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Gorgeous & Beautiful Actress Saniya Shamshad’s Mayoon Pictures

Beautiful Saniya Shamshad started her career in showbiz in 2011 as an actress and model. She won the hearts of people in very short time through her powerful performance in various serials.

Her debut drama ‘tera phelu main’ against many fine actors was a hit and after that she started getting acting offers from many directors. Her character in drama ‘Aseer zadi’ attracted a lot of audience and she became the talk of the town. She was also nominated for the best supporting role in Hum awards.

Other than an actress, she is also a stunning model. She worked for many famous brands and walked on ramp several time for many well-known designers and she did bridal shoots as well.

After getting massive fan following, it was time when Saniya decided to settle down and start her family. Her Mayun was on this Friday and she looking absolutely gorgeous and stunning. She wore bright yellow colour dress with traditional mayun jewellery. She had an amazing outdoor, indoor and getting ready photoshoot by Zaib Alvi.

Her pictures got viral on social media and she became of center of attention of her fans again. People are wondering who her husband is going to be. Let’s wait and watch for her big day.

Have a look at Mayun pictures!