Grand Daughter of Noor Jahan Natasha Khalid with her New Born Baby

One of the legendary singers of Pakistan who left the world in 2000 Noor Jahan’s grand daughter, Natasha got blessed with a baby recently. She shared her clicks with her adorable baby girl on Instagram and people are showing unconditional love under them.

Noor Jahan, most commonly known as Malika-e-Taranum, started her career in British India and later in Pakistan as a playback singer and actress. Many of her songs are still loved by the new generation because of her vocals, emotions, and lyrics. The way she used to sing made the listeners enjoy and feel the depth of the song.

Here are some of the beautiful clicks of Natasha with her newly born baby girl. Scroll down to check them out!

Natasha Khalid 1

Natasha Khalid 1

Natasha Khalid 2

Natasha Khalid 3

Natasha Khalid 4

Natasha Khalid 5

Natasha Khalid 6

Natasha Khalid 7

Natasha Khalid 8

Natasha Khalid 9

Natasha Khalid 10

Natasha Khalid 11

Natasha Khalid 12


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