how did u raise up ur children in this society…..

        • Irshad Arain


      • saram

        aise logo k liyea Islam mey Saza hain………………….! that's it..!

    • Iqra

      That’s Her Life,What Ever She Does Let Her,You Are Noone To Tell What Shld She Wear OR not,you won’t go with her in her grave! So peace out!

  • cartoon

    we like her for her acting,v like her as an actress….an actor is judged by what he or she does on screen…agr aap nay us ko bahu banana hai to us k charachter or personal life pay ghor karain otherwise it is none of our business

    • anonymous

      i totally agree with you…. or jo log yeh keh rahay hein k nichla darja zuban se bura jann'na hai tou pehle apni zubaan se apni ghaltiyu or gunahon ka aitraaf bhe tou karein….udher himmat jawab de jaati hai sb ki…or doosru ki dafa zabaan taiz chalnay lagti hai…. ALLAH TAA'ALA he behter jaanay k kon kia hai….

      • Aisha

        Apki baat ka jawab just yehi he k if me public me aaker koi aesa ghalat kaam kerngi to mjh per bhi public ungli uthaskti he yeh is liye nhi k yeh mera apnaa mamla he n Allah ka maamla he yeh is liye taake yaahan per rehne walon ko pata chale k kia ghalat he n kia sahi jab 1 aurat ne chori ki thi to AAP (S.A.W) ne uska sare aam hath kaat dia tha taake log is kaam r is buri cheez se daren naak yeh kaha tha Allah r uske bande ka maamla he is liye chordena chahye… Well burai agr sab k saamne dikhayi de rahi to use critisize kerna zaruri he. R is tarah k kapre pehenna naa to hamara islam iski ijazat deta he n naa maashra kam az kam hath se nhi rok sakte to zaban se hi bol sakte hen! taake wo log jinko pata hi naa ho k yeh kaam bura unhe yeh baat pata lag jaye!! Maybe aapke bache easi tasweer me ayenge to wo bhi aap se yehi kehenge k mera r Allah ka maamla aap mat bolen shyd aap yehi sunna chahte/chathti hen Hope k aapko smjh me agyi ho. pehle dusron ka mazak urane se r reply me dusro ghalat sabit kerne se better yeh he k ghor se sochen k kia is maashre r aapke bachon k liye k liye sahi he r kia nahi!

        • shumaila

          hamara islam to s fiield main any k b ijazay nhe deta or na dekhny ki to pehly ap us k is fiield main any ko crticize kro

    • lina

      lolz very true i like ur approach.btw who are we to judge its nt our job to raise our hands against her character its her life and she wd be responsible fr tat nt we so lets only talk abt her acting abt her modling and dnt waste our time in talking abt her personal matters its her choice wat to wear and how to carry her selves we need to look upon our deeds and mend them as we too are full of flaws.we need of amendments fr securing gud destiny here and in eternal world so look for urself rather than looking for things which are nt for us

    • Mrs Asim

      u r right in a way but still without pointing at her we can poit out the fact that such and such dressing or behaviour is not propper.fact remains fact we cant change it.

    • maria

      em agreed wd u…

      • Atif

        I am a student of Maria in 1990 when she use to teach ENGLISH at PACC Lahore. So you can judge that she in above 42. So as man gets naughty after 40 so let her get naughty too and enjoy as she is on the twilight of her career and …………………….. Love you all Atif Khan

        • anas

          Mr atif maria ke tangen qabar ma hn aur aap keh keh rhy ho k man is naughty after 40…..Kia wo sada dunia ma he rhy ge…?galat kaam krny wali ko aap log appreciate krty ho…??

    • Neelum

      Not agreed at all

      • Atif

        Why not agrred ?

    • Afshan


      • Atif

        Dear Afshan, I am a student of Maria when she used to take English classes at PACC Lahore. We used to admire her a lot for her confidence and skills. So I do agree with you that she must be 45 now and I dont know whether she is married or Not ? so let her enjoy her life as there are lot of other things to do in this complex and difficult life. However I do appreciated you wailays to take time and post your comments. Take care Atif

      • Atif

        What about the other beauty standing next to Maria………………………….? Aisha Khan

        • ainaa

          NOT KHan shez ayesha omer

          • Atif

            thanks for correcting

    • veena malik

      Yes well said

    • maria

      yes , it seems ke scandle fuzool mein hi banane ki koshish ki ja rahi hai wagarna ajkal sleeveless to aam girls bhi pehn rahi hain , apna apna eiman hai .
      aur jis pic ko sinsered kia hai wo aisa nahi hai ke nakked hai, she is in dress.

    • Fahd

      very well said……

  • good

  • muslimah

    good one

  • Zar

    Maria Wasti is absolutely right. Pakistani society is hypocritical and most of us are delusional.

    • shuma

      🙂 isnt maria wasti hypocriticallll:) she might pray five times ( in ramzan) she might also know the value of parda in muslims and she does this toooo 🙂 isnt it hypocritical 🙂 what has happened to us allll thisssss worlldddddd and ourrrrrr islammmmm has a long list if contradiction soooo whoever follows shetan and whatever is islamic is contradictoryy and the ppl who are confusedddd with both sides are hypocritical… u maria wasti me all the muslims who know what is right but want to live life according to duniyaaaa are hypocritic

  • ghezwan

    All are saying right but by the way has anyone got the licence to judge a character for I know only God knows who to forgive and who is good or bad but anyway keep up the discussion we are a free nation nothing else to do

    • AAyl.

      y do u replying if uare so busy…..yess we are all free nation…just look at the big names on blogging website how other nations debate on each and every other issue……not farrig nation….we are sensibl nation

    • Irshad Arain

      What ur eyes see, One has the right to comment .

  • ash

    nichla drja zuban sy bura janna hy wo bhi chor den???

    • anonymous

      haan hai nichla darja magar is darjay ko pehle apne aap py bhe tou aazmayen…apni buraiyu ka bhi yu e aitraaf karein phir…. udher himmat jawaab dy jaati hai aap ki or doosrun ki personal life py tanqeed kartay huay aap ko DARJAAT yaad aa jatay hein…pehle apne gunahoo ko theek karein…phir kissi or py tanqeed karnay laiq hoon gy aap log…. m damn sure k yahan koi bhe FARISHTA nahe hai…. so pleaseeeeeee stop it………apne matlab k liye Islam ki teachings ko mat istmaal karein….. pehle apne aap ko theek karein…. no offense

  • fda

    We are saying that its her personal…..I agreed with that, but the problem is that if we don't say that this is not right then after a while its become routine… I am watching here in west 20 yrs ago when they talk about gays it was hidden talk now its very open and and being a gay is in fashion… plz stop the burai on first step…..and I am not judging any one here…I am just showing how society changes

    • AAyl,

      @fda, you are very right………Stop the evil at very first step other wise it ll not be an evil anymore……we have to keep our values and take them to our next generations………islamic values… nee a strang fact everyother muslim scholar or Aalim…….has been scandlize by different means, like corruption , drinking, using abusive language……society has an ongoing change but not to the right path……the only path that is evil….we should stp that.

    • UZMA


    • Neelum

      Your words sound so logical.. we must condemn the kinda activities .

  • Saira Ghaznavi

    first of all in ki pix censor kyun ki gayien jub deekhana hay tou pooora dekhao….. secondly aisi batoun ko manzir e aam pe mut laao….. my points r logical……. coz v r living in Islamic state but apnay aap ko utna hi western dekhatay hain…… tou sharam kysi…… its totally ghulti of Gov n media……. y v r not here the concept of Saza n Jaza…….. being the Muslims v shud not b torralate such things…. but v import these things from out side the East…… its a request to all our leaders dat please Khudara saza ko nafiz kereen n Allah ki hidayat k mutabiq lyf ghuzareen….. Ameen!!!

  • maryam

    completely shameless,,,,

  • axfar

    maria rock awam shock …

  • SAI


  • Sidra

    ughgh is she a muslim or not??does our religion allow this???if holywood and bollywood are doing this they are following their own religion.unhon ne apni qabar main jana hai.

  • Muslim

    kisi ko criticise krny se phly apny apko daikhna chaheay k hum kitna apny islam ko follow krty hain, khud chahy jo marzi krty raho ar agr koi dosra kr laiy tu bht jldi nazr ata hai, hr insan ki personl life hai,wo jo marzi kary ,kisi ka ko haq nhi bnta uspe tanqeed krny ka, Hr insan ka apna amal hai ar usy uski jaza saza dainy ka Haq sirf Allah ka hai,wo insan apny ammal k leay khud jawab dy hoga na k koi dosra..ic leay plz kisi ko kuch kehny sy pehly ye zaroor soch laina chaheay k kya hum apny mazhab k tamam taqzy puray kr rahy hain ya nahi..Allah hum sab ko naik hadayat dy ameen

  • umme

    shez gorgeous…..

  • says

    Humay apnay amaalon par focus karna chahiyay, that's how we can become better Muslims and a good society, and not by trying to make others good. This is the main reason y we never progress or become better as a nation cuz we r always focusing on others to b good. Just think for a min, what is it that will make u go to jannat ?

    • Irshad Arain

      How it is possible that v c one thing wrong & v r being advised not to say it wrong?

  • Mrs Asim

    by the way why all r just accusing Maria Wasti..there is Aysha Umer too in pics!!!

    • Irshad Arain

      These both women r in the same row.

  • jonathan

    judge not for thou shall not be judged.

  • midhat

    maria is right
    its her prsnl matter
    do we like to leak our prsnl matterz infrnt of whole public????????????

    • Irshad Arain

      It is n't a personal matter,V R muslim & v can't afford these folish things.

    • Nafees Mahmood

      If its personal, she should have ensured her private pictures did not become public property. Once in the public domain, they are fair game, and so is her privacy.
      By the way, I have heard she is a non Muslim, if she is, she would have no qualms about the scantiness of her wardrobe! But no one is or should be allowed to undermine our values, of which modesty is a vital part.

  • Faraz

    We are a nation of hypocrates , every one is happy to see the world that suits him or her. You go to mall road muree and you ll find all honorable women in western dresses , but when they come back to their homes they all become the (pure women ) Pakistani women . I think the morality doesn't change with the change of place. Our men see all other women around them as they all are hot cookies but they can't allow their women to look around coz its their HONOR (GHAIRAAT) . Our men would always talk bad about the famous ladies of the society ,I don't know why ? The double standards have ruined our society. Maria & Aysha are adults and have all the rights to live upto , their desire and thoughts. No one should be allowed to give a passing remark on it. So bad of all of us.

    • Irshad Arain

      All the Shame-less people should move to India Or Western countries . This country can't afford people like these Bay-Sharam.

  • mehak

    read somewhere that small minds discuss ppl…or may i say their inner part of life…
    that's her own lifw and she can wear what she want…
    yes it's not allowed in islam..but may i make you all remember that even acting and joining showbiz is also not permitted in islam…but you guys have no prob with her acting so y everyone is criticizing on her dressing issues??
    sirf es liye k acting is pleasing you ;D what a height of hypocrisy

  • mehak

    read somewhere that small minds discuss ppl…or may i say their inner part of life…

  • Faraz

    In our society we have double standards , when we see any girl or lady in a dress like Maria & Ayesha , we call it that its very bad , but on the other hand when our women wear SARRI ( a subcontinent dress ) in it their tummies and waist is visible from 1 inch to 6 or more inches but we call it part of dressing and and remark it part of beauty , then WHY TO RAISE HUE N CRY OVER THE DRESS OF MARIA OR AYESHA, secondly these pics are very old .

  • saram

    in showbiz mein kam krney waly logo ko naik kon samjhta hai ????
    yeh sb ke sb ……………………………….. hain agey ap khud samjdar hain hum to time pas krney k liyea dakhty hain dramas…!

    • Guest

      Bhai agar aap ko showbiz kay log itnay hi buray kgtay hain to time pass karnay kay liye bhi mat dhekhain

  • mohammed iqbal

    Maria, listen you are not Veena malik or do not copy to her. you are Maria Wasti . you have done good, innocent, and respected role in so many dramas. so you have created your good immage in our mind. and we will never expect any thing from u like VEENA MALIK……….. more it will on you spend your life……..front or back of Screen…….

    • anamta

      that;s true.donot show you like veena____,

      • shaun

        these are 5 year old pics

  • Bilal

    chor do yar.. anti ki jan lo gay kia sb :p … pak ma phlay maslay kum hain jo is ko b masla consider kia jay… well Maria i would like to say k as a celebrity u are promoting our culture our nation.. so ap ko ya sb zaib nai daita… cuz u r our representative in other countries…

  • Love Pakistan

    yar kuch to khuda ka khof kro muslims ho ap.yaken rkhte ho k mrna kya mu dikhao ge ALLAH ko??kese samna kro gy apne nabi ka jinho ne apne parwah nh ki blky apni ummat k bare socha hmare bare me socha.hmare liye raton ko roye r hum unhe ye sila de rahe hen??mje to khud pe b rona ata hy r sb muslims pe b

  • Guest

    Maria is a strong, confident women. She is visiting a beach in a proper attire. Clear your minds and think without bringing sex into everything. Pakistan needs sane people with clear thoughts.

  • guest

    ahhh its her life why do every on has to interfere

  • rehan khan

    its unethical to post somones personal pics be it a celebrity–and i dont find anything wrong wid these pics—people in Pakistan love pointing fingers, forgetting three of their own are pointing towards themselves–so b a MUSLIM and stop intefering in peoples personal lives–no wonder this nation deserves taliban–as the majority r EXTREMISTS

    • saba

      exactly!! it's her life and she can do whatever she wants to in her personal life. hum logon ko islam ke maamaay bunay ka bauhut shauk hota hai!

  • zara

    show biz ki field me ake shar mo haya khatam he hojate hay us k bad koi vfarq nahe parta k ye lg kia kia karen.. chalain ye bat to samnay agai or najanay kia kia karte hn ye log.. inlgn s har chez ki ummed ke jaskte h

    • areej

      That's not fair Zara….khali kch logo ki waj se aap sare actresses ya showbiz k logo ko blame nei kar sakte…..bht se ese log hen jo showbiz mai bohr decency or dedeication se acha kaam kar rae hen..kch logo ki waja se aap poori field ko badnaam nei kar sakte…

  • g qamber

    actually these both are pornstar,searching for there best to show every thng………./

  • hina

    ye tu buhat hi prooani pics hain…..

  • saba

    huufffff kitna shok hai hmri awam ko logo ko discus krny ka or wrong or rite kehny ka dosro ko. . . kbi thore see tankid apny uper b kr liya krain. . . or Allah he kafi hai ye janany k liye kn theck hai or kn ghalt. . may b wo dono hum sb behtr hn rub ke nazar main. . so leave it comment to other

    • anonymous

      you are perfectly rite….. people just criticize others…. Allah knows better wt is rite and wt is wrong….. its her own life she can do wtever she wants to….

  • coco

    no shock….
    agar wo itni shareef hoti to actress na hoti.
    aur ye jia sub comments itnay light nazar arahy hain,inko dark karo.

  • coco

    well one thing shocks me
    are these girls "into" eachother?

  • ayesha


  • Noor

    i think this is her own business and we shouldnt be judgeding a person on his/her dressing. The environment they belong to is pretty much glamorous and they are a part of this glamor world so such dreesing is not awkward for them ieven though they are muslims and pakistanis but the field they work in, such things are practised.

  • amna

    not fair
    chori oper say seena zoori

  • Mohammad Mustafa

    Pakistan is a democratic country and here every one is allowed to express thrier views when we see such things on indian CHAWAL channels we say that """ kia maal hai yaar"""" and now we are shouting and behaving like illetrates then why we see those heck channels and films

  • SANA

    y every one is writng about maria instead the other girl is wearing only bra……………thats weired…………………….maria had a good personalty in darams she was my favourite but not now

  • ruby khan

    donno wat to say anymore…………but im just scared that i donno in which direction our country is headed…..n wat will happen to it after some years………n i hav read aloot of ppl saying that its "none of our bussiness"……but i guess thats not true…ok its their life….but wat is wrong its wrong n should never be accepted by any means….n as muslims humara farz hai k atleast burai ko to buari samjahain….aur us ko khatam kernay ki koshish karain jitna bhi hum kersaktay hain……atleast hum ye to keh saktay hain k ye log bura ker rahay hain……but aajkal buarai kisi ko nazar hee nahi aati evryone thinks that everything is rite…..if that thing doesnt include them……!!!!!!!!!!!! well i totally disagree with that………..bcoz ab iss waqt jo humaray mulk ka haal wo Allah hee behtar jaanta hai….aur wo hee behtar kerney wala hai…IA….bus hum in logo k liye dua kersaktay k Allah in ko hidayat de…sahi raasaty per chalnay ki……toufeeq dey…Ameen!!!!!!!

  • abbasi

    lanat pari ho to to ye sb jaiz hi lagta hai .ye hadees hai jis ka mehfm hai k haya na rahe to jo marzi karo

  • maha

    ye in ka personal matter hai choro yr. hmari awam k pas bht faltu time hai sbko critcize krnay ka bs.

  • mariam

    shes shameless……..

  • M.H.Khan

    When are we going to see UNCENSORED pics of MARIA WASTI like we saw those of Veena Malik. I hope her pics are bolder than those of Veena Malik. Well if they have someting to show, Let us see!!!!

    What are the girls today are wearing, what are our TV anchors, actresses, newscasters wearing these days. What a shameful state of a Muslim Country

  • Shanzay

    We are not double stranded people, obviously when something against our culture will be done or shown in our country Pakistanis will raise their voices. We don't care about Hollywood or Bollywood, why would we criticize them but we do care about our culture and tradition. Why the hell are we adapting their life style.

  • humanadeem

    what other countries' channels are doing shud not be our concern coz they are just showing their culture and values,but we can protest our channels as they claim that they are pakistanies and muslims,,atleast they shud care about our real culture or values and dont copy the the way what actresses are doing in their private life is not our matter.the important thing is that .what they are doing on screen .

  • barbie

    Grow up people,open you stinking minds.We need a modern liberal Pakistan ,not a suffocating shit hole.Who would wear a burka on a beach,if you dont like beaches ,stay at home but please stop this centuries old pathetic mentality.

    • saba

      wat a shame on u…..we dun need modern PAKISTAN which is achived on the name of islaam….so as muslim we sud condemn these type of liberty n views….

  • siyaam aalam

    abhi tou maria ki sirf beach photos daikhi hain ap ne skunk krte nai daikha

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