Ishq Zahe Naseeb Episode 4 & 5 – Story Review

Opening Thoughts – Some Progress:

Ohkay so, in these two episodes of Ishq Zahe Naseeb a new chapter started in the lives of Gauhar & Kashif. This is what the focus in these two episodes was that after the heartbreak, both Kashif & Gauhar were trying to move on & they were finding solace in doing something for their families while putting themselves behind everyone else. This drama has quite a lot of flavors in it like it has mystery, it has comedy, it has melodrama, it has family politics, but then at this moment, I am kind of finding it hard to feel that they all gel well together. May be it will change in the future episodes, so here’s to hoping.

Kashif & Gauhar Are In The Same Boat:

Bushra got married & Gauhar was content that she contributed in Bushra’s happiness by not going after her own. Gauhar also got a job in Bushra’s office, this was Gauhar’s way of stepping in Bushra’s shoes. Gauhar knew that after Bushra’s marriage, she was the one who had to take the responsibility & do what it takes to get rid of her father’s debt. Gauhar finally stepped into a practical world & she learnt it the hard way that there was no place for love or relationship in her life anymore. She was now going to be her parents’ support system & that is what she was focused on entirely. Gauhar was appointed as Sameer’s mother’s governess & after contemplating, she realized that she had no choice than to avail this opportunity as she was eager to find a job. This job is also Gauhar’s way of escaping the thoughts of Kashif & take is as a distraction from the kind of life she imagined she’d have with him.

Gauhar realized immediately that her boss was going to give her a very very hard time but then she was ready to take this challenge too. I liked seeing how immediately Gauhar matured mentally where now she was thinking about everyone else but not herself. Gauhar’s bubble got burst & she was not a day-dreamer anymore. Sameer kind of used Gauhar as a filler to silence his mother for the time being & he obviously would’ve never thought that she was going to have an influence in his life from now on. Gauhar learned all about Sameer, his family & how things worked – it was enough to scare her but then she wanted to stick to this job as she was there for his mother & she didn’t seem too keen on why everything was a bit bizarre about this family.

Kashif has landed himself a new job & his boss is no different. Despite being physically restrained, Kashif’s boss has not let it get in her way or being a successful businesswoman. She has raised her guards as she knows that she is vulnerable & because of that she does not let anyone cross any limits with her. Kashif’s colleagues knew that she was giving him a hard time but then Kashif himself is so heart-broken that he didn’t feel a thing. He is numb & he is also trying to move on because he knows that he has a family to take care of too. It is interesting to see how both Gauhar & Kashif are more or less in a same situation where their bosses are now going to rule their lives & they won’t find a way out of this!

Sameer’s mystery woman got a little bit of introduction too, Shakira was Sameer’s babysitter & it looked like she had some psychological issues too & because Sameer’s step-mother had given her his entire responsibility, Sameer ended up imbibing her personality. May be this is what happened or Shakira was always that imaginative character who gave words to the Sameer’s feelings. This entire equation is getting quite interesting & I am sure there’s more to it. Sameer’s fiancee did get to see Sameer in a different getup & she was petrified, what happened after that is a mystery too. It was worth noting how roles have been reversed, Sameer must’ve longed for his mother’s gentleness & kindness when he was young but she didn’t have any of it to offer to him, & now when she is bed-ridden, she longs for his attention & kindness but Sameer doesn’t have that to offer.

Closing Thoughts – Over-usage of OST:

Overall, these two episodes of Ishq Zahe Naseeb definitely improved & took the story forward. Khalid Malik is a very interesting character too because he brings in that comic quotient which kind of breaks the monotony of mystery & changes the mood completely. His minute expressions as Jahangir were a treat to watch in this latest episode especially. The rest of the cast is doing really well too. I so hope they cut down on the usage of the OST because it is anything but melodious or easy on ears. They could’ve totally relied on any instrumental music in those dramatic scenes but the OST is very distracting & draws your attention away from the intensity of the scene. Please share your thoughts about these episodes of Ishq Zahe Naseeb.

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  • they have show split personality in zahid ahmad .its quiet interesting pakistani dramas are showing something different . it seems like there are two characters in zahid ahmad one zahid himself second yumna which always get jealouse when zahid attached to the other girls… zahid character reminds me a movie split..and zarnish really acted superb in this drama..the way she acted i was like wooo she’s gonna do so much bad to sami..but i l loved her acting in this episode…

  • i don’t think Yumna’s character is Sameer’s baby sitter because he saw her in the locked room, it has to be in his imagination, the song is ok so far but i agree i have noticed from the start that just the music being used sounds more nicer in the scenes

  • Hi Zahra, these two episodes were interesting and so as your review. i am started to like this drama, not because of the Sameer’s split personality and mystery to be revealed, but the treatment & detailing of each character. I was floated away with Kashif and Gauhar’s past memories of each other during this Never Meeting phase. These sweet memories make them forget their new job’s difficulties for a while. I also liked Kashif’s elder sister’s realization of Kashif’s responsibilities and Kashif offering his milk to his younger sister. Both, Sami & Sonya are making us relate to them. Regarding, Jahangir, I too agree, the character is very interesting. I like Khalid’s dialogue delivery, body language, clothes and his innocence in this one sided love. Regarding Sameer’s mystery woman Shakira, i think as he is always been locked up by Shakira, Shakira must have got sympathy towards him and he got none other than Shakira in the house as his well wisher. So got attached much and followed all the commands she says then and day by day getting detached from his step mother.
    Regarding OST, i have one confusion; It says, “Tera Hijar hai ya mera raqeeb, Main pas hun tu nahi hai qareeb”, but the Raqeeb means opponent in love..i am unable to digest the first line…?

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