Famous Pakistani Celebrities Who Are Non-Muslims

Pakistan is a country that is made up of people from different faiths and cultures. Since the day of independence, people from all religious faiths have contributed in making Pakistan proud. Some of these non-Muslims chose the path of the showbiz industry to make the nation proud. These celebrities worked tirelessly to be successful to the extent that they are now recognizable beyond the borders of Pakistan. These celebrities have made the nation proud in many different ways and have also captured the hearts of their audience with their talent. We have compiled a shortlist of Pakistani celebrities who are Non-Muslims and have made the nation proud.


Occupation: Rapper

Popular Works: School Di Kitaab, Zamana Jali

6 14 7 14

Jia Ali

Occupation: Actor/Model

Popular Works: Saya-e- Khuda e Zuljalal

jia 18
jia 19

Shabnam (Jharna Basak)

Occupation: Actor

Popular Works: Aaina, Bandish, Doorian

9 shabnam

Robin Ghosh

Occupation: Musician

Popular Works: Aaina, Bandish

robin 15
robin 14

Ashir Azeem Gill

Occupation: Filmmaker/Director/Actor

Popular Works: Dhuwan, Yalghaar


Saleem Raza (Noel Dias)

Occupation: Singer

Popular Works: Ae Dil Kisi Ki Yaad Mein, Jawani Ko Kanwal Kehte Hain

saleem 17 saleem 16

A Nayyar

Occupation: Singer

Popular Works: Ik Baat Kahun Dildara

nayyar 13

Sunita Marshall

Occupation: Actor/Singer

Popular Works: Lux Style Awards Best Female Model

5 15

Deepak Parwani

Occupation: Fashion Designer

Popular Works: World’s Largest Kurta

2 3 15

Zoe Viccaji 

Occupation: Singer

Popular Works: Raat Gaey, Mera Bichra Yaar

2 16

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